FLY Sense #1: Bills in One Place

Dear Friends,

It’s time for your first dose of FLY Sense. This is going to be fun if you will not let yourself get stressed out about it. We are going to combine two of our favorite tools for getting our homes in order to get us started on our journey to financial peace. Are you ready?

We are going to start with a Hot Spot Fire Drill with a 27 Fling Boogie at the same time. The purpose of our scavenger hunt is to find all those bills, credit card statements, and your checkbook. With your trash can handy, grab a grocery bag or a canvas bag and start to clear out your favorite Hot Spots for putting down your mail. Throw away the trash and put the bills in the bag. Now, if you have been hiding them from someone or yourself, go to those hiding places and drag out those bags, too. Do you have some bills in the car that you never brought into the house? Or are they hiding in the side of your purse? YOU KNOW WHERE THEY ARE! Now go gather them up! Don’t forget to check your desk and the top of the microwave!

I want them all in one place. This is all you have to do right now!

You are on your way! Yippee!



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