Beginner BabySteps: Day 26

BabyStep: Day 26 

You’re Not Behind!
It takes us a month to establish a habit. I set it up this way because I knew that I would miss a day here and there and I didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. That was how I had always done it with my perfectionism. If I missed a day, I gave up; well I factored in this part of our personalities into our system with a grace period. This is why we take a whole month to establish one habit. Taking babysteps is how I started. I practiced one habit a month. Please be kind to yourself!

Today, I want you to know that you are not behind! Jump in where we are! This is at the bottom of all of our individual emails that go out! 


Morning Routine

  • Get up and make your bed
  • get dressed to lace-up shoes, hair, face
  • Swish and Swipe your bathroom
  • Recognize negative voices and change them
  • Reboot your laundry
  • What’s for dinner?
  • Put out your Hot Spots for two minutes
  • Five-minute Room Rescue (pick a room). Set your timer and go!
  • Spend 15 Minutes decluttering each day. You can’t organize clutter!
  • Look at your Control Journal. Your Post-It Notes remind you
  • Read Your FlyLady Emails as a reward for doing your morning routine.

Afternoon Routine

  • Eat lunch and drink your water
  • Start Dinner

Before-Bed Routine

  • Keep your sink shining
  • Lay out your clothes for tomorrow
  • Put in a load of laundry
  • Put out your Hot Spot.
  • Look at your Control Journal check list. 
  • Time for bed; consider yourself tucked in!

FlyLady Tip: When we feel like we are behind; we get stressed out. This is how we have always lived. I want you to slow down. Getting in a hurry only makes you forget things! Take time to enjoy the process!

You are not behind! Jump in where we are!  ~FlyLady

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