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Make it Fast and Fun!

I finally broke down and got the Rubba Swisha. I liked the toilet bowl cleaners that attach to a wand and are disposable, but decided to try yours.

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Where Do I Put my Rubba Swisha after I Swish

When I SWISH I end up with a dirty, drippy, disgusting toilet brush that I must now be removed from the toilet and store till tomorrow.

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We No Longer Need a New Toilet

Already my family has been blessed, and my husband is ecstatic with the clean dishes and sink!

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Please Post Directions for Swishing and Swiping

Why not post FlyLady’s directions for Swishing and Swiping in that bathroom?

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Announcements; New Shipment

When my son showed me a picture of the trailer my first comment was; That is a lot of clean toilets.

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What Is The Rubba Craze?

I’ve recently been thinking about purchasing some of the Rubba tools.

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Blessing My Home and in Turn Blessing Me.

Oh my goodness, where do I start?

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Where Do You Store Your Rubba Swisha?

Where do you store the Rubba Swisha? Is there a holder for it that looks ok in bath?

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My Toilets are Sparkling


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Swish and Swipe is July’s Habit

Save with our Swish and Swipe Half Price Sale!

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