You are not Alone

Here are two wonderful testimonials from FlyBabies talking about how they’ve been gaining FLY Sense! You are not alone in this journey! Your fellow FlyBabies are making it with you.

Retail Therapy Sessions

Dearest FlyLady,

I just wanted to let you know that you wonderful people have totally ruined my retail therapy sessions. I still love to go out and browse, but I hardly ever come home with anything! Even my shop-a-holic husband has gotten into the habit of questioning every impulse buy and realizing that the “whatever-it-is” we’re about to buy isn’t going to satisfy whatever need we’re imagining ourselves to have. The other day we went out shopping for two hours, with both toddlers in tow, and came home with nothing but a happy experience. That is so unheard of! With the money we don’t spend on stuff anymore, we have purchased a family membership to our local zoo and have been there every weekend since. I love watching the happy memories pile up for our girls, especially since I know they won’t ever wear out or collect dust or weigh us down into CHAOS. And I love walking hand-in-hand with my wonderful DH, seeing us both calm and happy because we’re not wasting money or collecting junk or dreading a train wreck of a house at the end of the day.

It’s a little disconcerting, not being able to talk myself into buying things, but I’m getting used to it!

Love from a Texas FlyBaby

FACE our Finances

My Dear FlyLady,

I just had to send in a testimonial about the Financial FLYing lessons. I am definitely still a FlyBaby, but I have been getting my finances more ordered for about the last six months. I was that person who had stashed credit card statements and bills everywhere in my life and house. I even broke the bottom out of a drawer that was over stuffed with bills and other financial papers. I did boogie that one a while ago, but there was so much more.

I had some in bags that had gone on trips with me as I picked the mail up on the way out the door. I had bills and credit card statements crammed into the “organizer” on my desk. Our file cabinet was full of them too, too old to be of any use anymore, since I had given up on filing years ago!!! All of this was “hidden” in plain sight. And with all of that financial CHAOS, they were getting paid late most of the time. One by one, I faced the bills. This was not easy, as we are in a lot of debt. I mean, lots of debt. Private college loans (from DH and me), mortgage, several credit cards, store cards, personal loans, CD clubs, etc.

So, enter Flylady into my life about three months ago. I have a shiny sink, thanks to my hubby who washes the dishes each night. My laundry is under control, and there is so much less clutter in our lives, but piles and piles to go. One step at a time!

Now, your challenge to FLY in our finances. I have been able to pay all of our bills on time for the last 4 or 5 months. I made a list of them, and put each due date into my calendar on the computer. And by having them all listed, I was relieved to find out that with some self control, we could actually pay our bills each month with what we are currently earning and still buy groceries and gasoline! Whoopee! Fear binds us up so that even BabySteps are defeated before they are attempted. I have been paying extra on the smallest bill, so that it can be paid off quickly and that minimum amount applied to the next bill. I pay some over the Internet and some in person so that I can be sure there is money to cover the check. Money is still tight, but things are getting paid off! And no more phone calls from creditors at all hours of the day and night.

Last night I combined the fruits of my labor from a purse boogie with our advances in loving ourselves with our finances. I found in my purse two receipts from two years ago, one for the original purchase and one from when I returned that item and could not find the receipt. I went back to the national chain and they were able to adjust the return receipt and give me a $12.00 credit! Best part is, it went back onto my credit card from that store, and I already paid that bill plus $20.00 over the minimum due this month! What a great feeling! All this from finding these old receipts and the company being willing to adjust something from two years ago. One less thing to weigh me down mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Yes, spiritually.

Many thanks to Flylady for inspiring us to be courageous, to be strong, to FACE our finances as a way of loving ourselves. I thank God daily for you and your staff. I hope that everyone can find encouragement from my story and how step by step, you can Finally Love Yourselves in your finances.

Blessings, blessings, blessings!
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