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Not Buying Paper Towels Paid for My Rags

the huge savings we are seeing is that our use of paper towels for cleaning has shrank down to close to nothing!

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Have Rag Will Shine

My daughter and I were invited to a makeup party.

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Praise For The Multi-wand

We learned today that it does a great job of dusting stair steps

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Make it Fast and Fun!

I finally broke down and got the Rubba Swisha. I liked the toilet bowl cleaners that attach to a wand and are disposable, but decided to try yours.

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Help Me Release My Clutter

I’ve been fluttering around for a while now but putting off decluttering.

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Let’s Make It Fun!

We have a new use for our silver rags!

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Purple Rags are Still Bleeding Purple

I bought the purple rags a couple months ago and was super excited to get them.

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They Lived Up to the Testimonials

I washed two windows, sashes and sills then came right back to the computer to order more.

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What’s the Difference?

Love your website and emails.

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