Clutter Free Gift Ideas for Men

“My favorite gift to give men is home made goodies: cookies, candy, bread. Men really like to eat home made food.” – Flying in Ohio

“Last Christmas was the first time I tried giving clutter-free gifts. I got my DF his fishing licenses for 2003 (two – for Ohio and PA, he lives almost on the state line). I was a little embarrassed by it, and hoping he’d like it. Well, he was doing Snoopy happy dances! 🙂 His gift for me was the Flylady feather duster! We both agreed we got the best gifts ever.” – Flybaby in The Netherlands

“I live in New Brunswick, Canada, and I bought my DH tickets to a hockey game for Christmas. His favourite team plays about an 8 hour drive away, and he’s never been to one of their games even though they’ve been his favourite team since he was a little boy. No clutter, and I just know he is going to love it!”

“My husband is deployed to the Persian Gulf, and for his Christmas present, I am sending him sheets with my photo on them so he doesn’t have to sleep alone any more.”

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From our members…

  1. Last year for Christmas I bought my husband a gift certificate for an aerobatic biplane ride. It was something he really wanted, but I knew he’d never buy himself. The look on his face Christmas morning was worth it. Flybaby in Stayton, Oregon
  2. My husband loves to cook and has enjoyed gift certificates for cooking classes and wine tasting classes.
  3. I make a package of all the treats that my husband would love to have, but are expensive or not so good for him to have too often (cashews, pistachios, canned shrimp, etc) and wrap them up just for him!
  4. I have given to my DH a certificate for “Pie of the Month Club.” This is a club of my own making & he is the ONLY member! He loves pies & I don’t really enjoy making them -nor are they my favorite dessert. I make up a little certificate that says something like: ” this entitles the bearer to one pie of his choice – two days notice required for delivery of pie & must consider fruits in season.” I put the months around the edge & punch a hole in them as they are used, also put an expiration date. He is not a man who wants lots of THINGS, but he loves to receive this. Keep up the good work. – Love from Grapevine, TX
  5. My dad is a gardener and I noticed that his much used wheelbarrow was rusted and full of holes. So I found a beautiful bright orange (the color of his almamater Clemson U) wheelbarrow, baked a chocolate cake with carrots planted in it, lit the candles and wheeled it out after dinner. This gift is clutter free because it replaced a tool he actually uses.My husband used to pluck a few tunes on the guitar that he no longer has. So I gave him a certificate to choose a new guitar and ten lessons from a local guitar teacher. Three years later, I wake up to his live music (romantic Spanish music and jazz). Really nice. I thought this was clutter free until he started collecting guitars and then he started making arch top jazz guitars. Now we are making plans for a guitar closet. LOL
  6. My BO boyfriend hates to receive clutter and little fussy gifts…I have found that he LOVES the following gifts from me…some are more pricy than other so work good for birthdays/ Christmas…A month of his karate lessons paid for
    Gift certificate for oil changes for his truck
    Gift certificate for the local guitar store (he’s a guitar player and always needs strings etc.)
    Gift certificate for the local coffee shop where he stops on his way to work
    A pound of his favorite coffee, and little individually-wrapped packages of ground coffee for him to take to work.
    Raking the leaves for him during the fall when he’s out hunting
    Making his favorite dessert (apple crisp) for him when he’s blue
    Taking him out to dinner on our date night “just because”
    Rice crispie treats
    A hug, a kiss, and tell him how important he is to me. Also telling him that I pray for him. – Flapping with my Flyguy in Utah
  7. The Smithsonian is creating an aviation memorial. You can purchase (online at: ) a place on the wall for the name of someone involved with aviation. My Dad was in the Air Force and my FIL was a search and rescue pilot. We are entering their names in the memorial for Christmas. Now they will be forever remembered for their contribution to this crucial industry and have a clutter-free Christmas! FlyBaby in North Pole, Alaska
  8. This year I plan to give my DH a vacation. We have frequent flyer miles and a couple of unused timeshare weeks. So, I’ll do the legwork and arrange the whole thing. flybaby in UT
  9. For my BIL last year I put together a little relaxing package including a gift certificate to a video store, a microwave bucket of popcorn, his favorite nuts, a two liter of soda & some chocolate (a treat for his wife lol). He’s hard to shop for so this was a fun way to be a little creative.
