Cookie Recipes 3

Cookie Recipes – Part 3

Note: A stick/cube of butter is 1/2 cup (8 tablespoons)

7 Up Cake
Almond Cake
Almond Glazed Sugar Cookies
Banana Pudding
Butter Cookies
Cheese Logs
Cherry Coconut Bars
Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Ricotta Cake
Chocolate Rum Balls
Christmas Wreath Cookies
Coconut Pound Cake
Cow Patty Fudge
Cranberry Crisps
Cream Cheese Jelly Cookies
Decorating Cookies
Disappearing Brownies
Dorothy’s Fudge
Fresh Ginger Cookies
Fruit and Raisin Rolls
Gingerbread Cake
Grandma Nielson’s Fudge
Lemon Cookies
Million Dollar Fudge
Mini Pecan Pies
Molasses Sugar Cookies
Mom’s Fudge
No Bake Fruit Roll
Old Fashioned Doughnuts
Orange Almond Spice Cookies
Peanut Butter Balls
Peanut Butter Eggs
Pecan Tarts
Pie Filling Cake
Poppy Seed Cake
Pumpkin Bread #1
Pumpkin Bread #2
Pumpkin Dip
Pumpkin Pie Special
Raisin Oatmeal Drops
Rudolph Reindeer Cookies
Rum Balls
Scottish Shortbread #1
Scottish Shortbread #2
Slush Punch
Sour Cream Sugar Cookies
Sour Dough Cookies
Spice Cookies
Spiced Molasses Ginger Cookies
Spicy Oatmeal Cookies
Tropical Orange Coconut Drops
Unbaked Cookies
Viennese Crescents
Virginia Chocolate Squares
White Chocolate Popcorn

Vanillahörnchen (Viennese crescents)

1 cup butter (1/2 lb)
1/4 c granulated sugar (2 oz)
2 cups flour (8 oz)
1 cup ground almonds (4 oz)
icing sugar (about 2 oz)

Cream butter and granulated sugar; add flour and almonds. Chill dough to make it easier to handle. Roll into a little sausage with pointy ends, then shape into crescents about 2 1/2″ x 1/2″ (I find it easiest to divide the dough into half, halves again, and again, then into thirds – this makes 48 pieces, and a cookie sheet will hold four rows of six). No need to grease the cookie sheet. Bake at 350F (180C, gas mark 4) for 30 minutes, till golden. Let cool, then roll in icing sugar. Interestingly, despite their name, these don’t contain vanilla!

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Rudolph/Reindeer Cookies

Very easy and decorative too

Buy : Only 3 items, and they keep for weeks. Add them to your grocery list.

Rolls of Bake and Serve Cookie Dough- Find them in the refrigerated section
Choose sugar cookies or any you like. My family likes peanut butter.
Package of small baby sized pretzels- the curved kind
Package of colored M&Ms Some need to be red.

Bake when you are ready: Children’s help is fun for you and them. Slice the cookie dough into individual cookies and place on a non stick cookie sheet. (or use Pam or grease it) Gently pinch the middle of each circle. Now you have a more oval shape that is slightly indented on each side. It’s looking more like a face shape. Press two baby pretzels into the dough at the top. Rudolph has antlers now. Press 2 M&Ms into the face for his eyes, and of course one red M&M towards the bottom of the face for his nose. Bake according to the package directions on the cookies.

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Coconut Pound Cake

350 degrees; 1 hour


2 cups sugar
1 cup Crisco shortening

In another bowl, Combine:

2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 cup buttermilk*
1/2 teaspoon coconut flavoring

Add this mixture to the cream mixture.

Stir in 7 ounces of coconut.

Bake in 2 greased/floured loaf pans at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Glaze Icing: 5 minutes before the cake comes out of the oven, prepare this glaze icing.

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup hot water

Stir over low heat until dissolved. Bring to a boil. Cook for 1 minute without stirring. Remove from heat. Add 2 teaspoon coconut flavor. Stir well. Remove cake from pans and place on cookie cooling racks. Punch holes in top and sides of hot cake and pour icing over the cake. (It helps to have waxed paper under the cooling rack to catch the excess glaze. I also pour that back onto the top of the cake)

*Note: If you don’t have buttermilk on hand, use 1 cup of milk and add 1 Tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice. Let this sit for 5 minutes.

This cake is very moist and freezes well. It slices easily while frozen and thaws quickly for those last minute guests.

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Disappearing Brownies…….

This is an all time favorite it is more of a bar then a cookie but there so good your not going to care what they are called!!

Melt together

1 Cup butterscotch chips
1 stick of butter
Mix together with 1 1/2 Cup Flour
1/2 tsp. salt
2 tsp baking powder
2/3 Cups Brown sugar

Mix well, then add

2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
2 Cups Chocolate Chips
2 Cups Miniature Marshmellows
1/2 Cup chopped walnuts

Put in 9×13 greased pan and bake 18 -20 minutes at 350 degrees. – flybaby in CT

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6 cups Rice Krispie cereal
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup light corn syrup
1 cup sugar
6 oz. chocolate chips
6 oz. butterscotch chips

To Make:

Mix together corn syrup and sugar in a medium saucepan and cook on medium heat until it starts to bubble. Take off heat and stir in peanut butter. Pour over rice krispies and spread the mixture out in a 13X9 pan. Melt chips, mix together and spread over. Let stand until chips harden. Cut into squares and enjoy. These can be made ahead and frozen for a few weeks. – Flybaby from Wisconsin

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Scottish Shortbread

Here is my mother’s shortbread recipe. It is really good, rich, and bad for you. It’s also a staple at holiday parties and bake sales. If I don’t show up with the shortbread, I hear about it.

