Camp Gonna Wanna Fly Ideas!

Dear Flylady and Crew~

I am so excited to go to summer camp this year. Due to the fact that I am the matron of honor in my DCR (dear college roommates) wedding this week, I am postponing our camp session by 2 weeks. We have come up with a name and some fun filled activities that I thought might inspire others to get their own camps rolling. Our name is Camp Canyoubeatmytimer as my 4yo DD just loves to do anything that could be considered a race. Here are our activities:

1. Soap-footed sock race: This race is done by sticking two warm, wet, soapy socks on your feet and racing across the kitchen floor.

2. Freeze dusting: Everyone in this game gets a feather duster. We put on upbeat music and dance/dust. Someone controls the cd player and when the music stops, you must freeze in your current position until it starts again.

3. 27 fling scavenger hunt: This one is self explanatory.

4. Goodwill fashion show/charity auction: In this game, we will try on our summer clothes from last year and send any that don’t fit to charity. This can be made fun by hanging sheets over the clothesline in the backyard and playing music and having an announcer describe each outfit.

5. Vacuum cleaner limbo: This is where we literally limbo under a stick while vacuuming. This is an easy game for the littlest campers to win!

6. Bathing suit car wash/hose fight.

7. Clean laundry race: Mom will fold all laundry and dad and kids will race to see who can put theirs away the fastest.

For rewards we will have a nature hike at the local trails, swimming at grandma’s, fishing with daddy and we will end the week sleeping in a tent in the backyard, cooking out and making smores. We even found some gummy flies to add to our smores in honor of FlyLady and flying.

Thank you for making housework fun!

Camp Director Kristen
Camp Canyoubeatmytimer
South Jersey

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