  10. My son has date night with his wife and really likes gift certificates to their favorite restaurant with a homemade coupon from grandma to babysit Love you flylady & all LL in Ohio
  11. My husband is all around jean and t-shirt kinda guy. We’ve been married forever and every year it gets harder to find something for him. One year I was totally lost so a coworker took me shopping over the lunch hour. She told me to buy an average size gift bag (tall enough for wine and wide enough for the rest) Here it goes.One bottle of wine, 4 of his favourite chocolates (chocolate covered cherries), 1 bottle of massage oil (his back hurts every day) and at the bottom of the bag was the most beautiful white satin and lace negligee I’ve ever owned. He told me that was the best gift anyone has ever given him and after all these years I felt I had been given a gift too (he was only too happy to share the wine and chocolates). – flapping her wings in and around Alberta
  12. This is really for “parents at a distance”. For the first time, we can’t be together with our son and his wife at Christmas. But at his suggestion, we are taking the money we would have spent on their gifts to help pay for airplane tickets to go visit. He is taking the money he would have spent on OUR gifts and applying it to the rental car we will need while we visit. The trip won’t take place until January, but we’ll have the next few months to anticipate.
  13. Hi, are some guarantted no clutter gifts that your guy will love – a day at a racetrack riding / passengering in a fast car, or what about a flying lesson / glider lesson, dinner and theatre evening, night at a romantic inn / B&B , a Paintballing Day out ( men love it) , Great for teens too. Tickets to a concert ( to the band you hate and he loves ! )
  14. My suggestion is appropriate for most adults. I like to order food products on the internet and have them shipped to the special people in my life. I have sent superb steaks and grilling vegetables to my father-in-law, fancy cooking oils to my sister-in-law, and beautiful petit four cakes to my grandmother. The recipients have always enjoyed these items that they would not normally splurge on for themselves and I enjoy knowing that I have sent a useful, clutter-free, appreciated gift. — in Centreville, VA
  15. Last year I followed the clutter free mantra with great success. I bought DH a few $10 gift certs for a restaurant chain that makes great Italian Beef sandwiches. It was a sort of “Get out of Lunch Free Card.” He loved them and kept them in his van for days he couldn’t bear to eat another ham sandwich! LOL. Flybaby in IL
  16. My DH loves to play golf, so last year I got him gift certificates for golf lessons and a round of golf. My father is a retired music teacher and my gift to him was tickets for us to see the Boston Pops Orchestra. Flybaby in NH
  17. I have often purchased a fishing license for my Husband. It is something he enjoys but will not always do for himself. Charlton MA
  18. For the last few years we have given my father in law tickets to a game of the women’s college basketball team near our town since it is a team he has followed and enjoyed. He has thoroughly enjoyed this gift and we now start getting hints from him in the fall that he is looking forward to seeing them play again!
  19. My DH loves pasta so I sent him to learn how to make it! I got him 2 Saturday morning cooking lessons for pasta and various fillings. He wasn’t quite sure at first but ended up having a good time and even made me some ravioli as a “thank you”.
  20. I did this for Father’s Day, but it would work for Christmas too. My kids made up certificates for each grandfather and on it put “This entitles you to one batch of homebaked cookies a month for the next year.” They put in an order for the type they’d like, I make them in a double batch so my family benefits too. It’s a gift that gives year round to all of us.
  21. Massage! Many places sell gift certificates in 30 minute and 1 hour increments. You can bet these will be used. Just ask for references – you want to make sure you are using a reputable organization! I have also made home made certificates for my husband to receive a back rub or foot massage from me!
