Column 39 – The Soundtrack of Our Lives by The FlyLady, Marla Cilley

Every day we are surrounded by noise. It can be a pleasant sound or an annoying sound; you get to choose. Have you ever tried watching a movie without the sound? The background music is almost invisible until you turn down the volume.

What is the soundtrack of your life? Do you have trouble getting your children to do anything around the house? If you do it could be that your children do not have routines in their lives.

I would like to give you the playlist for your daily soundtrack!

Track 1. Polite Request sung by the parent
Track 2. Ignore the Request sung by the child
Track 3. Bribing and Negotiation sung by the parent
Track 4. Nagging; that Same Old Song sung by the parent
Track 5. Met with More Deaf Ears sung by the child
Track 6. Command with a Threat of Punishment sung by the parent
Track 7. Scream and Holler Time sung by the parent
Track 8. Reluctant Child Dragging their Feet sung by the child
Track 9. I‚ll just Give Up and Do it Myself sung by the parent
Track 10. Eye Roll, Sigh and Slamming Door Blues by the beaten down parent
Track 11. Martyred Attitude Again sung by the parent.

Have you heard this soundtrack too many times? Are you tired of it! The same ole same ole; we have to change that tune to get a different result. This is why we came up with real music to make a big difference in the lives of your children and you.

We want to teach them routines in a way that is fun and energetic. Songs can become timers. Music gets our feet moving. We can set the tone for our day. Music inspires. Our music can become your voice. You no longer have to sing that nagging martyred song. You can join in and set the example.

Children are going to listen to music anyway; we wanted to give them something that was written for them that parents would like too. After all if you can‚t stand it; you won‚t let them play it. Every child from two years old to thirteen who has heard these songs can‚t stop moving.

Our songs give us something to do. They help to replace our own negativity with positive messages. They are peppy and easy to sing along with. I can‚t wait to see all the wonderful ways that you are going to use this CD to help train your children. Are you ready to change tiresome soundtrack of your life and fill it with an Up Kind of Day! Our title track says it all! Just imagine your child waking up to this song each morning in their CD alarm clock. What a way to start your day! .

You can’t stay in bed with this playing!

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