FLY Sense #5: FACEing your Food Money

Dear Friends,

Are you aware of what you spend every day, every week, or every month? When we FACE our spending habits, we are better able to deal with our money in an informed fashion.

This is why spending your virtual money ends up increasing your debt. You don’t know how much you are really spending, do you?We are going to look at what we spend each and every day. This is not rocket science. All you have to do it keep up with your receipts while you are out and write down everything you spend online and write checks for while you are home.

Now, get out your control journals and turn to the section for FACE (Financial Awareness Continually Empowers). Just write down what you spent on the past few days this week. This will take five minutes. Do it now. Each day I want you to write this down in your control journal.

Most of us spend as much on food as we do our mortgages. Our food expenses are a good place to look at reducing our spending. This is so easy when we plan our purchases and cook what we have in our pantries and our freezers. When you are examining what you spend on food, don’t forget to count the trips for take-out and the stops for coffee in the morning. All of this adds up. Remember, knowledge is power. When we FACE our spending habits, we learn!

Now, go write them down! Are you ready to FLY by opening your eyes to FACE your fears?



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