1/2 lb butter (not margarine)
1 1/2 cups plain flour
1 cup self-rising flour
1/2 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup sugar

Melt butter. Mix dry ingredients and pour in butter. Mix all together and spread in a greased 8 inch square pan. Prick with fork. Bake 40 to 45 minutes at 350F. Cool slightly and sprinkle lightly with sugar. Cut into pieces while still slightly warm. It’s really rich so don’t make the pieces too big. Recipe doubles easily, just use a 9×12 pan. – Baby stepper in upstate NY

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Harmon’s Creek Holler Cookies

My almost-grandma, my mom, & I have a “cookie factory” up & running most years in the busy little kitchen of my almost-grandma’s little blue house in Harmon’s Creek Holler in West Virginia. Surrounded by excited dogs & snugged-up-cozy cats, we produce cheese logs, Christmas wreaths (known as Chris’ wreaths because my uncle Chris loved them), chocolate chip bars, cut-out cookies (in ambitious years), fudge, white-iced brownies, Molly Bars (my mom, Molly, likes 7-layer bars, so they’re called Molly bars in our family), and chocolate rum balls. On Christmas Eve, we takes plates of these cookies up & down the holler & onto the ridge to all the neighbors. It is so much fun. While these traditions are changing since my marriage last year (I no longer spend my Christmases down there, visiting the weekend before or after instead), the cookie baking continues both at The Home place & here in my new home, Fernhaven. Here are some recipes:

Cheese Logs

1 c. sugar
1 c. butter
3 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 egg yolk
2 1/2 c. flour
1 c. finely chopped walnuts
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. vanilla
6 oz. chocolate chips
Decorator candies (stars are lovely)

Combine sugar, butter, & cream cheese; cream until light & fluffy. Add egg yolk, beating well. Stir in flour, walnuts, salt, & vanilla; mix well. Cover & chill at least 2 hours. Shape dough by tablespoons into 2″ logs by rolling between palms. Place cookies on ungreased cookie sheets; bake at 325 degrees for 12 minutes or until lightly browned. Melt chocolate chips. Dip one end of each cheese log in melted chocolate, then in decorator candies. Store between layers of waxed paper. Cookies may be frozen. Yields 12 dozen.

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Dorothy’s Fudge (Dorothy is my almost-grandma’s cousin):

4 1/2 c. sugar
1 13 oz. can evaporated milk
1/2 c. butter
1/2 pound marshmallows
2 squares unsweetened chocolate
12 oz. semisweet chocolate chips
12 oz. sweet chocolate, chopped
1 tbsp. vanilla
2 c. chopped nuts

Place sugar, milk, and butter in large, heavy saucepan. Stir over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Cook to boiling. Cover & boil for 5 minutes. Turn off heat. Add marshmallows. Stir until melted. Add chocolate one kind at a time (very important), stirring until melted, then adding next kind. Add vanilla and chopped nuts. Pour into a buttered 15 1/2 x 10 1/2 pan. Cool until firm. Cut in squares. Do not beat at any time during this process. Freezes well. Yields 5 pounds.

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Chocolate Rum Balls

1 c. chopped pecans
1 c. Oreo crumbs (prebought as crumbs)
1 c. powdered sugar
1 1/2 tbsp. light corn syrup
1/4 c. rum
granulated sugar for coating

Mix pecans & oreo crumbs. Mix in the rest of the ingredients, except for the granulated sugar. Shape into 1″ balls & roll in sugar. Yields 2-3 dozen. (warning…these are addictive)

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Fruit and Raisin Rolls

in our family is to bake the stolen that we’ll eat Christmas morning: Use one package hot roll mix. Follow directions for sweet rolls. Knead into dough 1/2 c. candied fruit & 1/2 c. raisins (or all candied fruit). Roll into a 10-12″ circle. Fold in half and place on greased baking sheet. Let rise until doubled in bulk. Bake at 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until golden. Cool on rack & glaze with powdered sugar combined with hot water. Garnish with sliced almonds & chopped candied fruit in daisy patterns, if desired. – FLYing like a dragonfly in Ohio

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1 pkg oreo cookies
1 8 oz. pkg Cream Cheese
Almond Bark (white chocolate)
Miniature Candy Canes

Crush the oreos and candy canes. Set candy canes aside. Combine oreos and softened cream cheese. Form into 1 inch balls and place on a cookie sheet covered with waxed paper. Chill for 10 minutes. In the mean time melt the almond bark in a medium bowl. Dip the oreo balls into the melted almond bark and place back on the waxed paper. Next sprinkle them with the crushed candy canes. They set up within a few minutes so dip 2 or 3 and then sprinkle before they set up.

*Note: This recipe can be changed to suit any holiday. For Halloween I used m&m’s and icing to make spiders on them. For Valentines day you could use candy hearts or red hots. Use your imagination!

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Molasses Sugar Cookies (my mom’s recipe)

3/4 c. shortening
1 c. sugar
1/4 c molasses (gold label)
1 egg
2 tsp Baking Soda
2 c. flour
1/2 tsp clove
1/2 tsp ginger
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt

Melt shortening over low heat. Remove from heat and cool slightly. Add sugar, molasses, and egg. Beat well.

Stir dry ingredients together. Add to the first mixture and stir well. Chill.

Form balls and roll in granulate sugar. (I also slightly flatten the top of each with the tongs of a fork) Place on greased cookie sheet and bake at 375° for 8-10 minutes.

My trick to perfect cookies… I use a Tupperware melon-baller to make perfectly sized cookies every time. It’s great because it stretches the amount of cookies you can get out of a batch.

I always bake a quadruple batch of these, because they’re soooooo good.

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Mini Pecan Pies

I make them every year and people beg for more.

oven 350


1/4 lb butter
3oz cream cheese
1 cup flour

Blend butter and cream cheese. Add flour, form into 24 balls. Stick and form into mini muffin pan.


1/2 cup chopped pecans
1 egg, beaten
1 tbsp melted butter
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup brown sugar

Mix all together. Spoon filling into crust. Bake at 350 for 15-18 min. Reduce temp to 250, bake 10 more min. You can top with pecan halves before baking to make them prettier if you’d like.

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Spicy Oatmeal Cookies – From Flybaby N. Georgia

1/2-cup butter, softened
1/2-cup shortening, butter flavored
1-cup light brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar, white
2 eggs
1-teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1-teaspoon baking soda
1-teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2-teaspoon ground cloves
1/2-teaspoon salt
3 cups rolled oats
1-cup raisins

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cream together butter, shortening, sugars, eggs & vanilla
  3. In a separate bowl, combine dry ingredients, except oats and raisins.
  4. Add dry ingredients to creamed mixture and mix well.
  5. Stir in oats and raisins.
  6. Drop by rounded tsp. Bake 10-12 minutes.
  7. Cool 2 minutes before removing from cookie sheet.

