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“Fear of the unknown is always worse than a fear you face head on. You get caught in the vicious cycle of not knowing how much you have so you procrastinate about paying bills. Then you pay things late and all of a sudden your fear is costing you real money.” – FlyLady

Dear Friends,

Just because you don’t have any debt doesn’t mean you get to delete the FLY Sense essays, missions, or testimonials. Here is why:

Our attitudes are the problem. A drug addict can usually hide their addiction as long as they have the money to feed their habit. It is when they get desperate for their fix and they have no more money or they have maxed out every available credit card that they start to steal and lie. Let’s think about this one for a minute from a money addiction perspective. If you can afford to spend, spend, spend, then you are probably surrounded by clutter. That could be the first sign that there is a problem. It is not that you have debt; it is that your spending is out of control. Yes, you think you can afford your so-called pretties, but all you are really doing is not paying yourself and planning for the future. Right now you don’t have debt, and you are feeling a bit smug that you don’t owe any money to creditors.

This goes for those of you that are over-generous in your giving. Giving is not a bad thing, but giving to get attention and to look good to others is. You can’t give until you have paid your bills and paid yourself first. This goes for birthday gifts and donations, too. If not, you are going to be living on the kindness of others when you retire and run out of money.

So you see, your attitude about money does more than build up credit card debt; it robs you of your future. Now if you have been upset that we are focusing on financial matters and not on the house, because you joined our group to get your home organized, then you have to realize that we are about more than just cleaning up your home. All of the stinking thinking just happens to be under the roof that you call your house. So as far as I am concerned, then it is fair game, and I will sing it loud and clear. Any crisis that is causing you CHAOS can be eliminated if we will look at the root of the problem instead of just putting a band-aid on it. Your clutter is a symptom, as is your messy home, money problems, overeating, chronic illness, guilt levels, stress, and anger. When we deal with the heart of the matter, then you will find yourself FLYing! That heart is your attitude!

Are you ready to FLY and FACE your attitudes toward Money with a clean slate? It is all connected.


P.S. For those of you that have found the PEACE that we have been talking about by getting all of your house in order, not just the messy part, I am so proud of you. We love hearing your testimonials. Keep FLYing!

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