Testimonial: A Little at a Time

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you so much for all the testimonials. I am retired and have cut up credit cards, still in debt, however paying off a little at a time. I went to Debt Management and am working diligently to reduce this stress in my life. Thank God I am able to continuing working. I run a business out of my home and work outside; that means two jobs. I am single now, divorced and widowed after 33 years of marriage.

I bless the day I found your organization. Continue to help us with our credit card debt, I STILL NEED ALL THAT HELP BESIDES WHAT I HAVE. My problem is I am too generous and then when it comes time for me to fix things I need, like brakes for my car, I am sometimes short.

I never learned how to write a budget. Can you believe that one?

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