  22. We gave a small fire safe as a wedding gift… the groom loved it!
  23. While decluttering the attic, I came across a box of my husband’s old concert T-shirts he collected during high school and college. He’ll never wear them again, but they’re important to him. What a shame it would be to keep them stuffed away in a box. So I got my mother and his mother to help me cut them into squares, stuff them with quilt batting, and sew them together into the most comfy and treasured blanket in our house. It’s the best christmas gift I ever gave him. – Texas Flybaby
  24. We have Christmas Brunch with my in-laws. My scones and butters have become and tradition and my Father-in-law really enjoys them so I make extra just for him to enjoy after the holidays. I make Honey butter and Raspberry butter and this year I found a recipe for Almond Butter ( I know how much he loves almonds) to try….all so easy to make!!
  25. For my father and father in law, who both travel several hundered miles per week on business, we’re putting together a car kit. It will be complete with all the emergency and severe weather supplies, plus a few fun extras, a new book on tape (which they can pass along to the local library when they’re finished with it) and some good traveling snacks. Everything fits safely in a leather travel bag, so its neat and tidy in the trunk.
  26. Whenever I went to visit my parents (they have both passed away now. Bless their hearts) My mother would always want all of my attention. I would help her in the house and just visit with her. She was quite a talker. But my poor Dad would be on the back porch all by his self as my sweet DH was away at sea (in the Navy) My Dad always had a lot of yard work to do as they had so much land and many orange trees to take care of. I loved hearing the stories he had to tell but never got to hear many as I was always with D.old Mom, So for his birthday one year I let it be known I was coming over to help him in the yard as his birthday present. It was one of the greatest memories I have of being with my Dad. Even though my Mom was jealous of the time I was spending with him. We had a wonderful day working in the yard. I can still see the smile on his face. Flybaby in Sunny Calif.
  27. Last year I gave my husband a subscription for an owl nesting box somewhere in Wales. I now renew this every year. Her feels strongly about protecting the diminishing wild birds and was very pleased.
  28. a $100-200 Gift Card from Sears, Lowe’s, HomeDepot, or their favorite store, will have them thanking you all year long. The store you pick, is specific to them, that is what makes it special.
  29. My DH says that the best birthday gift I have ever given him was the “Ride-Along” through the Richard Petty Driving Experiene Program. He rode 3 laps around a race track with a Petty driver at the wheel. Be careful though. The next year, he splurged and took the class that allowed him to drive one of their race cars himself !! NH FLyBaby
  30. Give him a gift certificate from a store that sells his favorite hobby items. For example, my father loves electric trains, so I get him g.c.’s to the train hobby store so he can get exactly what he wants/needs and I don’t have to guess or accidentally get him a duplicate of something he already has. Flybaby in NC
  31. For the motorcycle enthusiast who has not yet saved up enough for the bike of his dreams, how about giving him his dream machine for a day? We rented a Harley-Davidson for a day and had a blast tooling around our town and surrounding countryside.
  32. Gift certificates to home-supply stores. When a new light fixture is needed, new extension cords, or replacement of small tools necessary — certificates in the drawer when you’re ready to shop If the men in your family are gardeners, the certificates are also handy for buying grass seed, seasonal plants, etc. Things they would have to buy anyway but you’ve removed the sting of COST.
  33. I gave my brother a 14 inch Rosemary bush, trimmed in the shape of a Christmas Tree… BUT I also helped him plant it that very day (they are perennials) so it did not die! He has enjoyed it several years now.. all year long!
  34. My DH is an avid fisherman. Many years ago my parents came up with the ideal Christmas gift for him: an annual fishing license for the new year. It’s always the right size, it’s easy to wrap, and it expires! For his birthday, my parents give him money for an ocean fishing trip, which he is more than happy to spend. (And I sometimes get fish in the freezer!)
  35. My favorite clutter free idea is to use clutter free wrappings. For instance, one year I gave all my three “boys” who were were single (now ages 27-32) a giant bath towel. Each towel was wrapped in a brown paper grocery bag, and “tied” with a bungee-cord for a ribbon. Men love bungee-cords! Those gifts were the hit of the day, and the brown paper bag was used to load up the towel, bungee cord and other gifts for an easy carry out. Another year, the towel might BE the wrapping paper for another gift inside. Use your imagination and you’ll have the satisfaction of reducing clutter and get lots of compliments. Flying for a year in Minnesota!
