Here is Your Financial Shiny Sink!

Dear Friends,

For days now you have been trying to figure out what our Financial Shiny Sink is. Well, I know you are not going to believe me. You didn’t believe me about your kitchen sink either, but you trusted me enough to follow, and you immediately noticed the change in your attitude just by gazing on that shiny sink. Every morning your routine involves getting up, getting dressed to shoes, and fixing your hair and face. Then you have begun your day with a FLYing start.

You all have been sending what you thought your financial equivalent to a Shiny Sink was; so many of you think that it is your checkbook balance, but it is so much more than just a number in a check register! Your money is just a tool, not the magic pill that is going to save the day. Rita Davenport taught me that if money will fix it, it is not a problem. So many times we don’t want to face our problem. We see the Band-Aid fix for the problem, but we don’t want to address the real root of the problem. My job, as I see it, is to bring to your attention your attitude about money, just like we did with your home and clutter!

Your spending attitude and awareness are the key to changing your stress level in your home when it comes to the lack of money. Your first impression is to get more money coming in to solve the problem. This won’t fix it, will it?? That is just another quick Band- Aid approach like the stash and dash cleaning for company: more money signals that you can spend more, which just increases the predicament. Eventually you have to come to terms with your attitude. You always looked at cleaning your home as a chore or maybe even punishment; now you see it is a way to bless yourself and your family. Your attitude has changed. Now why did that happen? You let go of your perfectionism and quit whining long enough to get off your Franny and just do something; 15-minutes is all I asked. It was a 1-minute investment in you and your home. Helping you to find PEACE was worth 15 minutes of your time, and it actually helped the overall appearance and feel of your home.

Isn’t the same true for investing 15 minutes a day to FACE your attitude and FLY Wash it with a little FLY Sense? Your ATTITUDE about money, spending, saving, and it’s usefulness as a tool is your SHINY SINK! Your Financial Awareness Continually Empowers you! FACE is your new attitude! Let’s put on our FACE each morning and start our day FLYing, Financially Loving Yourself.

I am so proud of you for FACEing your fears head on!

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