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Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Soaking the raisins is what makes these cookies so wonderful… but I’m sure all that sugar and butter have something to do with it, too.

3 eggs, well beaten
1 cup raisins
1 teaspoon vanilla

In a small bowl, combine the eggs, raisins and vanilla, making sure the raisins are well-covered by the eggs. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and allow to soak for one hour.

1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 1/2 cups flour
2 cups oatmeal
3/4 cup chopped pecans (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter with the sugars. Add salt, cinnamon, soda and flour. Mix thoroughly.

Blend the egg & raisin mixture and the oatmeal into the dough. Add the nuts and stir.

Drop the cookies onto a lightly greased cookie sheet by large spoonfuls. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. Mmmmm…

Makes about two dozen cookies. – from Nampa, Idaho

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Old Fashion Doughnuts

This recipe reminds me of my grandmother. She always made doughnuts at Christmas time and if the grandchildren were around when she was making them she would cook the centers for the kids to eat….Enjoy!!!!!

1/2 cup milk
1/2 sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg beaten
1 TSP melted butter
About 1 3/4 cups flour
Vegetable shortening for frying
Sugar for dusting

Mix the milk, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg, salt, egg and butter in a large bowl. Add the flout gradually, using just enough so that the dough is firm enough to handle yet soft as possible. cover the dough and chill for about an hour. Turn out on a floured bowl and knead for a few minutes. Roll out to 1/2 thick and cut out doughnuts. Place on a floured wax paper for about 5 min. Fry the doughnuts till golden brown. Drain on paper towel and dust with sugar.

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Christmas Wreath cookies

My favorite cookies are from my husband’s side of the family. They are also very easy.

1 package of marshmellows
3 t. margarine
6 c. Corn Flakes
green food coloring
red candy decorations or red cinnamon candies
frosting (optional)

  1. Melt margarine and marshmellows in non-stick pot. Stir until smooth and all marshmellows are melted.
  2. Stir in green food coloring until desired color. Color will be lighter on cookies since it will be a clear syrup over light brown flakes.
  3. Carefully fold in corn flakes until all combined.
  4. Cool to touch then take a portion of mixture about the size of a golf ball and put on greased cookie sheet or parchment paper and flatten slightly and make a hole in the center.
  5. Decorate with red candies to represent holly berries. You may also choose to just make a bow from frosting with or without the red candies.

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Spiced Molasses Ginger Cookies

2 cups sifted flour
2 t. baking soda
2 t. ground cinnamon
1 1/2 t. ground ginger
1 t. ground cloves
1 t. salt
1/2 c. shortening
1/4 c. unsalted butter
1 c. brown sugar
1 egg
1/4 c. dark molasses

Preheat oven to 350 F. Lightly butter cookie sheets. Sift first 6 ingredients. Using mixer beat shortening, butter, and brown sugar until fluffy. Add egg and molasses to butter mixture and beat until blended. Mix in dry ingredients. Refrigerate 1 hour. Roll dough into 1-¼ inch balls. Quickly dip in ice water roll in sugar. Arrange on baking sheets 2 inches apart. Bake until pale brown and cracked on top but soft to touch, about 10 minutes. Let stand 1 minute. Makes 36 cookies.

Here are some things that I do that are a little different: I always double the recipe for the cookies or make 2 double batches if there are a lot of people. I use Pam instead of butter on my pans. I roll them only in sugar. I have tried the water but it makes a crust of sugar that I personally don’t like. I use salted butter and use less than 1/2 of the called for salt. The dip makes a ton of dip and I always end up with tons of dip. So if it is a huge party I make two double batches and I still have a ton of dip left.

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Pumpkin Dip

4c. Powdered sugar
2—8 oz pkgs. cream cheese (softened)
1 30 oz can pumpkin pie filling
2 t. cinnamon
1 t. ginger

Combine all ingredients. Refrigerate and serve in hollowed out pumpkin surrounded by ginger snap cookies.

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Chocolate Cookies

Hi, I made four pies and cookies already this year, because my daughter turned 8 and we had a total of about 40 guests over last weekend. Thanks to you all I sailed through.

Here are two recipes for you SHEs who can’t keep track of a recipe.

Get a 12 oz bag of Nestle’s chocolate chips with the recipe for toll house cookies on the back. It is the best cookie recipe in the world. You will need 2 1/2 c. sugar and 3/4 c each of regular and brown sugar. Also baking soda, salt, vanilla, 2 eggs, a cup of walnuts and two sticks of soft butter. The recipe says to use a mixer but I don’t.

Note: make the cookies as soon as you get home with the bag of chips if there is any danger that the kids will break into the bag and eat the chips. I used to do this when I was a kid, and our cookies never had enough chips in them. Also don’t cut the recipe in half when you open the bag. 🙂

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Pumpkin Pie Special

Buy a can of pumpkin puree and follow the recipe on the back. I use one-pie brand for which you need sugar, salt, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, 2 eggs, molasses, corn starch, and a can of evaporated milk (as well as the can of pumpkin). Though a cup of sugar as it calls for is a bit much. Any other kind of pumpkin is fine, just make sure it’s not pie mix, get pumpkin only. Also use fresh spices and mix them first in a little bowl, then you can adjust if there’s too little of one or the other. Don’t throw out the can until you’re done with the pie because the recipe is on the back. 🙂 – Flybaby in Massachusetts

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Decorating Cookies

This recipe has been our favorite ‘cut-out cookies for decorating’ recipe for almost 30 years. The dough is easy to work with and tastes great, too. We decorate cookies and take them to friends and neighbors. I got it from the Pillsbury flour sack. One great thing about it is that you can make the dough up to two weeks ahead and store in refrigerator tightly covered until time to use. We decorate ours with an Ornamental (meringue) Icing. Sometimes we even use them as tree ornaments.

