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That Discombobulated Feeling

What is it about change that discombobulates us? Once upon a time our favorite bowling center changed their furniture.

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No More Guilt

I LOVE your products!!!!! You have inspired me to start living again…at MY PACE!! NO MORE GUILT!!

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Reading The Book Helps

Your book Sink Reflections inspired me to try again. After the death of my parents and my MIL, (nothing tragic, just old!)

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Ready for Change

Today is my first day learning how to fly and I am encouraged!

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Second Generation FlyBaby

My mother bought your book, “Sink Reflections”, many years ago and passed it on to me.

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July’s Live Musings on Sink Reflections

New Month to FLY! You can do this!

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A Good Role Model

I was so impressed with how well the swish & swipe worked in the bathroom that I found a way to use it in every room.

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Suffering Alone

Our homes have always been a source of shame for us.

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February Habit #14 Flying Will Make Sense

I’ll never forget the day at the bookstore when I first discovered Sink Reflections.

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You Need This Book

I have been a FlyBaby for more than 10 years but like many others, I get off track. I read this book, Hidden Treasures, in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.

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