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Dear FlyLady,

I’m referring to “skating in the kitchen” as a means of washing the floor. Well what a brainwave that was, so many,many thanks to whomever was responsible! My daughter and her 4 children ages 4, 6, 7,and 9, live with me. Two of the children have Autism. This can be a precursor for having the grubbiest kitchen floor in creation!! Food gets dropped, by accident and on purpose, along with cutlery etc, so it very quickly becomes a disaster area.

Last evening I suggested to my daughter that we take the children skating this evening after supper. She looked at me as if I had 3 heads, or had completely lost my marbles. Even taking all 4 to the grocery store requires a minimum of 2 adults, because of exit-seeking behaviors. Now here was their grandmother calmly suggesting a trip involving ice, skates etc etc.

I shared your suggestion with her and she loved it. So tonight after supper we told the kids to get ready because we were going skating, immediately one appeared with winter hat, mitts, snow pants and scarf. I was nearly bursting trying not to laugh.

Then they saw the pail of warm soapy water and the bag of “widowed” socks which lives in the laundry room, then Mummy donning 2 odd socks and dipping her feet in the water. Within seconds they were all participating and giggling non-stop for a good 15 minutes as we all skated round the kitchen. The eldest, being very wise as only 9 year olds can be, announced that the exercise was “crazy” but admitted we had done a great job.

Now for me here’s the best part, beyond the clean floor and happy children, the 2 with Autism require a LOT of sensory input, and this was so amazing for them, they participated fully, although they can’t verbalise meaningful conversation, had a wonderful time. As we were cleaning up the 7 year old girl with Autism announced “this is magical”.

Dear Flylady, that WAS a magical moment, her Mum and I had tears in our eyes, convinced that her comment was deliberate. Even if it wasn’t, she somehow managed to capture the moment, and we thank you for providing the inspiration which brought us there.

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