Pillsbury Molding Dough: In a large mixing bowl combine: completely softened 3 oz pkg Cream Cheese and 1/2 cup butter or margarine. Add:

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla (or other desired flavor) We always use vanilla.

Stir by hand until completely blended.

1 2/3 cup flour [spoon lightly into measuring cup and level off]

Gradually add to cream cheese mixture, stirring until dough forms a ball. Knead on floured surface 1-2 minutes adding flour until dough is not sticky. Roll and cut dough into shapes or just shape dough by hand. [If dough is too pliable, refrigerate for 15-30 minutes] Place cookies on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees until edges are light brown. (Thin dough 10-15 minutes: Thick 15-22 minutes) Cool 5 minutes and remove from cookie sheet. Ice when cool. Store in loosely covered container. Refigerate leftover dough for up to 2 weeks. – FlyBaby in MO

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Banana Pudding (No Cook)

8 oz. cream cheese
2 sm. pkg. instant vanilla pudding (or 1 lg. pkg.)
1 can eagle brand milk
3 C. milk
16 oz. cool whip
4 bananas
1 box vanilla wafers
1 t. vanilla

Cream the cream cheese, dry pudding, eagle brand milk and milk together. Add cool whip and vanilla. Beat until smooth. Layer vanilla wafers, sliced bananas and pudding. Repeat layers.

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Butter Cookies

1 1/2 C. butter
1 C. sugar
1 egg
3/4 t. vanilla
1 1/2 C. flour
2 t. baking powder
1/4 t salt

Cream butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla. Then mix in dry ingredients. Bake at 375 degrees for 11-12 minutes.

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Slush Punch

8 C. boiling water
3 C. sugar
1 lg. pkg of Jell-O (color of jell-o determines the color of punch)

Mix these three ingredients together. Then Add:

1/2 C. lemon juice
1 large can pineapple juice
8 C. cold water

Freeze the above concentrate in ice trays. It takes about 16 trays. When ready to serve you can thaw to a slush consistency, or you can use a Salad Shooter to shave the ice cubes. I use the Salad Shooter & it makes it fast and easy.

Add a 2 liter of sprite just before serving.

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Million $ Fudge

This only takes about 20 minutes to do. In a large pot boil the following for 10 to 12 minutes.( 10 minutes will be softer fudge, 12 minutes for firmer).

1 can of evaporated milk,
1 cube of butter
4 cups of granulated sugar

After boiling remove from heat, and quickly add

1 package of chocolate chips
1 package of marshmallows (10 oz)
a large Hershey candy bar
3 Tbs.vanilla

Stir… until everything is dissolved. Pour into a buttered cake pan, and let sit till firm. Usually overnight. Once firm,cut into one inch squares.

You can add chopped nuts if you would like. About a cup. Milk chocolate chips make a lighter fudge, Semi- sweet, a darker fudge. The candy bar can be varied to your taste. My DH likes the milk chocolate chips with the Hershey Special Dark . Peanut butter chips are a nice change. You can make white fudge by using white chips and the Cream and Cookies bar.

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Virginia Chocolate Squares

These have always been a hit -got this recipe in Home Ec class in high school!

Brownie Mixture:
2 C. Sugar
1 1/2 C. Sifted flour
2 Sticks oleo
4 eggs
2 squares chocolate (bitter-melted)
1 1/2 C. chopped nuts
1 10 oz. pkg. marshmallows – use about ? of the package

Cream sugar and oleo. Add melted chocolate and flour. Add the eggs one at a time – important: adding the eggs one at a time is what makes this rise. Add nuts. Bake in a greased floured 9×13″ pan at 350o for 25 minutes. (shines in the middle- done at the edges) Place marshmallows on top about ½” apart. Put in oven and heat 4 minutes. Pour icing on top. Let cool in the pan. (Swirl icing and marshmallows together and spread evenly while still warm.)

Icing Mixture:
1/2 stick oleo
1 lb. box powdered sugar
2 Squares Chocolate
1 t. vanilla
1/2 C. evaporated milk

Melt oleo and chocolate over low heat or in a double boiler or in the microwave. Add milk and sugar. Beat with mixer. Add vanilla and mix. Do this while the brownies are cooking, so it will be ready to spread on as soon as the marshmallows are heated.

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**Unbaked Cookies**

Place in Large Bowl

3 cups 1 minute oatmeal
5 heaping tablespoons of Cocoa

Boil together, a rolling boil for 1 Minute:

2 scant cups sugar
1 stick of oleo
1/2 cup milk

As you remove boiled mixture from stove add:

1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter

Pour this mixture over oatmeal mixture. Add 1 cup of raisins. Drop by teaspoons on wax paper. Flatten or leave as dropped. Cool.

These cookies are particularly yummy if you freeze them, and then eat them right as they come out of freezer or partially thawed. – Prineville, Oregon Flybaby

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Scottish Shortbread

This is the best shortbread ever, and it’s easy to make. It’s just as good as the fancy stuff you can buy. It makes a fairly large quantity, without numerous batches to put in the oven, and because it’s so rich, small squares are still a nice serving, making it stretch even further. It’s wonderful for presents or for taking to parties or for enjoying on your own. You can be sure it’s one of the ways I’ll be enjoying “ME Time” along with a cup of coffee or tea this season! I hope you like it as much as I do! Merry Christmas from way down South! FLYing in Jacksonville, FLA

2 cups (4 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
1 cup sugar
5 cups all-purpose flour

Preheat oven to 275 degrees F. Grease four 8″ round cake pans (or two 9 X 13″ pans); set aside. In large mixer bowl with electric mixer at medium speed, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in flour, 1 cup at a time, until well mixed. Divide dough into 4 equal pieces (or 2 if you use the rectangular pans). Pat each piece evenly into bottom of pan. (If you don’t have enough pans, refrigerate the unused dough and bake as you can.) With tines of fork, prick dough all over to prevent bubbles from forming during baking. Bake one hour or until pale and golden. (Do not allow to brown.) Cut into wedges for round pans, or squares for rectangular pans, as soon as they come out of the oven, but leave them in the pans. After cooling for about 8 minutes remove them from the pans. Don’t store them until they are completely cooled. If you do not cut them as soon as you take them from the oven, they will crumble terribly. Chopped pecans to taste can be added to all or part of the batter before baking, as desired. This keeps indefinitely in an airtight container. Delicious!

