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Much Less Stressed

Thank you for all these good tips and products. You “get” me, this artistic, dis-tractable soul. I love you sister!

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Recipe for a Stress-Free Celebration

All of us are required from time to time to host Thanksgiving or any other holiday dinner. Unless you have declared your home off limits to your family and friends

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A Way to Save Real Money

Many times we just think too hard on a subject or think it is going to take a long time to develop a menu plan for your family that we just don’t do it.

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Holiday Blues

The holiday season is always tough but it is more difficult when you are dealing with the pain of the death of a loved one, divorce or those awful words, “I don’t love you anymore!”

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Casting Out Negativity

I just read the testimonial, “Does your household hate Flylady”.

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I Forgot to Check my Calendar

I have a calendar, I use my calendar, I check my calendar, oh well, I forgot to check it yesterday…

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Release the Clutter and FLY

During one of my midnight excursions to let a dog in or a cat out and then to reverse the operation, I had a God Breeze.

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Seven Tips for Finding your Get up and Go

Have you lost your get up and go and you don’t know where it got up and went?

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What is Stealing Your Time

We have lived our lives up until now thriving on procrastination.

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If You Don’t, Who Will?

It’s time for my morning musing today. I woke up with this essay burning in my brain.

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