Column 23 – Summer Camp the FlyLady Way by The FlyLady, Marla Cilley

One of the most frequent questions we get every summer is “how do I keep my children from getting bored while school is out!” The answer I always give is you are the director of your very own summer camp! With just a little planning, you and your children can have a lot of fun and maybe learn a little at the same time.

Summer camp was one of my fondest memories from my childhood. I don’t know how my mother could afford to send me to camp the summer I was twelve years old, but she did! I had the pleasure of going to 4H Camp, Girl Scout Camp and Church Camp. I would not take anything for my time at summer camp. If you are feeling the pinch of higher gasoline prices in this economy then you may want to sign up for our FlyLady Summer Camp.

We like to call it Camp GonnaWannaFLY. You can name your camp anything you and your campers would like to. On our website, ; we have a Camp GonnaWannaFly Control Journal. This Camp Guide will help you and your creative campers come up with ideas for summer fun.

Some ideas we have for this summer’s Camp GonnaWannaFLY have to do with the Olympics. Think about doing swimming games or track and field.  In the past we have had camps centering around learning about another country. One set of campers slept during the day and stayed up at night learning about astronomy and constellations. How fun would that be to sleep out under the stars and use a big flashlight to trace them out. Maybe your campers want to learn how to build fires and cook in a dutch oven. Everything tastes better when it is cooked on an open fire. Please check with local authorities and get the proper permits before you build a fire.

Another fun activity is to allow your kids to have a Yard Sale! I did not say you do it! This is their project and they get to keep the money. Decide beforehand what they would like to do with the money. They can get rid of their clutter and maybe help you get rid of some of yours. After the sale is over be sure and donate the leftover stuff to your local Habitat for Humanity. Do not take it back into your house. The goal is to get rid of clutter and have fun!

Summer does not have to be filled with bored kids or couch potatoes. It is up to you to be your camp director. Sign up for our emails at and we will be sending out your testimonials about Camp GonnaWannaFLY! This is going to be a great fun! Go download your FREE Camp GonnaWannaFLY Control Journal. Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2020 FlyLady and Company, Inc.