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Poppy Seed Cake

My husband’s favorite and one I’d like to make to share with family at Christmas this year…

Duncan Hines butter recipe cake mix
1/2 C sugar
3/4 C vegetable oil
3/4 C poppy seeds
1 C sour cream
4 eggs
Confectioner’s sugar (just a little)

Butter and lightly sugar bundt pan (over a trashcan – this can be messy for us SHEs!). Mix cake mix, sugar, oil, poppy seeds, and sour cream. Add 4 eggs, one at a time. Pour into pan. Bake at 350 for 50-55 minutes. Unmold after it’s cool (it looks beautiful on one of those paper doilies) and lightly sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar.

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Peanut Butter Eggs

We also like Peanut Butter Eggs at Christmas if I have time to make them – they make wonderful gifts. We call them eggs because I got the recipe from a friend who gives them in little baskets at Easter…

1/4 C butter
1/2 C peanut butter (good brand)
1-1/4 C confectioner’s sugar
1 lb. milk chocolate wafers

Mix thoroughly the butter, peanut butter, and confectioner’s sugar. Roll into balls. Dip into melted chocolate using tongs, a fork, or a spoon. Allow to dry on waxed paper. Wrap in plastic wrap. Variations that are good include chunky peanut butter and mixing fresh Rice Krispies in. NOTE: If you are giving these, don’t make them too far ahead – they are best fresh!

And, finally, the one cookie I ALWAYS bake at Christmas, even the year I was 9 mos pregnant and swore off baking but wound up making these on Christmas Eve, are Tollhouse Cookies or the Great American Cookies off the back of the Hershey’s chocolate chip bag. I change the recipe and use a whole bag (or sometime two!) of MILK chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet (Hershey’s or Nestle’s) along with half a bag of Butterscotch chips. Also, use butter only, no margarine, and drop by tablespoon fulls  instead of teaspoons (meaning you have to bake longer than the recipe calls for – usually 15-17 minutes or so). Bake them on a cookie sheet turned upside down to prevent burning, space them far apart because they will be very big (since each one is 3X the size of a normal cookie) and take them out right as the edges brown and the middles still look a little soft (they will harden up after you take them out). These get raves every time and I actually baked a batch today just because since the house is straight and we had the ingredients – it is nice to fly, even if it is only for a day!

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Pie Filling Cake

I got it from someone on-line, I’m sorry I don’t remember who. I have adapted it to use a boxed gingerbread mix, but I will start with the original recipe.

1 box plain yellow cake mix
1 can pie filling
3 eggs

Mix all ingredients together, bake in 13×9 pan that has been sprayed with non-stick spray, about 35 minutes, or until cake springs back when lightly touched, at 350 degrees. That’s it. Super easy. I try to keep ingredients for this on hand for a quick dessert.

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Gingerbread Cake

1 box gingerbread cake mix
1 can apple pie filling
2 eggs

I only use 2 eggs in this one, because gingerbread cake mix that I use makes a 9×9 pan, instead of 13×9 like a regular cake mix. I usually run a knife through the pie filling (while still in the can) because the apples are usually in large chunks. Mix and bake as above, still using a 13×9 pan, but reducing cooking time to 20-25 minutes, or until cake springs back when lightly touched.

Hi, I always make cookies as Christmas gifts. My family loves them and looks forward to them every year. Here are a couple of recipes that are always popular:

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Cow Patty Fudge

So named because the first time my mother made these for her father-in-law, he said they looked like cow patties!

2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1 (11 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1/4 cup white sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla extract
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)

Melt chocolate, butter, condensed milk, sugar, and vanilla in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir often. In a separate bowl, combine chocolate mixture, flour and chopped nuts (if used). Drop by spoonfuls onto greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 to 12 minutes. Cookies will be soft. Enjoy! (makes 6 dozen)

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Spice Cookies

Makes 20 dozen bite-sized cookies – These freeze well – This is the most popular cookie in my assortment!

1 1/2 cup butter
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup molasses
4 cups flour
4 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground cloves
1 teaspoon salt
additional sugar

Cream butter and sugar in a mixing bowl. Add eggs and molasses, mixing well. In a separate bowl, combine the flour, soda, salt and spices; sift together. Add the flour mixture to the creamed mixture and mix well. Refrigerate for at least one hour or overnight. Shape into 1/2 inch balls, roll in additional sugar. Place 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 6 minutes, or until edges begin to brown.

To freeze; After rolling in sugar, place close together on wax-paper lined cookie sheet and place in freezer until firm (about 1 hour). When ready to bake, take directly from freezer and cook as directed above. This is a great way to make your home smell wonderful quickly. You can bake as many or as few as you want at a time.

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Peanut Butter Balls

These are actually a candy, but everybody loves them.

1 stick butter
3 cups Rice Krispies
2 cups peanut butter
12 oz. Chocolate chips
1 lb. Box powdered sugar
1/2 bar of household wax (cooking wax)

Melt butter, remove from heat. Add peanut butter and mix until smooth. Add sugar and Rice Krispies. Roll into 1″ balls. Refrigerate one hour. Melt wax in double boiler, add chocolate and stir until melted. Remove from heat. Put toothpick in ball and dip into chocolate mixture. Put on waxed paper to harden.

I have lots more, but I figured you would be getting overwhelmed with recipes. Let me know if you would like more. I love baking cookies, and since joining Flylady 2 years ago, my cookie-baking is so much more enjoyable! Thanks for all you do. – Flybaby in MA

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Fresh Ginger Cookies

Makes about 30 cookies

2 1/2 cups flower
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons grated fresh ginger
12 tablespoons room temperature butter
1 cup sugar plus more for rolling
1/4 cup molasses
1 egg

Combine flour, soda, and salt. Beat ginger, butter and 1 cup sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in molasses and egg. Beat in flour mixture until just combined. Chill at least 1 hour. Heat oven to 350 deg. Roll dough into 1 1/2 inch balls and then roll them in sugar. Place 2 inches apart on ungreased baking sheets. Bake until edges start to brown, about 15 minutes. Centers will be slightly soft. Let stand on cookie sheets 1 minute and remove to racks to cool completely.

