FLY Sense #4: Pretend to Be Your Banker

Dear Friends,

Every month we walk through our home with a pretend exercise in order to look at our homes through different eyes. We imagine ourselves to be a Realtor. It is a fun assignment. Today we are going to take the Realtor game to another level.

Today we are going to pretend to be banker. Now listen very closely to me — you are going to have to play nice! This means you cannot be ugly to yourself. A banker would never be accusing and lay guilt trips on you. Remember, you have to be kind and help the customer look at their finances. This is your job.

The first thing you have to do is open up all your bills and sort them into piles of like bills with latest one on top. Clip them together. Get out your control journal and flip over to your section for FACE (Financial Awareness Continually Empowers). Then just list the bills on a sheet of paper, grouping utility and phone bills together, and credit card statements together, and others in the third section. Also list your house payment or rent. Make three or four sections. We are going to have a long-term debt section (house payment), utility bill section, credit card section, and other. Do not get caught up in your perfectionism by setting up spread sheets. Just use pencil and paper to get it down! This is just an information sheet. Knowledge is Power!

Make four columns: date due, who, the total balance due, and minimum payment due. Keep the columns in a line so you can add up each section. Then on another sheet of paper, I want you to list how much tangible money that comes into your home each month. This is your money after all the deductions for taxes and other things on the payroll check. If you are self-employed, then list your income less your expenses (cost of goods sold or what it takes for you to be in business).

This is all you have to do. Now, set your timer for 15 minutes and let’s see how much you can get done in that length of time. After 15 minutes is up, then take a break and have a cup of tea. Then go back to it. Work in 15 minutes intervals. Do not beat yourself up! You are being objective here! We are just going to FACE our stack of bills with a loving forgiving heart. Knowledge is power! Financial Awareness Continually Empowers!

Are you ready to FACE your fears and FLY? Yes, just doing this has you FLYing! I am so proud of you!



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