  36. A donation made in the gift receiver’s name to their favorite charity (i.e. Habitat for Humanity) makes a clutter free gift that blesses others too. This idea works for many of the people on your gift list, not just the men. Taking off in SCV
  37. I gave my husband piano lessons for Christmas. He had taken lessons as a child, and we had a piano just waiting for someone to use! He thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, and his practices provided an excellent stress-reliever from his job. In turn, we were treated to lovely music. Worling on Flying in Dallas
  38. The gift of time. As parents, we all know how precious time alone is. My husband works during the day and then all his spare time is devoted to his family. A little down time to putter or do as they wish is always appreciated. Baking their favorite treats or favorite meals also shows how much we care. Coupons for treats…Whatever..Also works well.
  39. Gift certificates to local car wash Gas cards (who couldn’t use free gasoline right now?)
  40. My very sweet father in law is a man of simple tastes: he likes books, bread and sweets. So, a few years ago, I came up with the idea of a year membership in my “Bread of the Month Club”, of which he is the only member. I gave him a list of breads I know how to make and every month, he tells me which one he would like. This idea, of course can be applied to any recipient with any consumable: desert, muffins, fruits, casseroles for a busy Mom or an elderly, cut flowers…
  41. good socks like “Gold Toe” or ones from Old Navy or Gymboree – all of these socks last a long time at my house and you can buy them all the same for one person where they are easy to sort 🙂
  42. This takes determination to complete — one year I gave my boyfriend an empty cookie tin filled with file cards of drawings or pictures of twelve different kinds of homemade cookies. I baked him a dozen each month for a year. He just returned the tine each time with the picture of the cookies that was his selection. He was the envy of every guy he worked with and I baked them whatever day they fit into my schedule that month.
  43. The last few years I haven’t been sure what to get my husband and I am tired of just buying things. My DH works many, many long hours and has very little free or me time. So, the last two years I have made an appointment with a spa for a massage. It was an absolute hit. I made up a quick “gift certificate” on my computer and wrapped it for him to open on Christmas morning.
  44. Find out where your DH, brothers-in-law, or other men in your life go golfing, and buy them a gift certificate for a round of golf.
  45. My daughter and I plan to make some instant dip mixes for the guys in our family. It can be presented in those tiny zip lock bags from the craft store, and we’ll print out a little instruction card on the computer. It’s not clutter if they’ll eat it!
  46. Hi, Last year my housemates bought a book full of walks local to our house, wrapped it up and sent it to their parents. They included instructions in a pretty card to pick one of the walks and to ring and arrange a weekend to come and stay with us. They came and had a great time enjoying each others company, a special picnic that my housemates put together and discovering one of the oldest trees in England.I want to do the same thing this year for my Father as I miss the times we spent together when I was little. Rather than buying a book of walks though (clutter for him and money I don’t have for me) I am going to go to the local tourist information office to pick up a leaflet of walks which we can fling after we have finished with it. I want to take him across the old severn bridge towards Wales, which is a couple of miles long and on the day I shall make sure one of his favourite casseroles is waiting for us in the slow cooker for when we get home. – A Very New Flybaby in England.
  47. A great clutter free gift is a gift certificate to get their vehicle cleaned professionally. – In Pennsylvania
  48. A snow removal survivor pack…. a basket with new warm gloves, muffler or face – covering hat, and instant chocolate all in a large insulated mug (if the mug isn’t clutter) We don’t need more mugs, so dh’s will be wrapped hobo style in a colorful polishing rag…maybe chamois. (Am I the only one whose dh polishes everything, even his snow blower?) An evergreen, to be planted in “his name”. A handmade quilt duvet to cover our faded and stained bed quilt….in a pine tree pattern to remind him of his father’s Christmas Tree Farm.
  49. A Home-Movie Package – Gift certificate to Blockbuster, microwave popcorn and a biggie-size of their favorite candy.
  50. A Theatre-Movie Package – Our local theatre will package up movie gift certificates into large popcorn tubs with confetti and a biggie-size package of candy. They look cute and it will all go in the garbage after it’s used!
