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Positive Reinforcement

Swish & Swipe is one of the easiest routines for me, and it has made a difference, since a neighbor had locked himself out and asked to use my bathroom!

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I Want to Keep My New Home Uncluttered Help Me

I just moved into a new place and purged everything down to just the basics. I don’t want to get into the mess I just got out of so my question is, where do I start?

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What is Swish and Swipe?

What exactly is swish and swipe?

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May Habit #10 The Habit of Exercise

My problem was clutter, and within 6 weeks on your site I gave away 62 garbage bags/boxes of stuff and thrown out close to that amount.

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A Middle Path

My ‚Äéhusband used to gross me out by cleaning his toilet with a plain brush in the water. Yuck!

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Routines Work for Everyone

One of the very first things that you learn on this group is…..

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Do You Have a Swish and Swipe for Tubs?

I really liked your email about cleaning the shower door. My question is : what about bathtubs ?

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My Bathroom Needs a Make-Over

Our bathroom is not ready for company. I won’t let anyone in it. Please help me give my bathroom a make-over.

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What is Swish?

What exactly is swish and swipe?

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Thanks For The Principles

At the expense of being told I’m a perfectionist & to get my FlyBaby act together, I’d like to share something that has been a huge help to me.

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