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Two Minutes Just for You

Here we are with just a few weeks until Christmas.

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Look How This Has Changed My Life

I have only been flying a few months. I just need to mention few things.

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When Will The Organization Come?

I’m tired of the ups and downs of being organized and keeping a household running well to keep everyone happy.

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Getting Back to Normal

Every once in a while we just need to circle the wagons and get back to normal! Do you know what normal is? Many of us don’t. We have struggled in CHAOS most of our lives and that normal is scary.

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Monday Blessings

Monday is my day for Weekly Home Blessing Hour. Yes I only spend one hour, blessing our home.

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I Did it for Me

I am a SAHM FlyMom with 3 kids (9,6,4) who has been fluttering for over 3 yrs. with your system.

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An Accidental FlyBaby

I googled “how to clean a really messy house” and eventually ended up at your site! I signed up for the emails right away!

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How Do You Stop?

However, I have trouble with the timer…specifically, stopping when it goes off.

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Time in a Bottle! Your Stress Relief Medicine

How many times a day do these words come out of your mouth? “I don’t have time!”

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Starring My Feather Duster

Today I did my very first home blessing hour.

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