  51. For a stocking stuffer every year, I get my husband 10 scratch off lottery tickets.
  52. Music CDs are a nice choice. I know they’re not totally clutter free, but they really do take up very little room and will make you happy if you pick the right music!
  53. A new wallet. Clutter free, because it should always be in his back pocket.
  54. A spare car key and a place to hide it on the car. (a wink at Marla)
  55. Reservations at your favorite romantic spot.
  56. One of my traditional gifts for my father and brother (both avid hunters) is just a goodie basket. It can be a container of some sort, like a basket, a tackle box, or a container with a lid (to take to the camp when they hunt.) I fill it with sunscreen, hand warmers, snacks and sometimes disposable cameras and gum or CD’s. They always get excited and ooh and aah over what’s inside!!
  57. My late husband had always wanted to fly. I mean not FLY-fly, I mean fly an airplane. I gave him a gift certificate for one lesson of flight instruction. He was BEYOND happy — ecstatic. (The sad part is — he was a procrastinator as well — he loved getting it and having it but kept putting off redeeming it — the way we SHEs put off, say , using good crystal or china everyday for that elusive “special occasion.” So he saved it and saved it and saved it — always looking forward to it —- then lost his life in a car accident never having used it!), I guess if I had it to do over I’d have a specific date on it (having checked calendar to know he was free) and add my own gift certificate for “a picnic that will be awaiting you when you land.” or some such.
  58. My Dad has been drinking decaf coffee and eating healthy for many years. When I moved to Hawaii and discovered to local coffee and pineapples I knew I had found Dad’s gifts. I send him a few fresh pineapples and a few bags of decaf Kona coffee for Christmas and his birthday. He loves to share them with friends when they come over and he also loves to have no clutter after the food has been shared and enjoyed.
  59. Give my husband a Weekend Get-away for one or two, to a hunting lodge, or camping. (The one or two, depends on if he just needs a break away from everything and everyone, or if he would like a little company……=)
  60. My children and I wash, wax, and vacuum out my Daddy’s truck for him for his Christmas gift each year. What a JOB, but he really appreciates it, especially now that he’s getting older!
  61. We just live a few hours from Daytona…and my husband and his best friend LOVE to drive fast, so this is what we wives are thinking for a Christmas/birthday present for them. Daytona Speedway sells gift packages so you can send somebody there, and they’ll set them up in a racecar and let them drive around the track…when it’s empty of course! As far as I know, they teach a mini-racing course and make sure it’s as safe as possible.
  62. Tickets. I suggest tickets for everyone on your list! Two tickets for the gift recipient and a friend. Or for the whole family. If money is no object the best seats to the best show. If money is tight, tickets to a movie or to a local school production. Older gift recipients will especially appreciate the outing – perhaps with supper and transportation included.The first Christmas they were married my lovely DIL asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said a washable lightweight table cloth. When “Santa” distributed our gifts mine came in a box about the size for a folded table cloth. Inside were tickets to the Nutcracker Suite! for her, my son and me. Each year since tickets to something have come in various shaped packages. The outings have been wonderful. and no clutter!
  63. All the men in my family love to get a tin of mixed nuts for snacking. (Make sure you know he doesn’t have an allergy!) They never last more than a week after the holidays, and men don’t seem to mind tossing the tin…
  64. We give the microwave boy scout popcorn. It is the best and my husband and his friends take the packets to work for snacks.
