Moving in May Meter


We always say that if we make it fun we can get the job done! Our habit for May is to get Moving. We want you to add at least 15 minutes of moving to your day. That is only 7 minutes in one direction and 7 minutes back. If that is too much then do this in 5 minute increments. Add just a little bit of loving movement to your day. Make this a habit for every day.

To make it fun we have created a Virtual Walking Tour through treasured Educational Places across the globe! We will be exercising our bodies and our minds! We are working really hard to make this fun and exciting for everyone!! We will learn about some really interesting and fun places as we take this beautiful and interesting journey.

We will start in London, England!

You do not have to walk to have your movement counted. This could be how many minutes that you walked, danced, weeded the garden, went to an exercise class, worked out to a video, whatever you did to bless your heart that day. Once you have finished – go to our homepage and click on the Virtual Walking Tour map to enter you minutes on our meter. Once you have posted your minutes you will receive your hints of where we are going on our tour and be able to see on our map and read the fun facts about where we “are” and have been.

Remember every 15 minutes of movement will be converted to one mile. Some of these places are far way – we need everyone to participate! Use your timers and go post your minutes! Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2020 FlyLady and Company, Inc.