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A Great Start

I am barely getting my wings going here, but

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Why Shine Your Sink?

This is your first household chore. Many of you can’t understand why I want you to empty your sink of your dirty dishes and clean and shine it, when there is so much more to do. It is so simple.

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The Kitchen Comes First

I have used your system for a few years now, and it is the only one that seems to work. The house is not spotless all the time, but it is good enough.

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Waiting to Get Started?

In many of your messages I have noticed that you can’t wait to get our calendar, duster, book, and timer so you can get started.

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April Habit #11 My Very First Year

One of your flybabies shared how she would move like she was making a snow angel under the covers.

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April Habit #10 One Thing Leads To Another

For me, the bed being made is my shiny sink.

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March Habit #31 I Timed It

I have been getting up, putting on baggy sweatpants and a sweatshirt, pulling a hat over my bed head, and walking the dog –

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March Habit #30 One More Reason

I’m so glad I found you and although I’m certainly nowhere near where I need to be I feel better about myself and life in general because of you and your team!

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Sharing Ideas

I am a 60 year old Mom of 2 grownups, work part time and have struggled with

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Classic CHAOS

It’s Impossible to clean and

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