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Two Swish and Swipe Questions

I got a couple of questions this morning so I found a good explanation for you.

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Crisis Cleaning Your Bathroom

Swishing and Swiping our bathrooms is how we keep them clean.

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Go Me!

Big hugs for everyone today! I’m so excited! I am a “new” FlyBaby.

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The Open House

My mother in law is selling her house. She was frantically getting ready for an open house last Sunday.

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What is a Swish?

What exactly is swish and swipe?

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How Do I Clean my Shower?

My shower stall is a mess! Mildew and icky orange stuff.

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Positive Reinforcement

Swish & Swipe is one of the easiest routines for me, and it has made a difference, since a neighbor had locked himself out and asked to use my bathroom!

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July Habit #30 Guest Bath Of Shame

I have been very embarrassed if anyone stopped by and needed to use it. Sometimes, I purposely refrained from offering beverages to guests ( a Southern requirement if hospitality) just so their bladders wouldn’t get full enough to visit our guest bath of shame!

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July Habit #29 A Revelation

Since this month’s habit is the Swish and Swipe, I see at the end of each Swish & Swipe testimonial your request for our stories and tips. So I thought I would impart to you a cute story about my daily Swish and Swipe, and a revelation I had about it this month…

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July Habit #28 Getting Control Of My Home

With my purple rags it makes my mirror gleam like never before! I have zones in my bathtub/ shower so usually just before showering I grab a purple rag and wash 1 wall or section down each day,rotating so that my shower gets completely cleaned in a weeks time.

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