Control Journal, Step 4: Morning Routine

“Today, I want you to write down your morning routine and add it to your control journal under the Daily section. These routines are the foundation for the whole system if you leave them out, you will never sprout your wings to FLY!” – FlyLady

An example of FlyLady’s Morning Routine can be found in the “Routines” FLYing Lesson. Use this as an example and adapt it to fit the needs of your family.

Routines give our day the structure that we need. Some members have developed “Noon Routines” and “Get home from school or work routines”. I have a morning, a late afternoon, and a before bed routine. Pam and Peggy have a morning routine, an early afternoon work routine, and a before bed routine. This is all up to you. Eventually you will have these in your head and they will become as automatic as walking. The secret is to do one step at a time: Having it written down helps, even if you can’t do it all. Start with one habit and build upon that by adding another one to practice. Soon you will be FLYing on autopilot.” – FlyLady

These are some afternoon routines you can use as additional examples:

Early Afternoon Routine

  • Eat lunch
  • Clean up dishes
  • Make business phone calls
  • Check e-mail

After School Routine

  • Empty backpack or brief case
  • Make snacks
  • Help with homework
  • Finish laundry

Late Afternoon Routine

This is my afternoon routine; I am setting a relaxing tone for my sweet darling. I start it at 4:30-5 p.m. most afternoons. You can do this for yourself if you like. This helps you to calm down after a hard day of work or play. – FlyLady

  • Set dinner table
  • Start dinner
  • Light candles
  • Put on some nice music
  • Pick up a couple of hot spots

Once you have your Morning Routine planned, you’re ready for step five!

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