  65. DH and I don’t usually give each other gifts at Christmas and we agreed long ago that being able to share the holidays with as much as our large family as possible would be our gift to each other, so we budget extra for longer trips or mailing packages. Since our own children came along, though, we have been exchanging token gifts – a book, a sweater, a pair of slippers. Our best idea was last year when we realized that this wasn’t what we wanted. We agreed to a new plan which worked so well that we’re doing it again this year. We filled stockings for each other! This way we can get each other little things that they want – I gave dh socks, his favorite candy, tickets to a baseball game (for the summer), and a cd I made for him. I had so many ideas – the only limit is the size of the stocking, and he loves getting the practical gifts! This year I’m going to put in a 3-ball sleeve of his favorite golf balls and new brush heads for his electric toothbrush. I think a new puzzle book (rolled up) will fit nicely, too. -learning to fly in ohio
  66. Today I bought useful gifts for our son’s birthday. He is an army officer who lives on a 90 acre farm with horses, a pony, a goat, chickens, ducks, Canada geese, guinea fowl, cats, and a Golden Retriever—along with his wife and 9 children. I went to a farm store and bought leather work gloves, a straw sun hat, and a dark green (his favorite color) bandana. He will be prepared for farm work! – flying in the NC mountains
  67. Car wash coupons are good for husbands and sons-in-laws who always make me think very hard for what to get them for Christmas. This is a nice stocking stuffer idea too. Sometimes I ask them for a list–that way they don’t know what I might get them and it’s still a surprise. New Jersey Flybaby
  68. golf balls…..they lose ’em
  69. I give my DH tickets to sporting events, but the real gift is that he can take anybody he wants. – Trying to FLY everyday in Texas
  70. One thing my dh has said he wants to get this year is car/motorcycle magazines. Since he READS them all the time i don’t consider them clutter even if they don’t get tossed. Most of the time though they disappear to the shop (his space only) and are never seen This is a gift that he will recieve all year!
  71. How about the gift of time.. The time to play in the shop… join a woodworking club etc. Most clubs meet once a month. With little ones it is hard to find the time for yourself. The catch is that is guilt free time. No whining or holding it over their heads. Of course if you are a flybaby then you know that is “stinking thinking” – New Westminster, B.C.
  72. Massage Gift Certificates — they are good for everyone and could include anything from a 30 minute foot reflexology treatment or neck and shoulder rub to a 90 minute relaxing Swedish or deep tissue massage…
  73. There are two different things that I’ve done for my father (who is now 80) within the last few years – and he has loved them both. My dad lives alone and out in the country. I did a major cooking (I used Wilson and Lagerborg’s Once-A-Month Cooking) for my family, but separated single serving size meals into disposable containers. These are all things you make and freeze, so all you have to do each morning is decide what you’re going to have for dinner that night, let it thaw, and pop it into the microwave. I also incorporated some of his favorite meals that my mom used to make as well. He was thrilled to get all of these “frozen meals” and enjoyed the gift for over a month.Another year, for fathers day, I made a mini scrap book (5″ x 7″ pages) of things I remembered from growing up. I used one or two pages for each idea such as “My dad taught me how to drive” I looked on the internet for a clip art of the first car I owned and glued it on the page. Some things were clip art, some photos, and others just a sentence or two about something that was memorable. My father is so proud of this book that he shows it to people all the time. It let him know, more than words, how special he is to me. – in Visalia, CA
  74. Tickets for the latest action adventure/sci-fi movie or at least a gift certificate. Arrange for one of his buddies to go with him. He’ll love the break from being a “family man”.
  75. I just had to e-mail with this wonderful idea for a man’s clutter free present. My friend just rented a backhoe for her husband. He’s been wanting to dig thier pond larger and make thier creek a wider. Can you imagine his surprize. (He’s the kind of guy who will be thrilled with this gift- maybe not all guys would be.) He’ll be like a little boy with a life size Tonka truck! Flybaby in MO
  76. Hi, I’m from ‘man heavy’ family (me, 4 older brothers) who married into a ‘man heavy’ family (dh is one of 6 sons). I love getting men gifts, it’s so much easier than DMom and not-always so DMIL. LOLA clutter free gift ideas for men–a book of carwashes, a coupon for oil changes, and gift cards to coffee shops. These are especially welcomed by the men in our lives who are coping with a job-loss, to be able to drive a clean car during a tough New England winter is always a morale booster. A couple of years ago, my DH took his brothers and my DFIL to a baseball game, they were thrilled, it was great for their ‘bonding’ time, the wives put together a meal for post game ‘guy talk’ it’s still one of the gifts they talk about. For my side, I can usually get a round of golf, driving range, or batting cages. They’re always well received. Other great ideas from Christmases past are copies of family pictures when we were little (or not so little), Christmas bread using my grandmother’s recipe, and the year I burned all the great old 45’s from my mom’s basement. What a hoot that was, with lyric sheets, of course.
