FLYing While Pregnant

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“Make it a part of dear husband’s routine to give the expectant mom a foot massage every night before bed.” – a member

  1. I take longer breaks and put my feet up because when I feel better I get more accomplished when I get going. I also set my timer for five minutes if I am really tired and then I can break before I get started again.
  2. I’ve just started FLYing recently and am about 7 months pregnant. The routines have really helped me overcome alot of the tiredness and fatigue that comes from being pregnant (I also have a 4 year old dd and a 1 1/2 year old ds). I think that the best tip I have is to get to bed early and get plenty of rest. Also, right now part of my afternoon routine is to lay down for a while. When my kids lay down for nap or quiet time, I do too. My body needs it right now so I take care of myself this way. And, I don’t get behind or feel stressed, because I have kept up on things in the morning and evening routines. Flying in ID
  3. I am using the five minute rescue to rescue my overwhelming project of putting my pictures of my three year old in an album before my next Baby gets here. I have incorporated five to ten minutes in the evening routine to start sorting pictures and will put them in an album before the next one gets here!! I have two months and I know it will get done. I am so thankful that God blessed me with this program before this baby blessed me with her presence. My house is in order and I don’t feel guilty about working on pictures because my house is shining! – from Texas!
  4. Call your church and see if they have a list of mom’s to be or mom’s with new baby’s. Most churches or even you could start it or have your friends join in, have a list of people who bring meals to new parents to help out during the stressful arrival time. Most of the volunteers are older retired women, or even moms with full households themselves who just make a larger dinner that they would already be making (or you could suggest this when forming a group) and bring the extra portion to the family in need.This is a great help as all the prep and clean up are eliminated from your schedule for that day. – newborn FlBby in Wisconsin
  5. Too tired for zones??? Remember even 5 minutes makes a difference. I felt too dead to do even 15, so I set the timer for 5 (then usually found myself able to do 15 anyway before hitting the couch). Hitting the couch for some needed rest? – set the timer! 15 minutes on the couch, 5 off works wonders for both the house and my energy level!To nauseated/tired to think about cooking? Get out the old reliable crockpot! Depending upon when you feel better (am or pm) make filling it part of that routine – make a space in the refregerator where you can put the pot, so all you have to to the next day it drag it out and plug it in!Also, make planning each days “snacks” part of the evening routine – just like making lunches. It’s alot easier to choose healthy, baby-friendly snacks when you’re not starving! And eating several planned “small” meals is alot easier on that “morning” sickness.Keep a made PB/jelly sandwich, or something else “portable with protein” on hand for hunger emergencies! Replace as soon as you use it. – Flying in spite of “heavy belly” in NC
  6. When I was pregnant, I was very, very sick at the beginning. I almost never left my room (except for the bathroom of course.) DH brought my laptop up to the bedroom and that is when I found out about FlyLady. I couldn’t think very straight, but one thing I caught was the message declutter! So for just a few minutes a day I threw away anything I didn’t think I really needed. It was so awesome. The bedroom looked great – I spent so much time lying there in bed, it was great to not have a big mess to look at. In fact, being so sick actually helped my attitude – I’d ask myself, “do I have the time or energy to deal with this again?” since I had no energy, it was easy to pitch magazines, read or unread, papers, whatever stuff I really didn’t need (I can’t remember what’s gone now, so I obviously don’t miss it!) I couldn’t start with the kitchen sink (even entering the kitchen would make me run back out being sick…), but I started with my bedroom and almost a year later it has stayed decluttered! Later in the pregnancy the decluttering spread to the rest of the house – I was still very tired, but did little 15 minute chunks of decluttering. Now that baby is here, it is so easy to have people come over because most of the house is decluttered, so it is very easy to maintain!
