Meet the FLYCrew

These are the people that keep FlyLady up and running. Without the FLYCrew, FlyLady would not exist!

The Web Crew: Michael B., Rebecca, Emily S., Michael O. and Jon

Michael B., Rebecca, Emily S., Michael O. and Jon are our website team.  They keep the content fresh and exciting! Michael B. is also our IT “go to” guy. Michael O. and Jon are our resident photographers, graphic designers and videographers.

E-mail Crew: Paddi, Laura, Carolyn, Rebecca, Emily S., Jessica and Kathy

Paddi has trained most of the FlyCrew in their customer service aspects, and she is our resident psychologist.  Emily S., Rebecca and Jessica (and FlyLady, too) input the daily behavior modification emails.

Carolyn, Laura and Kathy read and answer many of your emails. Carolyn also handles the subscription and membership requests, and Laura also writes our weekly “Decorating on the FLY” emails. Kathy helps all of our FlyBabies with any FlyShop-related questions.

FlyShop Crew: Justin, Jack, Kathy, Rebecca, Angie, Michael O., Emily S., Jon, Brian, Emily C. and Tanner

Justin and Jack head our FLY Shop fulfillment center in North Carolina. They and their wonderful staff process your Shopping Cart, Fax, and Mail orders, package up your products, and ship them around the world.

Justin also keeps our books straight, Jack is also responsible for all of our wonderful products.

Kathy is also our HR Manager, and Rebecca is also our Office Manager; as you can tell, the members of the FlyCrew wear many hats! Emily C. maintains our archives and published newspaper and magazine clippings. Angie takes care of receiving and processing all the mail orders, and she is our “den mother,” which means she takes care of us here at the FlyShop.

Brian, Michael O., Jon and Tanner are our “packing room guys” (with Tanner doing his best to keep these boys in line, haha!).

Michele (also known as our “hon”) is FlyLady’s Assistant, and she handles all media requests. She also handles all the logistics for FlyLady’s travels.

Liz is the “voice” of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. She makes sure that in addition to emails, we are able to stay in touch with our FlyBabies!

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