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I’ve Learned So Much

I’m a very organized person, but always have had low housekeeping standards

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The Power is In Your Hands

In our Perfectionism, we don’t seem to grasp the simplicity of the timer.

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How I Bless My Home. Just the Facts.

Today is my Weekly Home Blessing Hour. Yes I only spend one hour, blessing our home. If the truth be told, I only spend 10 minutes a blessing. When the timer goes off, I stop what I am doing and start on the next blessing.

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Life Is Much Easier

I’m a very organized person, but always have had low housekeeping standards and am fine with that (I live alone, so I have no one to please or care for but myself). Nonetheless, I wasn’t meeting even these low standards.

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May Habit #27 Hula Hooping while Moving in May

I have been reading all these moving in may emails and last week I had a well woman visit where they asked me about exercise and vitamins. Well that combination has really had an effect on me!

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I Did it for Me

I am a SAHM FlyMom with 3 kids (9,6,4) who has been fluttering for over 3 yrs. with your system.

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Release the Clutter and FLY

During one of my midnight excursions to let a dog in or a cat out and then to reverse the operation, I had a God Breeze.

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I Don’t Have Time

What is it about our life that keeps us complaining about our lack of time!

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What To Do With Paper Clutter

I’m going to try to send you this email again! I tried yesterday, but I don’t think that I was successful because you seem to give a speedy response and I haven’t seen one yet!

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An Accidental FlyBaby

I googled “how to clean a really messy house” and eventually ended up at your site! I signed up for the emails right away!

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