Per serving: Cal 142; Pro 2 g; Fat 6 g; Sod. 84 mg; Carb 21 g; Chol 24 mg Work time: 25 min. Total time 2 hours and 10 min.

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Lemon Cookies (affectionately titled “Old Lady Cookies” by my daughter)

1 pkg Lemon cake mix
2 eggs 1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice*
3/4 c flaked coconut
Confectionery(powdered) Sugar*

  1. Preheat oven to 375 deg. Grease baking sheets.
  2. Combine cake mix, eggs, oil and lemon juice in large bowl. Beat at low speed until well blended. Add coconut. Shape into 36 1 inch balls. Place 2 inches apart on baking sheets.
  3. Bake at 375 deg. for 6-7 min. Cool 1 min. on baking sheet. Then remove to racks. Cool completely and dust with confectionery sugar.

*Options: 1. If I use the juice of a fresh lemon, I also grate the lemon peel of the fresh lemon and add it to the cookie mix.

2. Instead of Confectionery sugar, I have also added a little lemon flavoring to granulated sugar and dipped the top of the cookie ball into the sugar mixture before baking. – Bridgewater MA

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“Grandma Nielson’s Fudge”

A 4-generation-old recipe for the smoothest fudge ever. Important to follow directions exactly.

1 large bag (12 oz) semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 lb mini-marshmallows
3 Tbs vanilla

Put all in a large bowl. Set aside near stove.
Butter cookie sheet and set aside.

In large pan add:

4 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cubes (3/4 cup) margarine (the spreadable kind in the tub works too.)
1–12oz can Evaporated Milk

Stir Constantly over medium-high heat. When mixture reaches a rolling boil begin timing 5 to 5 1/2 minutes.

If bottom of pan gets sticky; or brown clumps begin to appear heat is too high.

Remove immediately after timing, and poor over dry ingredients. Stir hard and fast until marshmallows are totally melted. (better if one person pours and the other stirs.)

Add 2 cups nuts (optional, but walnuts work best), and poor onto greased cookie sheet.

Refrigerate for a couple hours until set.

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Tropical Orange Coconut Drops

A family favorite of ours for years are these Tropical Orange Coconut Drops. They are sooo easy! -from a Land-O-Lakes Cookie Cookbook

2 cups sugar
1 cup butter
3 eggs
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp. orange extract
3 and 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup flaked coconut

Heat oven to 350. In large bowl, combine all ingredients except flour and coconut. Beat at low speed, scraping bowl often until well mixed. Stir in flour and coconut until well blended. Drop rounded teaspoonfuls 2 inches apart onto greased cookie sheets. Bake 8-12 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. remove immediately. 5 doz.

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Rum Balls

Dear Flylady and friends, This is a family recipe that my mom always makes for the holidays, enjoy!

4 C Graham Cracker Crumbs
6 T Cocoa (baking)
2 C sifted Powdered Sugar
2 C finely chopped nuts (Pecans)
1/4 tsp Salt
1 C light Corn Syrup
1/2 C Rum or Brandy

Mix dry ingredients together first. Blend corn syrup and rum together and mix into dry ingredients until when the consistency is correct. Stop when it holds together well. Roll into 1″ balls, then roll in powdered sugar twice. Set aside in a tin for at least 12 hours to ripen.

This recipe is a tremendous arm/hand workout as the dough is very thick so it can hold together. I also recommend taking off any rings and bracelets you have on, it’s not much fun trying to get it out of the many hiding spots of jewelery (trust me on this). – Happy Holidays! Fly-Kat, Michigan

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White Chocolate Popcorn

My mother-in-law makes this one during holidays for snacking. You can’t keep your hands off it!

1 bag microwave popcorn, popped (about 4 cups)
1 cup Rice Krispies or Rice Chex
1/4 cup dry roasted, salted peanuts
1/2 pound white almond bark (I use white chocolate chips)
1 tbsp peanut butter

Mix and melt bark and peanut butter in microwave. Pour over dry ingredients in a large bowl and stir. Spread out on waxed paper. Let dry (couple of hours).

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Pumpkin Bread – makes 2 loafs from one recipe

Hi, This is really a bread recipe, however, it is great for the Holidays!

*Bake on cookie sheet*

Need two (2) loaf pans

2 cups can pumpkin (15-16 oz. can)
2 cups sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup applesauce (low fat – this is what I use and it makes the bread really moist) or if your not worried about fat content you can use 1 cup of oil.
2/3 cups water
4 eggs
3 1/2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking soda (fresh box)
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ginger

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour bottoms only of 2 (two) – 9×5 or 8×4 loaf pans (I use pyrex loaf pans).

In large bowl, blend first 5 ingredients. Beat one minute at medium speed. Add remaining ingredients, blend at low speed until moist. Pour into prepared pans.

Bake at 350 degrees, 60-75 minutes or till done. Recipe with the applesauce, usually takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. I set my timer for 1 hour, check the loaf’s with toothpicks, then set the timer for another 15 minutes, then if it needs to cook a little longer I set the timer for 5 minute intervals.

This bread has always been a hit with everyone who has ever eaten it!

It is delicious in the morning, at break time with dinner and after dinner, it is just a plain old delicious pumpkin bread!

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Cranberry Crisps

These are really really easy and everyone loves them. An acquaintance invited me to a cookie swap this year and specifically asked me to bring these.

