Monthly Habit: August – Laundry

LaundryOur habit for August is working on Laundry. If we can control our laundry by doing one load of laundry per day, laying our clothes out each night and getting dressed each morning becomes a simple habit to practice. Our habit this month is all about making our lives easier. So, join us in our new habit of doing one load of laundry each day. Check out the great info below.

A load a day keeps CHAOS away! – FlyLady

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Sometimes the most daunting part of doing your laundry is getting it started, but if you make automatically sorting your clothes part of your routine, it’s much easier to just throw in a load! Make laundry easier on yourself and check out some of our tools  in The FlyShop!

Here are the habits we have covered so far this year. Remember to reinforce these habits while completing your new one:

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Building a Laundry Routine

Dear Friends:

This week we are in Zone 3, the main bathroom and another room in the house. This week we are going to face the Laundry Room!

The laundry area is a very important part of your home, this room is what keeps us supplied with clean clothes. Laundry is one of those things that if not done with routines; will pile up faster than anything else in our homes. The clothes seem to multiply and before we know it we are surrounded by the piles and feel like it will never get done. A consistent laundry routine is truly the only way to stay ahead of Mount Washmore forming before your eyes.

What does it mean to do the laundry?

Well for some it just means to actually get it to the place where you know eventually it will get washed. For others it means that you get it washed and dried but never get it out of the dryer or laundry room. YOUR DRYER IS NOT A LAUNDRY BASKET!

Doing the laundry means that you take it to the machine, you wash, dry, fold, hang up and get this….PUT IT AWAY WHERE IT BELONGS! Now I know that is the hardest part, that is why for Fly babies we recommend small loads every single day, this way you get the backlog of laundry taken care of and get yourself into a routine of doing it.

Your Laundry Routine looks like this:

  1. Get clothes into the laundry area
  2. Separate Laundry into colors (light and dark, towels, whites and bleach piles.
  3. For each load that you are about to do, turn the clothes right side out and unroll the balled up socks.
  4. Check for stains so you can hit them with a prewash treatment Put Laundry in Washer, add soap and or bleach
  5. Add Fabric Softener (if you do this at this stage)
  6. When Laundry is washed, put into dryer, check your time, we waste a lot of time and energy by over drying our clothes.
  7. Hang anything that needs to be hung. Do it right then out of the washer or dryer, this saves on the wrinkles
  8. Fold clothes immediately out of the dryer. Do not throw the clothes in a laundry basket and take the basket to another area of the house to be folded ! You know why! It will stay in the basket unfolded and then everything needs to be re-washed because it is so wrinkled.
  9. Put Laundry away as soon as it is folded.
  10. Then start the next load into the dryer.

If you are really good about staying on top of your laundry, then throw in a load into the washer once you have put the other load in the dryer. If you have a tendency to forget, then don’t start another load until one is COMPLETE! Complete is from sorting to put away.

Following these steps will get your Laundry completed. As FlyLady always says: Nothing says I love you like clean underwear!



PPS – Speaking from personal experience: NEVER wash towels with clothes unless you like the lint look!

Testimonial: This Is an Option for Me

#21 Laundry Room Peace

Dear FlyLady,

For most of the fifteen years I’ve been in this house, my laundry room  has been a disaster. Mountains of clothes and linens, both clean and dirty, spilling out of hampers and baskets and off shelves. This sweater needed to be given away, but it needed to be washed first.

That mountain of towels needed to go somewhere, but for now I’d put it on the shelf. And on and on, till I prayed (please, please PLEASE) every time someone used the downstairs restroom that they wouldn’t open the FIRST door instead of the SECOND.

Three weeks ago, I decided: Enough. I started washing, drying and folding one load every day. Just one. And when I was folding that load, every day I counted out another twenty pieces from the clean basket to fold as well — less than five minutes work.

Within a week, my clean clothes bin went from “mountain” to totally empty.

Now for the dirties: I put out bins to sort dirty laundry (lights, darks, special care) so I didn’t need to sort before I tossed in my daily load. (Now my kids and husband can sort too, so their clothes won’t sit on the floor or spill over from the hamper.)

And every time I folded a load, I was merciless on what I threw out. Souvenir T-shirts for places we’ve never been? Out. Unmatched socks? Gone. Clothes that don’t fit? Bless somebody else! I did allow myself three medium-sized storage bins: 1) Baby clothes with real sentimental value. (I gave away 90%.) 2) Seasonal towels and table cloths, and 3)
T-shirts I’ll make into quilts. But that’s it. No loose clothes on shelves, and nothing in the clean laundry bin for more than a few hours.

Now, for the first time in years, I can leave my laundry room door open when people come over. We don’t need to hoard clothes because dirty ones will get washed within a few days. (I just threw out twenty, yes, 20! pairs of my own underwear.) And I now know where exactly what is in my laundry room and where to find it.

Thanks, FlyLady!
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