  77. We have been in our new home for one year and I’m close to being clutter free! My husband has his very own workout room and it is not a very masculine color. For Christmas I plan on doing my version of those TV decorating shows. He works long hours and I have four children, two of which are old enough to help me ALOT. We’re going to paint his workout room a manly color, put up shelves for his trophies and turn it into his very own space. He will be so surprised when he gets home from work! I think it will be a great gift and will NOT add any clutter to our home. It will just make it more beautiful. Thanks for everything you do. Fabulously Happy Flybaby in Atlanta
  78. Dear FlyCrew One year I gave my husband a set of certificates, written on ‘post-it’ notes with a hand drawn ‘cheque book’ style cover.He loved it and used them all – things like batch of cookies to take to work (24 hrs notice required) or freedom from ballet pickup on a Saturday or even the more adventurous 1/2hr in the bedroom one. Flybaby in London
  79. Okay, this is not exciting – but my husband really doesn’t shop for himself. So for a lot of Christmases, I wrap up some new boxer shorts and socks. They are certainly clutter free, he almost always needs some new ones to replace old holey ones, and part of the “gift” is that he doesn’t have to go to the trouble of doing this for himself.I also just try to listen to what he needs. For instance, near his birthday, he said he would really like some shorts with some “give” at the waistband but that don’t look like elastic waist shorts. I came upon some at Target and bought him two pairs. He has loved them and worn them all summer. If your husband is like mine, and likes to shop for exciting toys like computers and other electronics, but doesn’t want to bother with “necessities,” then it can be great to give them a stockpile of what they need. Clutter free and useful every day of the year! – Nashville
  80. Aahh men, my favorite. for a late fall, christmas, how about a lawm mower tune up and blade sharpening? maybe even lawn service if you parents are aging or just plain hate yard work! love, from gettysburg
  81. My husband absolutely LOVES to golf. All year long I’ve been planning to buy him a gift certificate to a golf course for Christmas, so early in the year when the weather was warm I asked him where he’d really like to play the most. Of course he mentioned the most expensive course in town, but he is a terrific husband, and soon to be dad, and the few extra dollars to ‘go all out’ will really make him feel special. He also can use a good place to keep his loose change, so I found a small, attractive, but inexpensive, golf bank & will put his gift certificate in there. That way he has a gift he can use (the bank), plus a give he’ll love (the gift certificate.)Or you can give him tickets for his favorite sports team. My husband & I try to go to at least one pro-football game together each year. He loves the opportunity to share his other favorite hobby with his favorite person, me.
  82. Twice I have given my husband a film festival. This is how this very inexpensive gift works. Pick a theme (once I picked baseball movies and another time black and white scary movies; mysteries, silly comedies, segments of a mini-series, recent releases — really anything you know he’ll appreciate). Do a little research to find several movies that fit the theme and that are available at your videostore or library. We actually owned a couple already and borrowed a few. Then type or write up a pretty playbill listing all the titles and the days you’ll watch them together. It is a gift that keeps giving (ten Friday nights for us) and it shows your man that you can take an interest in the things he finds interesting.
  83. For men who like to hunt, bags of deer corn or a gift certificate for ammunition or to the deer processing plant. For men who like to fish, a gift certificate to somewhere they can buy lures and tackle. I bought my husband a gift certificate for a weekend for two (a weekend away for new parents) at a fly fishing school. That way, he had a great time AND I got to learn a little bit about something he loves! New mom in Texas
  84. Something that I would like to get my husband for Christmas is a pegboard for the garage wall so he can hang his tools on it so he can find them when he needs them (& so can I w/o having to hunt for them in his tool box “somewhere”).
  85. A couple of years ago I made my DH a coupon book filled with playfully “naughty coupons”. I also included some “fill in the blank” ones, for his own ideas! The expectant little twinkle in his eye as he presented them over the year always brought a giggle to my heart. I do believe it was his favorite gift ever – it cost next to nothing to make, and took up just 6 square (flat) inches! (I think I just figured out what DH will get for Christmas this year. coupon book #2!) Flybaby in Scottsdale, AZ
  86. My dad loves to garden. It’s his passion in life. For Christmas, I’m getting him a gift card to our local garden supply store. When spring gets here, he can use the card to purchase the items he wants to put in his garden in 2004. – Flying in Missouri (without the clutter)
  87. check out how their gear is doing. Dad got new golf clubs last year because his were not that great. Then, donate the old item if it is still in usable condition. Everybody wins!