Prep time: 15 minutes

1 (15oz) pkg. Pillsbury Cranberry Quick Bread & Muffin Mix
1/2 Cup finely chopped walnuts or pecans
2/3 cup butter or margarine melted
1 egg
1 tablespoon sugar

  1. Heat oven to 350F. In large bowl, combine quick bread mix, walnuts, butter and egg, mix well. Shape dough into 1 1/4 inch balls. place 3 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheets. With glass dipped in sugar, press each to 1/8 inch thickness.
  2. Bake at 350F for 7 – 10 minutes or until light golden brown around edges. Remove from cookie sheets. 2 1/2 dozen cookies

High altitude (above 3500 ft) No change

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Cream Cheese Jelly Cookies

2 cups flour
2 sticks butter or margarine, room temperature
8 oz. cream cheese
1 tablespoon cold water
1 tablespoon sugar (optional)

Mix above, roll out with rolling pin. Cut into circles with a glass.

Preserves: Put in 1/2 teaspoon of preserves in center of dough circles. Turn over like a crescent. Press closed with a fork dipped in water. Beat egg and smooth on top of pastry for a golden shine. Bake 10 – 12 minutes at 350 degrees or until golden brown.

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Chocolate Ricotta Cake

1 box of Duncan Hines Chocolate cake mix. Follow directions on box. Pour batter into a 9″ x 13″ pan.

In a Separate Bowl –

2 lbs. ricotta cheese
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup sugar

Spoon cheese mixture on top of chocolate batter in pan. Bake 1 hour at 350 degrees.

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Sour Dough Cookies

My favorite cookies are Sour Dough Cookies. They do take a while to make, so they were only made at Christmas time. Every Christmas, I think of these cookies, and I plan to make them this year for the first time in quite a while.

3 c sugar
1 c sour milk (1 c milk + 1 tbsp lemon juice)
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 c butter
8 c self-rising flour or 8 c all-purpose flour + 1½ tsp soda + 3 tsp salt

Cream shortening and sugar. Add eggs one at a time. Sift & add dry ingredients alternately with the milk. Roll & cut w/cookie cutters on floured surface. Bake at 375 for 10-12 min.


1 box confectioners sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tarter
3 egg whites
food coloring as desired

Mix together and color as desired. Spread glaze over cookies and allow to dry.

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Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

I’ve used this recipe for over 20 years – they are always a favorite, it’s amazing how quickly they disappear. I rarely tell people that the secret ingredient is sour cream however it does make a difference 😉


1/2 cup margarine & spray/Crisco (combined) or I sometimes use 1/2 cup butter flavored Crisco
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla

Mix together:

2 2/3 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg

Add 1/2 of dry ingredients to creamed mixture and blend. Add 1/2 cup dairy sour cream and blend. Add remaining dry ingredients and blend thoroughly. Chill (at least an hour).

Roll thin on a floured surface & cut out. May need to add flour to mixture when rolling out, if dough sticks. I usually cut cookies between 1/8″ and 1/4″ thick.

Bake 8 minutes in a 350 oven, may need to adjust time depending upon thickness, size of cookie and humidity level.

When cool, I use my favorite store bought tub of icing and decorate to my hearts content, coloring the frosting and using sprinkles.

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Mom W’s Fudge

Thanks for the chance to share these – real family favorites going back a couple generations, but simplified as new ingredients made it possible!

6 C sugar
1 large can evaporated milk
3 sticks margarine

Stir together and cook over med high heat – let boil to soft ball stage (this takes about seven minutes in Ohio, but as I learned, elevation changes the times!) Stir constantly.

Remove from heat and add

For chocolate:
2 tsp vanilla 4 cups chocolate chips

For peanut butter:
2 tsp vanilla
1 cup chunky peanut butter
1 bag peanut butter chips

Stir til chips are melted. Add 1 large jar marshmellow fluff, stir til dissolved. Pour into pans, let cool.

Fudge mellows as it ages – make it early and put it where it won’t disappear!

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Pumpkin Bread #2

3 c sugar
1 c vegetable oil
4 eggs


1 1/2 tsp salt
3 1/3 c flour
1 tsp cloves
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp baking soda

Sift together and add to above, mixing alternately with 2/3 c water.

Add 2 cups canned pumpkin to above.

Pour into greased loaf pans. Bake 350 about 1 hour. Makes two large or three medium loaves.

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Raisin-Oatmeal Drops

Here’s a cookie recipe that I have used for years, got it from a Bed & Breakfast I stayed in in the NC mountains….they had them as snacks for the guests and we all had to get the recipe !! It’s easy and good. Enjoy !

1 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup shortening
1 egg
1/4 cup water
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup all purpose flour (or whole wheat flour)
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
3 cups quick cooking oats
1 cup raisins
1 cup chopped nuts

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix sugars, shortening, egg, water and vanilla. Stir in remaining ingredients. Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls about 1 inch apart onto greased cookie sheet. Bake until almost no indentation remains when touched, 12 – 15 minutes. Immediately remove from cookie sheet and store in an airtight container. Makes about 5 dozen, and they are SO good…Mount Ulla, NC

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This recipe is labor intensive, as the cookies are left out overnight to dry. However, they make Christmas for me, my family and my friends. You can tell how old the recipe is by the ingredients, and it is the original recipe passed down from my grandparents. They would make at least 800 of these cookies each year, with the help of their eight children.

4 eggs
1 lb. powdered sugar
butter – size of walnut
1/2 egg shell of milk
anise oil – 2 or 3 drops
pinch salt
1 tsp baking powder
flour to make dough stiff – 6 cups or less

Mix all ingredients together – roll out on floured cloth. Sprinkle a little flour on dough and use a special rolling pin or mold that imprints a design in the dough ( you can cut into 2×3 squares if you do not have a mold). Cut out and allow to dry overnight. Bake for 6 to 8 minutes at 350 degrees.

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No Bake Fruit Roll

I have been making these rolls since back in the 1960’s. They are a little expensive but worth the effort. I make them before Thanksgiving and have them to slice and serve all through Christmas and the New Year they keep wrapped in foil in the refrigerator. The family loves them.

