Slow Cooker

Using Your Slow Cooker, One Pot, and/or Dutch Oven

“One of my favorite tools for making my busy life easier is the crock pot(TM). What a work of art! Okay, so let’s just say the color schemes from the 70’s were less than attractive (if your crock pot is as old as mine, that is) but who cares? I call appliances that lighten my workload, indentured servants. Just throw a few good ingredients in Old Faithful in the morning and bingo, dinner is ready to roll when you come home. It’s like having your own private chef, slaving away over a hot stove and whipping up a favorite meal for the family. If you’re really swift, you have learned how to program your bread maker to do the very same thing so that a hot loaf of bread is ready for you when you walk in the door, too. Nothing like a hearty bowl of soup and bread for dinner.” – Leanne Ely

Onto the Recipes!

“With the cool weather here, my crock pot in all it’s retro glory, gets yanked out of the back of cupboard and sits in a place of honor– on the counter next to the coffeemaker. Now is the time for all good crock pots to get cooking and next time you see that little Fly reminder that says, “What’s for dinner?”, you just talk right back to your computer screen and say, “Crock pot!” as loud as you want…just try not to startle your family.” – Leanne Ely

Thank-you everyone who sent in their recipes for their slow cookers and dutch ovens! Enjoy having “this extra person” cook for you in the kitchen!

  • Soup Recipes: Soups are so nurturing for you and your family. And they smell great too! Enjoy!
  • Beef Recipes: This page is long. Scroll down to find yummy recipes for ground beef, stew beef, ribs, and roasts!
  • Pork Recipes: Pork chops, tenderloin, ribs, roasts, and ham. Who knew there were so many ways to cook pork in the slow cooker?
  • Chicken Recipes: Chicken and Turkey recipes for you and your family!
  • Chiles, Beans, Appetizers, Desserts, and More: This is a real hodge podge of interesting looking recipes. Have fun with it!

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