Camp Gonna Wanna Fly Activities!

Dear FlyLady,

We had a wonderful time with Camp Gonna Wanna Fly last year. We are so excited about this year.

This year I have made folders for each camper with the daily itinerary. We homeschool through the summer, so we have 3 “class periods” in our schedule. They last 30 minutes each. The rest of the time is filled with activities, crafts, story time, and routines that are shrouded in names like “latrine duty” and “Cabin cleanup”. (cleaning activities last no more than 5-15 minutes)

I did the kitchen skating last year and the kids loved it.

This year we have scheduled the following activities:

1. Nature walk at the local “look out” and recreational area. We will also picnic that day.

2. We will also have “Bubble Fest”. Each camper will be emptying a small bottle of bubbles by “blowing the day away”.

3. We will have kitchen duty by making cookies.

I have also put together some various crafts for the children to do.

We will also have different kinds of “scavenger hunts”. One will be a “27 boogie”. This will entail finding certain things to throw away or donate (such as 2 old magazines or catalogs, an old toy that is broken and needs to be thrown away, 1 toy in good condition that can be donated, empty one trash can….) At the end of the day we will take a “field trip” to the local crisis center and donate the “good toy”, and then get an ice cream cone. By the end of the week we will have gotten rid of clutter, and donated 5 toys that someone else could love.

Those are just a few ideas.

FlyBaby from East Texas

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