FLY Sense #2: Clearing A Space

Dear Friends,

When your home is a mess, you can’t think straight. Why do you think I want to help you relieve the stress in your life by getting rid of the clutter? Did you know that when your desk is messy, you will not feel like sitting down at it to work? Clutter has a way of zapping your energy. So what are we going to do about this problem?

We have to clean off our work areas. It may be your kitchen table or your coffee table. It could be your actual desk; whatever and wherever, we are going to do a hot spot fire drill and clear it off. Now set your timer! We are going for 15 minutes here! If you computer is in the middle of your work surface, then you really don’t have a desk, do you? Think about this. We are going to be looking at papers, lots of papers! You need a surface to put them on.

What do you need on your desk? Absolutely nothing! No piles of papers, no books — all you need is an unobstructed surface. If you have to pull everything off and put it in a box for the time being then do it. Your clear surface is all that I am concerned with right this minute. So you can FLY!

Are you ready to Financially Love Yourself by having a clear working space?


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