FLY Sense #8: Making a List

Dear Friends,

Do you go to the grocery store and come out with more than just food? Do you buy cleaners, shampoos, makeup, utensils, and paper products at the grocery store?


Just how many cleaners do you need, anyway? There is no magic potion. Quit buying them at the grocery store. If you will use what you have on your endless shelves, then you may not have to buy these kinds of products for several years. SOAP is SOAP! I only use window cleaner and an all purpose cleaner. That is just about it. I clean my tub with bath soap. Who needs harsh cleansers and chemicals when you do it every time you are in there? You can save yourself a ton of money just by changing your attitude. Now don’t send me all your recipes for cleaning products. They are all over the web, and plain water does a pretty good job along with a little elbow grease! Did you know that you can get soap scum off your shower doors with the soap that put it there? This was a tip from one of our members!

Watch yourself closely in the grocery store and stop yourself from picking up those bottles of shampoo and conditioner. You know those prices are always higher than the discount store, and don’t even think about getting makeup there! They will tempt you on every corner with those gadgets and impulse items. Don’t fall victim to their ploys!

Be strong and stick to your list! Plan what you buy and only buy what you have on your list. This will keep your impulse spending in check. Put in big red letters at the top of your list: PURCHASE ONLY ITEMS ON MY LIST: FACE

Have you made out your grocery list yet? If you have we would love to know about it.

Are you ready to FLY by FACEing your spending head on?



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