Are you looking for a magic pill?

Dear Friends,

We are so happy that you checked out our website. Many of you are searching for the magic pill that is going to change your life and your home. I know you are tired of living in clutter and CHAOS. The trouble with a magic pill is that it doesn’t work unless you take it.

There are many of those magic pills collecting dust on your bookshelves. Your intentions were honorable, but the whole process overwhelmed you. Then you just gave up. Now that you have found FlyLady, don’t sit back and expect to see changes unless you are willing to swallow the pill.

The website is not the pill! Our pages are a resource for you. That is all it was ever intended to be. We have the system outlined on the website, but the real medicine comes from my messages that you receive in your e-mail inbox. Every day I send out attitude-adjusting essays. Yes, it takes a few minutes to read them, but what have you got to lose? I know you have spent hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars in your quest for a clean home. Here I am offering you the medicine — for free. Don’t act like the stubborn child that has clenched his jaw shut refusing to swallow the cure that is going to make him well. What are you afraid of? A few e-mails in your inbox — or change? We send out an average of 10 e-mails a day.

Our Daily Missions are posted on the website along with the announcements and other fun interaction with our members, but you are not going to receive my messages on the website. Neither are you going to have access to the archives to read them online. This system has helped tens of thousands of people. Many members lovingly refer to it as “FLY Washing.” It is the messages that will eventually retrain your mind and spirit, and your home will come together.

There have been some of you who have purchased our tools in the FLY Shop in hopes that they will be the cure. I don’t want to disappoint you, but if you don’t have the messages to go along with the tools, you will not know how to use them, and they will soon be collecting dust along side all those books on your bookshelves.

I want all of you to FLY, and it is going to take much longer if you sit back and refuse to swallow the pill.


A God Breeze Testimonial

Dear FlyLady,

I could write pages and pages, but I’ll try to keep it short and to the point, because I’m sure you get jillions of e-mails.

I just have to tell you what a God-send you are to my life. I have several home organizational books, and all of the SHE books, and I have both the flipper set up and the index file set up for many years, but could never get either one to work for me. I always felt sooooo overwhelmed and stuck with what-in-the-world to do first when I did have the whole day to clean (’cause everybody knows you need the whole day to clean!), and I ended up watching TV or going shopping for more stuff to escape all the other stuff I had piled at home. Anyway, you know the story — you have hit me right-on with the procrastinating thing and being a perfectionist; everything you have described is me!

I just kept thinking, “IF SOMEONE WOULD JUST TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT TO DO TODAY AND WHICH ROOMS ARE MOST IMPORTANT TO CLEAN, I THINK I COULD DO IT.” I would ask my DH (who, by the way, is bo, of course), and he would answer, “Oh, huh, I don’t know.”

I found your website 14 Oct 01 and have only done baby, baby-steps. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your daily reminders; it keeps me aware and more focused than I have ever been in my life (I’m 56 years old) thinking about the routines and the zones. The people who quit because of too many e-mails apparently either aren’t in a big enough mess or have no desire to improve their homes. In fact, I am very disappointed when I check and there are no reminders from FLYLADY in my inbox!!!! I get my reminders at work.

I am a payroll SHE working long hours, but I have made some progress (just like you said, it started with cleaning my kitchen sink shiny clean), and your sentence saying “We have beat ourselves up for so long for not being able to do anything” was key to my attempt to FLY, and when I read that Finally Loving Yourself was the meaning of FLY, I cried, because that is what all this means — it’s a big change getting off my FRANNY!! And that, too, is so wonderful of you: encouraging us to exercise for 15 minutes a day (and I was doing none, and I’m supposed to because of high blood pressure).

You address so many things that are important in our lives, so anyway, I kept wondering why you didn’t address finances more. Because of being such a great procrastinator (and I know a lot of us SHEs are in the same boat), I am in financial ruin often — not paying bills, wasting money on dumb things to make me feel better about myself, just not paying attention to my money. Your message “Are Your Ducks in a Row?” yesterday answered all my questions on finances, and you are right on every point (and I even have some of Suze Orman’s books).

I just think you are a GENIUS for developing all this for us SHEs, spending so much time on us, and for FREE. I can’t thank you enough. I am soooo glad that there is someone who understands me and how I function (or dis-function) about EVERY LITTLE AND BIG THING in my life (thank God for giving you that insight)!! And how I am so happy to be given directions at last!!

God bless you, FlyLady!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU AND YOUR GREAT BIG HEART!! You are an answer to my prayer.

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