  7. I’ve found that being pregnant with my fourth, and only 8 weeks along, I’m feeling the impact. I’m now re-organizing my routines. My day is being scheduled around….get this! My afternoon nap! Yes it sounds off, but i need that sleep or I simply cannot function for the day. So the bulk of my things get done in the morning some and the evening and my afternoon is free to have a nap and fresh from my nap the balance of the afternoon is spent playing with my little ones and then preparing supper. My husband is teasing me that all I do is sleep, however his laundry is clean, his meals cooked, house is acceptably tidy and most important is his wife is happy and rested. If it weren’t for the naps I’d be one nasty mama to all around me.The best thing about it though is i just don’t feel guilty about it. My work is done, in different order than before, but still done. I know not all expectant moms will be able to do it, but for those who can, it’s worth it. – flying in Edmonton, AB Canada
  8. My mother recommended this site to me while I was pregnant and I thought that she was crazy! I am too tired and have to many other things to do! I worked full time and have many duties at our church (Typical SHE!). Any way I signed on to the web site in November (my 5th month of pregnancy) and was inspired by the shiny sink! So off I went to shine it and it has been sparkling ever since. I still do not have a full blown routine but have this advice for those women who cannot even get their shoes on! Like me! ( I was so swollen by the last week I could only hope that my slip on shoes matched!) Take it 10 or 15 mins at a time. You can do it! set the timer and see how fast it goes. When you come home from the Hospital, you will come home to a neat-stress free home. You do not need any added stress and you will not be afraid to have all of those visitors that want to see you bundle of joy! Keep up your morning and evening routines…it will help you to move a Grace and mercy to you all, FLYing in FL
  9. I found my timer to really be my best friend during my early pregnancy. I would set it and work for 15 minutes, then take the rest of the hour off. I had the worst morning sickness this time. The timer worked for a few weeks and helped me keep things under control. I did however end up needing medication to control my vomiting, which put me completely out of commission. FlyLady’s encouraging words that I was not behind and to jump in where I am were just what I needed to get back on track when the sickness passed at 16 weeks. I am FLYing high now, and looking forward to our new DS, due in September.
  10. In the ninth month it is really important to sit ( put your feet up & close your eyes) and have your water when you feel achey or even lay down (if possible) for 15 minutes. It is really important to take care of yourself (and the baby) in order to keep functioning. Near the end of the timer time think of what to do for the next 10-15 minutes, so as not to get frustrated spinning one’s wheels.In 15 minutes or less I can:

    • Empty and reload the dishwasher.
    • Pick up the main part of the house (combined livingroom & diningroom)
    • Fold and put away one load of laundry, transfer a load to dryer, and start a new load.
    • Brush my teeth, wash my face, and shower.

    If I get those four things done the house doesn’t get out of control. – 8-1/2 months pregnant and fluttering in VA

  11. What has helped me the most is just focusing on the morning and evening routines and then doing what I can. Although my lace up shoes have gotten too tight (36 wks pregnant, could be any day) I have made sure to keep shoes on my feet! I have also taken some of my “me” time to look at establishing a routine for the house care that spreads it out for me, but also that I have written down so , DH knows what needs to be done when I am nauseated, or contracting, or later when I’m nursing. I took time to stock my freezer (with the help of a good friend!) so that the “what’s for dinner?” question is answered for 32+ meals once the baby is here- I only have to write down the menu for the week and pull them out of the freezer- it keeps the stress down knowing that that chore is done : ) Also, decluttering as much as possible as new babies bring clutter in the form of diapers, clothes, furniture, toys, and the like. I pared down all the baby stuff to what we loved and then evaluated what we needed to buy before purchasing anything (We have a ds 4 and dd 1 1/2). Making sure there is a place for the bills to be paid and the receipts and statements was a priority so that we can stay on top of the finances- I set up a Quicken account which has made things infinitely easier! I don’t have to do the math and I log in bills as soon as they come in, so I really know how much is in the account when the paycheck comes in : ) – FlyBaby in Utah
  12. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time, but I’m just now learning *so* much! I found myself pregnant, then laid off from my job in a very short span of time. When I found out I was pregnant I just made a mental note to cut down on our eating out, because I know that babies are expensive, but now that we’re down to one income too I’ve found the whole FlyLady system to be helpful in many ways!First, even though I don’t have to be up at 5:45 anymore to go to the office, I am still getting up with the alarm and doing my morning routine, which means starting or rebooting laundry, hitting the shower, then dressing to shoes and fixing breakfast while my husband showers. I’m also doing my bedtime routine, which includes helping my DH assemble his uniform and all the necessary accoutrements and packing a lunch. This means much less stress for my husband in the mornings, and he can be well dressed, fed, and on time. It also means that I’m already up and dressed to start my day when I see him off to work. It makes me feel much less tired and sluggish, something I struggle with since I’ve been pregnant, to be already up and ready.Second, my husband and I aren’t both running around with nothing to eat and grabbing breakfasts and lunches on the go. We are saving *so* much money just by having homemade breakfast burritos in the freezer for DH to microwave each morning and a lunch packed every night and ready to go for the next day. And, of course, we’re hardly eating out anymore. I never would have thought we could afford to have me stay home with my baby on just his income, but we’re spending so little on food that now I’m not so sure.As a bonus, my husband asked me the other day which night of the week to plan for our ‘family night out’ (which might include take & bake and a video or could be really ‘out’) and a ‘family night at home’ (no matter what) because we’ll have a child in the house soon and he wants to establish these as lasting routines. Wow! I really think if I hadn’t had my little routines already forming, he wouldn’t necessarily have come up with that idea. – in Oregon
  13. No matter how tired and fatigued you are, one routine element to not skip is swishing the toilet and wiping down the bathroom counter. These two have been lifesavers for me as I have been quite nauseous this pregnancy!
