Control Journal, Step 3: Before-Bed Routine

“Your Control Journal mission for today is to write down your Before Bed Routine. If you want to start after dinner, then go right ahead. Put this routine on a yellow piece of paper if you have it, if not don’t worry about it. Pam and Peggy had yellow for their daily cards. It looks bright and cheery in your control journal” – FlyLady

The Before-Bed Routine is the key to jump starting tomorrow. This is just an example of how the Before-Bed Routine is used as a check list to make sure everything is done to make the morning run smooth. Use this as a guide to help you develop your routines.

FlyLady’s example of her Before Bed Routine in listed in the “Routines” FLYing Lesson. Remember, you are not expected to follow this routine step by step; you have to adapt FlyLady’s routines for you and your family.

If you can’t do everything listed in FlyLady’s Before Bed Routine, then list just three things:

  1. Shine your sink
  2. Lay out clothes for tomorrow
  3. Brush teeth

Once you have your Before-Bed Routine planned, you’re ready for step four!

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