Column 42 – Perfectionism Can Ruin Your Holidays by The FlyLady, Marla Cilley

When I made my last New Year’s Resolution to “Get Organized”, I figured out why I had never been successful at getting my life in order. It was because I was not nice to me. I was suffering from PPP syndrome. What is that you ask? Well it is not very pretty!

It is perfectionism that causes this PPP Syndrome! Most people think that perfect is something that everyone should strive for. In the pursuit of perfection, we over plan by making huge lists. These huge lists causes us to be mean to ourselves by “Piling On!”

Right now many of us envision the perfect holiday celebration with everyone dressed in their holiday finest, decorations hanging in all the right places and the most elegant dinner table! We have all seen the Norman Rockwell painting that is our vision of perfection. Well guess what! That painting was staged!

The snapshot of our lives does not have anyone sitting still to accomplish this. Pulling a beautiful holiday dinner together takes planning, precision and patience. If you throw perfectionism into the mix, you will find yourself feeling bad. You may even catch yourself saying unkind things instead of enjoying the process.

Why do we “Pile On”? It is because we want to be the best hostess, have the prettiest home; so everyone will know that we have it all together. Our list of things to do, keeps getting longer each time we think about this picture perfect holiday celebration. We tell ourselves, “If we do just one more thing it will make it even better.” When all our family wants is a quiet celebration without all the fuss.

Those three Ps consist of; Perfectionism, Piling On and Procrastination. When our list gets too long we put things off. We left out of our plan the actual implementation of each item on our list. This is why I want to give you the greatest gift this holiday season. This is a gift of eliminating PPP Syndrome from the holidays.

When you let go of just your perfectionism; piling on and procrastination go away. We have made it easy for you by giving you a FREE Holiday Control Journal. It asks the questions so you donĂ¢t have to think about them. With your brain free to plan and play with the process of getting ready for the holidays, you are going to be stress free. Things in your Holiday Control Journal are going to get done because you are not paralyzed by your perfectionism.

We break things down into babysteps, so you do not feel overwhelmed. Each day of the week has a theme and in six weeks we are ready to cruise through the holidays. Our goal is to be ready for the holidays by December 1st. Come join us as we cruise through the holidays. Jump in right where we are and remember to have fun!

This will be the least stressful holiday season you have ever had if you fight the urge to be perfect. Download our Free Holiday Control Journal in our Holiday Section on

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