Control Journal, Step 2: Basic Set up

“I am going to give you specific instructions for putting together your control journal. Up to a point. I want this to be your control journal, not mine. This is very personal.” – FlyLady

These are the dividers for your control journal. As you progress through the 15 steps, you will gradually fill each section of your control journal. Remember: baby steps and keep it simple!

  • Daily routines and reminders – this is where you list all your daily routines (Morning Routine, Afternoon Routine, Before-Bed routine, etc.)
  • Basic Weekly Plan – this is where you put your weekly appointments with yourself! If you don’t know what a basic weekly plan is, visit the “Basic Weekly Plan” section in the FLYing Lesson for Routines. For this section, you’ll need a sheet of paper labeled for each day of the week.
  • Menus and grocery list – this is where you’ll plan your menus for the week as well as the grocery lists you’ll need for each meal
  • Address Book – this is a section for contact information of friends, family, businesses you use, etc.
  • Personal section – this is where your happiness file and things about you go!
  • Emergency numbers – doctors, police department, schools, etc.
  • Then, have some additional dividers for your own personal sections

Now you’re ready to move on to step three!

Back to the FLYing Lesson for building a Control Journal.

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