1 pound butter or stick margarine
1 pound of large marshmallows
1 box graham crackers, crushed, I roll with rolling pin.
1 pound pecans can be broken but not chopped small
1 pound dates
1/2 pound candied cherries, chopped
1/2 pound candies pineapple, chopped
4 Tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Melt butter and marshmallows together, add sugar and vanilla. Mix all other ingredients. Cool. Shape into desired length rolls. Keep wrapped in refrigerator and slice as needed. My family doesn’t like fruitcake but say this is better than fruit cake. This recipe appeared in either the Denver Post or Rocky Mt. News back in the ’60’s. Happy Holidays from Denver

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Almond Glazed Sugar Cookies

Cookie Ingredients:

* 1 cup Butter, softened
* 3/4 cup sugar
* 1 teaspoon almond extract
* 2 cups all-purpose flour
* 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
* 1/4 teaspoon salt

Glaze Ingredients:

* 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
* 1 teaspoon almond extract>
* 4 to 5 teaspoons water
* Sliced almonds

Instructions: Heat oven to 400°F. Combine butter, sugar and almond extract in large mixer bowl. Beat at medium speed, scraping bowl often, until creamy (1 to 2 minutes). Reduce speed to low; add all remaining cookie ingredients. Beat until well mixed (1 to 2 minutes).

Roll dough into 1-inch balls; place 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Flatten balls to 1/4 inch thickness with bottom of buttered glass dipped in sugar. Bake for 7 to 9 minutes or until edges are very lightly browned. Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheets. Cool completely.

Stir together all glaze ingredients with wire whisk in small bowl. Decorate cooled cookies with glaze and sliced almonds. TIP: Glaze sets up quickly. Frost and decorate just a few cookies at a time.

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Orange Almond Spice Cookies

It’s my pride and pleasure to send you this cookie recipe. I sent it last year to the food editor of the Santa Fe New Mexican (the daily paper) when she requested holiday cookie recipes. It made the Top Five. Makes about 60

1 cup (1/2 lb) full-fat margarine
1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp soda
2 1/2 to 3 cups flour
1 egg OR 1/4 cup sour cream
1/4 c concentrated orange juice
1/2 tsp orange oil *
1/4 tsp each mace, cloves, allspice
1/2 c sliced almonds

Face it, crisp cookies are high-fat. Low fat cookies are hard or doughy or tough. Make the good kind and don’t eat so many. Read the fine print on the margarine label. You want margarine with 10 or 11 gm of fat per tablespoon. For even better flavor, use part butter.

With margarine at room temperature, cream it with the sugar. A potato masher is useful for this step. Add flavorings. Add salt and egg or sour cream. If your family nibbles raw cookie dough, the sour cream is healthier. Work in enough flour to make a smooth dough that “cleans the bowl.” Knead in the almonds. Refrigerate the dough 1 hour or longer.

Shape handfuls of the chilled dough into rolls about 1½ inches in diameter. Wrap the rolls in waxed paper and put in a Ziploc into the freezer for 1 hour or longer. With a sharp heavy knife, cut ¼ inch slices and bake on ungreased cookie sheet for 8 – 10 minutes at 375° Remove immediately and cool on paper towels. I usually double this recipe because the dough will keep for months in the freezer. *Boyajian orange oil is found at gourmet grocers. It seems expensive but you don’t need much, and the bottle will hold its flavor for years if refrigerated.

This recipe began with Dutch Almond Cookies in The Complete Book of High Altitude Baking, Hamilton and Nemiro, 1961. I have made enough changes over the years that I can honestly call it mine. These cookies are a favorite for coffee hour at Christ Lutheran Church. About ten of us there rotate the assignment of Coffee Angel, which is an appropriate title because to Lutherans, coffee is a sacrament. To make the recipe accessible for people who don’t want to make a special shopping trip, you might choose to print it with 2 tsp grated orange peel instead of the orange oil. – Flybaby, New Mexico

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Cherry Coconut Bars

Here is my abso-favorite holiday recipe! It looks a little odd when baked (I can never restrain myself and I cut it too quickly, it gets lumpy!) but when I take it to potlucks there is never so much as a crumb left! This recipe does not double correctly, it is easier to bake two batches if you are planning to keep some for yourself!

1 c. flour
1/2 c. sugar
3 Tb. powdered sugar

Mix these until smooth and pat into a 9 x 9 pan. Bake 15-20 min at 350 until browned at edges. While crust is browning:

2 eggs slightly beaten
1 c. sugar
1/4 c. flour
1/2 t. baking powder
1/4 t. salt
1 t. vanilla
3/4 c. chopped walnuts
1/2 c. coconut
1/2 c. chopped maraschino cherries

Stir rest of ingredients into eggs. Spread mixture over crust (does not need to cool). Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Cool thoroughly before cutting into bars.

*Note: I chop the cherries by hand, my food processor turns them into mush. This is my mother’s recipe and she puts in walnuts. I like pecans. Either will work. Enjoy! – from Chicago

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7 Up Cake

This cake is so rich and buttery, you just may get orders for it.

3C self rising flour
2 1/2 C sugar
3 sticks butter
5 eggs
6oz 7up
1tsp lemon extract

mix for 15 minutes

bake 45 min – 1 hr @ 375° in a greased & lightly floured ring cake pan.

Though this can be made as a “dump” cake (dump all the ingredients together, then mix), I usually make it the traditional way cakes are made (cream butter, then cream sugar w/butter, add eggs – one-at-a-time, alternately mix in the flour & 7up until all blended, mix for 10 min, add extract.

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Almond Cake – Not for the waist watchers

1/4 lb butter-softened
1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 1/2 C cake flour
4 T milk

mix ingredients & pour into a greased 13 × 9 ” pan

*(if batter is too sticky, add flour)

Topping: in a saucepan, melt 1/2 lb butter, 1C sugar 2 1/2 C sliced almonds, 2-3 T honey (I use Dulce De Leche (caramel) sauce (found in gourmet shops, or you can make your own. Mix well and pour over batter. Bake at 350° for 30 minutes

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Pecan Tarts – Makes 4 doz

2 sticks butter
2 3oz pkgs of cream cheese
2 C flour

Form small balls & chill. Thumb print into mini muffin or tart pans (King Arthur Flour/Baking Catalogue sells mini tart pans)


1 1/2 C brown sugar
2T butter
2 eggs
1 1/2 C chopped pecans
2T vanilla

Fill cups. Bake @ 325 – 350° 25 min. Cool; sprinkle w/powdered sugar.

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