  88. A sack of groceries..containing all their favorite Superbowl snack food! Sausages, cheese, crackers, chips, dips, chili, nuts, soda, etc. Then let them know you will be there watching with them! True gifts of love are those that make us reach beyond our comfort zones and do what does NOT come easy or natural! Like watching all those football games and being excited just because DH is!
  89. Every time we have another child, I order a mug with a picture of all the kids on it. He loves it and uses it EVERY day!! – flybaby in Germany
  90. A great gift, especially for the guys in your life, is coupons for car washes and car detailing. Some car wash places sell coupon books for a weekly or monthly wash. This is also good for moms with little (i.e. messy 🙂 children. Flybaby in Richardson, TX
  91. 2 Tickets to a local Little Theatre Group – Flying in NJ
  92. Several years ago I started giving my DD (Dear Dad) gift certificates for his favorite ice cream store. They come in $2.00 increments, so I buy several and give them for his birthday and Father’s day. They fit in his wallet, he can stop in and buy his favorite ice cream treat anytime he wants, and he absolutely loves them. my DM (Dear Mom) loves the fact that they don’t take up any space in her already cluttery house. (I’m trying to get her hooked into FLYlady:) ) My DH and DBIL love gift certs, too. they are great for anyone! – flybaby a, in south, central Missouri
  93. I know this may sound a little strange, but how about a fruit tree. They can plant it in their yard to enjoy and it (my f-i-l’s fruit trees are full and beautiful). This also allows you to have fresh fruit certain times of the year (YUMMY!). I bought one for my Uncle and he loves it. He doesn’t have a problem mowing around it either. Flying in Louisiana
  94. Gift certificates to have the lawn mowed!!! My husband LOVES it when he comes home from a business trip and his “yardwork” is already done!!! – Frankfort, Kentucky
  95. I got my father a honorary veteran’s brick in the military museum in his town. It was put in the sidewalk where he (and his friends) can see it every time he visits. He loved it, and felt very honored and special. Also, later, two of his friend’s sons ended up getting ones for their fathers also – they were also war veterans and were also very moved. They all said it was one of the most special gifts they had ever received 🙂
  96. Last year I fixed a lasagna for my brother as his Christmas present. It is his favorite meal and he begs for one every now and then. He may even get two this year, but nothing else! Flying in Orange County NC
  97. Fathers are notoriously hard to shop for, but my father makes gift-giving much easier by giving me a “wishlist”. Among his favorites are magazine subscriptions, yearly memberships to the local gun club, hunting/fishing licenses, and drill bits/table saw blades. All of these are things he enjoys using, but doesn’t always splurge on for himself. – A WV Fledgling Flybaby
  98. Gift certificates for a date night with their wives! Or go do a little snooping in THEIR clutter areas. Take note of things that might need to be replaced or be organized. For example, does he need a new tackle box or golf bag (then throw out the old one!)? How about a CD organizer for his car? Or better yet, get him something for a new hobby he would enjoy but won’t spend the money on (like a new fishing rod!)
  99. If you live in the right area an entertainment book makes a nice gift for guys. It is something you can actually use and it will save you money! – Soaring high in Washington
  100. I buy my husband two concert tickets each Christmas. He is a music lover, and there is usually someone in town in November, December or January that he wants to see. He gets a memorable night on the town with me or a buddy, but I don’t have to wrap anything or clean it later. Some people may prefer tickets to a movie, a museum, play or convention.
  101. My husband loves to bar-b-que, but the fancy wood chunks are beyond our budget on a regular basis. So, for gifts I often buy him a bag of them. They do take up space until they are used up, but they don’t stay around too long. And the bar-b-que tastes so good. – Flyin’ in Florence

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