Giving Your Children Wings

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Our Favorite Things:

The House Fairy – Who knew getting children to clean their rooms, make their beds, and cooperate with doing family chores could be so easy and this much fun? The House Fairy uses children’s gift of imagination to empower them to behave, help around the house, and keep a neat and tidy room. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief as the House Fairy helps parents motivate, inspire, reinforce, and recognize their children’s good behavior in a positive and loving way.

The Student Control Journal – Developed especially by FlyLady for kids, this control journal is for kids only — parents keep out! This control journal helps kids learn how to use routines, develop a weekly schedule, and how to break their bedroom into zones to make cleaning it easier.

UP Kind of Day CD – This CD for kids is just so much fun! Kids, and grown-ups too, can enjoy dancing and rocking their way through the day! The CD is arranged to have a fun and FLYing good time all day long. When it is time to call an end to your day, just crawl into bed and find “Time to Dream” with your “Wings to FLY”!

FLY Parenting 101 Here you will find a list of our favorite children and parenting related testimonials and essays. These will help you in so many important and fun ways. Make sure to check back often for updates!

Free to be Me – We are so excited to be able to offer the very first children’s book written for FLYing families! Monika Marcel, a Flybaby for many years, has written this very special book to help children learn to take babysteps and build routines to make every day a FLYing good day. Monika hopes to pay it forward helping children to learn the benefits of good habits. The book is illustrated by Gisela Bergeron.

No More Parents Left Behind This 296 page eBook by Alice Wellborn is accompanied by 46 downloadable tools: Personal assignments, challenges, online resources, organizers, quizzes, and worksheets to help parents navigate the often frustrating world of Public Education.

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