  14. A good friend of mine introduced me to FlyLady about 3 months ago. I am in the final stages of pregnancy (6 weeks to go!!) and have to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! When we found out I was pregnant I had mixed feelings. Although we had been trying to get pregnant at the time, it happened very quickly for us and I was not really prepared. I am a SAHM with a DS (4) and DD (2) and was living in total chaos. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t even start to be excited or happy about this new arrival. All I could think was, “How am I going to handle a newborn, toddler and preschooler and try to get my life in order??” Well, thanks to FlyLady I am happily looking forward to our new bundle (and showing off our new, clean, organized home to my mother and mother-in-law who will be arriving for the birth!)Within weeks (days, really) I could see a difference in my life, house, and relationships. I could see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I knew that I had a few months to get things “ready” and took babysteps to get there. The routines (morning and before bed, especially) were what got me going. I was able to get my control journal up and running (far from complete, I’m sure, but good enough for now!) and enjoyed crossing off each item as I completed it. It gave me such a sense of accomplishment. My DH came home from work each night to a picked up house with soft music playing and candles lit. He was very encouraging and commented on it every single day. You’d think that would get old after a while, but it doesn’t! I get extremely tired at times, but just work on doing a few things a day, choosing the most important ones and not getting upset with myself on the days I don’t get much done. The other thing that has really helped me is having an accountability partner. My friend and I talk to each other in the morning, telling what our “To-Do” list for the day is, then again in the evening and rejoice with each other at the things we have accomplished and spur one another on to complete those tasks we haven’t yet done. This has really helped me. I know that we will be talking in the evening and I want to have at least part of my list complete! She is a good enough friend to be honest with me when I have bitten off more than I can chew, and daily reminds me that I need to take time for myself and to play with my babies as well as work on my house and list. I guess my biggest piece of advice to expectant moms would be to work on your routines but also to try to find a friend who can encourage and motivate you along the way! Thanks again! A Flybaby in No. Ca.
