FlyLady’s 31 BabySteps by Diane in Denmark



Thank you so much FlyLady Diane for making these videos. Diane lives in Denmark. She has been a FlyBaby for a long time. Now she works with FlyLady Premium as a mentor. She loves our FlyBabies!





1st BabyStep

2nd BabyStep

3rd BabyStep

4th BabyStep

5th BabyStep

6th BabyStep

7th BabyStep

8th BabyStep

9th BabyStep

10th BabyStep

11th BabyStep

12th BabyStep

13th BabyStep

14th BabyStep

15th BabyStep

16th BabyStep

17th BabyStep

18th BabyStep

19th BabyStep

20th BabyStep

21st BabyStep

22nd BabyStep

23rd BabyStep

24th BabyStep

25th BabyStep

26th BabyStep

27th BabyStep

28th BabyStep

29th  BabyStep

30th BabyStep

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