Camp Gonna Wanna Fly for the Big Kids! YOU!

Dear Friends,

Camp doesn’t have to be little kids. We can have a spa retreat for our pamper missions. I loved this idea so much that I wrote about this in our book Body Clutter.

We all love to go away for a weekend.


Here is a testimonial for you Big Kids.

Camp Solo – A fun, peaceful, revitalizing retreat for a Flybaby in Virginia Beach

I will be camping solo. My children are grown and gone and my DH is going to be working a LOT soon. He does heating, air conditioning and electrical work. The calls are already piling up on him. In order to face the end of the school year (I am a teacher) and get ready for all the showers, dinners, planning meetings, etc. that will go along with my DD preparing for her wedding in September (here in our city), I will be participating in Camp Solo to maintain my sanity and sense of fun. It will also help me to keep our home moving towards a more peaceful look and feel so that it can be a restful retreat for my hardworking DH at the end of each hot summer day. He does not go in for my “silly fly stuff”, but he has mentioned that things are looking better. I know he will appreciate it even more as summer heats up.

Thanks for all you and the Flycrew do.
Sharon in Virginia Beach

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