  15. A few months ago, I was still doing my weekly home blessing hour all on the same day. It used to take a lot out of me, being 7 months pregnant at the time, but i liked getting it all done. Then you sent out an email telling us all to pretend to be payroll SHE’s and to split our blessing hour over the seven days, and even told us what days to do it. At first i said no way, i like the way i do it, but then i decided, if FlyLady says, it is so. It was the best gift you could have given a pregnant woman. After that week, i changed to doing my home blessing hour over the five workdays (I don’t do anything but routines on weekends, that’s family time, and all my zone cleaning and other things get done during the week). This would be the best thing i recommend for any woman trying to fly while pregnant. I feel so much better now, and don’t get overtired by trying to do it all in a day (much less an hour, which is impossible when you’re hugely pregnant!). – Flybaby in NH
  16. I have a couple of tips that may help the expecting FlyLadies. Once I really needed to do a little scrubbing in my tub, (unfortunately I wasn’t flying at the time), but dreaded all that stooping and reaching around my huge belly. So, I grabbed up my toilet brush, squirted a little cleaner and scrubbed away! Also while I was pregnant my mother bought me a dust pan with a long upright handle, you know the ones the sweepers use at the mall an at the amusement parks. It made sweeping up so much easier since I didn’t need to bend over and I still use it to this day! Flying in Indiana
  17. I’m 8 months along with our first baby, and I have found that these things keep me FLYing even when it seems that my lungs have half their normal capacity and I spend half my day running to the bathroom (LOL!):Break up the Blessing into 6 10-minute sessions that you can comfortably spread out over most of the day. So you might have cold mop water by the end of the day, but so what?Encourage DH to not put anything on the floor that will require you to bend over to grab it. Even his dirty socks left on the dresser is better than an awkward bend and reach during your Morning Routine!Wear lace-up shoes, even if you have to have help putting them on in the morning like I do!Resist the SHE urge to buy every single pregnancy book on the market! When it comes down to a time when you have a concern and want to look something up (like: is it normal if it feels like the baby’s foot is pressing against my collarbone???), you are best off if you have only one or two books handy that are written by doctors. Send the rest off to Goodwill!Don’t feel embarrassed about declining unwanted baby items from well-meaning friends! And don’t hesitate to mention your baby registry when people ask what they can bring you for the baby shower! It will save you lots of time returning items!My husband and I seem to be keeping on top of laundry lately by having him run the loads while he is working on the computer next to the washer. He hates to fold, but I don’t mind, so he hauls the heavy stuff upstairs for me, and it works out well!
  18. I have been so glad to have found out about FLYing while I have been pregnant. There have been many days where I just lacked the energy to properly take care of my home. Luckily, I always had enough energy for 15 minutes of decluttering, so the house has been miraculously clean! I have modified the daily routines to accommodate my growing belly and lack of energy (I’m due on May 28th). I get up every morning, shower and dress, feed my other 3 children, get them dressed and then do dishes and 1 load of laundry. I make it a goal to have this done by 10am so I have time to play and teach the kids (we are home-schoolers), as well as going to the library, playground, grocery store, etc. It’s been a blessing to not stress out about a messy house.
  19. When I was pregnant, I had to modify Flylady’s “I can do anything for fifteen minutes” mantra to “I can do anything for FIVE minutes. Every time I went to the bathroom (which, being pregnant, was frequently, lol), I did a 5-minute job: cleaning a mirror or the counter, or sweeping the floor or wiping the toilet or straightening the towels. Nothing ever took more than a few minutes, thus preserving my energy, but my entire bathroom got thoroughly cleaned every day.
  20. I was 6 months pregnant when I started flying in December…nesting took on a whole new meaning now that I had detailed instructions! I started out with a huge bang…de-cluttering at least 30 large trash bags of things. When I became more uncomfortable towards the end of my pregnancy, I gave myself permission (no guilt) to stop doing the Zone Cleaning until after the baby was born and I was feeling better. I continued with my routines and weekly home blessing (which I did in small spurts over 1 or 2 days). My mother came to stay with us from California (we are in Maine) when the baby was born and, amazingly, there was no need for a cleaning frenzy before she arrived! Just by sticking to my routines and weekly blessing, my house staying clean. My mother was amazed by my home and I overheard her several times telling her friends and family about my “metamorphosis.”Also…the water and exercise reminders helped me to not gain 70 pounds like I did with my daughter! – Thanks FlyLady!
  21. Having 5 weeks of meal plans prepared with the shopping list on the back has been a huge time saver. No more thinking! The bonus is that since I’m in my last month (with a 5 and 3 year old at home) and very tired, my husband was able to pick up the list and just go to the store for me. These lists will come in handy when the new arrival is home and I’ll need all the help I can get. Thanks for the help FlyLady crew! Flying in DE with 2 in tow and another on the way!
  22. One thing that really made things nice for me is that I set up a station in my kitchen (not clutter…a real working station) for thank you notes. I had the baby book opened to the page where you list gifts and the giver. I had a stack of thank you notes the phone book and a book of stamps. Every time someone got me a gift or brought dinner or sent flowers, I went straight to my station, wrote it down in the book, wrote out the thank you, addressed it, stamped it and it went into my purse for mailing in the morning. Really saved me time and I didn’t forget anyone!
  23. Cook once…eat twice. While pregnant make extra batches of meals that freeze well like soups, chili, lasagne etc. Stock the freezer so that once baby arrives, meals are simple and even a non-cooking DH can manage it.

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