FLY Sense #6: Disposable Income

Dear Friends,

Are you feeding another hungry mouth and you didn’t realize it? This is what happens when you don’t follow through with your plans and menus. I have finally figured out what Disposable Income is!

On Wednesdays we always clean out our refrigerators. I want you to look at how much you are tossing down the garbage disposal and in the trash. These leftovers and wilted veggies were not used the way you had intended. Instead of having them for your lunch the next day, they have been neglected. As for the wilted veggies, it is so sad that we buy them and forget about them as soon as they go into the refrigerator.

For years I have heard the term disposable income; I just never thought of it as being in our kitchens until now. It is time we quit tossing food out and use it before it spoils. Right now, go inspect your refrigerator for items that still have some life left in them. If the veggies are just beginning to fade, then toss them in a pot of water and make a veggie stock for a hearty soup. You can put it in the crock pot over night, and tomorrow you can finish it off with the rest of your fixins’. Take out the yucky, overcooked veggies, and you will have a broth fit for pasta, vegetable soup, or a pot of beans. Or, you can do like we do and cook it down a bit and pour into 1-cup containers and freeze it; then when you need a cup of broth, you don’t have to open a can.

If we would look at the food that goes into the trash as money, we would never throw it away again. My granny tried to tell me this years ago, and it is just beginning to FLY with me! Financially Love Yourself by being aware of what is going to waste!

Everything that goes into your mouth comes out of your pocketbook, even if it is going down the mouth of your garbage disposal. Let’s stop the disposal from eating all your grocery money. This is money that we can use to pay off our credit card debt. Credit cards eat our real money, too, but that is another essay!

Are you ready to FACE what you are throwing down the disposal?



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