Column 36 – Let It Begin With Me by The FlyLady, Marla Cilley

This week we are all reminded of the tragedies of September 11th. It was a terrible time for all of us. That day is also the birthday of my son. I will not allow the terror of that day to ruin a most joyous day for me. So today I choose to remember those who died and mourn the loss of our security. I hate that we are always looking over our shoulder. I am writing this essay, I am listening to Eric and Andy Dodge sing their rendition of “Let There Be Peace on Earthä. I am playing it over and over with their voice filling my head and heart with love and passion for all people in this world!

If only we could love all people without finding fault with their religion, race, accent, sex, political party affiliation and any other thing that makes each one of us a unique person. If only’s are hard to deal with.

Let’s quit looking at the whole picture and let’s just focus on what we can do with ourselves. Until we open up our hearts to love ourselves there will never be enough love to give others. Loving yourself is the fuel to pass that torch of love onto others. Your light shines in a sea of darkness.

I never dreamed in a million years that I would have one or two people wanting to listen to me on the radio, read my essays or that I could even write a paragraph much less two books. I never knew that I had a love that could bless myself and that blessing could be passed on to others.

You can do this too! Your light shines just like your shiny sink! We can pass that light by a thoughtful gesture or a kind word. Sometimes it is just a simple “I so proud of you!” that can kindle joy in someone who has never heard those few words.

When we are surrounded by our clutter we don’t recognize those precious opportunities to touch your light to the soul of someone else. Clutter steals our ability to see that precious soul that is hidden behind the visual differences. That clutter is perfectionism.

Perfectionism hides in all the vile acts of this world. It is deep rooted in generations of thinking someone is better than another. Or that a religion is the chosen religion or that someone’s race or nationality is the chosen country. Aren’t we all going to be surprised to find out in the here-after that we are all brothers and sisters with the same father who is known by many names? In the end we were all arguing for the same thing but we just didn’t know it!

Let’s love one another first by loving ourselves. If you find any fault with my message then look hard at the perfectionism that separates you from the love that I know is hiding underneath the clutter in your heart. None of us are perfect! We just try to pretend like we are and that false sense of pride destroys the love!

Are you ready to Finally Love Yourself and pass that love to the world?

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