Column 36 – Change Your Mind by The FlyLady, Marla Cilley

So what have you always wanted to learn how to do? Many years ago I wanted to learn how to fly fish. I took lessons and was pretty good. I became an instructor. That is how I got my name FlyLady. I had always loved being outside. Fly fishing got me to North Carolina. I never dreamed that FLY would mean so much more than just a lure with feathers on a hook. I also wanted to learn how to make stained glass windows. I did that too. In fact I supported myself in both new skills. But with everything we SHEs do, we tend to go overboard and burn out after a few years.

I have decided that at this time in my life that I can only do things that give me great joy. Our music library gives me inspiration every day and if I can’t figure out what to play, my sweet darling asks what my mood is and he picks something out for me. I have eclectic taste in music. My iTunes is on shuffle most days. One minute blue grass will be playing and the next minute there will be some hip hop. It makes for an interesting day.

One of my favorite songs is from Ryan Shupe, called Dream Big. This past week I was introduced to a wonderful concept in a book by Wayne Dyer. The book is called Wishes Fulfilled. It is about tapping into our power by changing the way we talk to ourselves.

This is not a new concept. Over the years this messages has been handed to me many times. Starting with Disney and Jiminy Cricket singing, When You Wish Upon A Star. Then just a few years ago with Sister Hazel and their song Change Your Mind. Long before that I remember Rita Davenport telling me that what you think about you bring about in her motivational series called, It Time for You! I have even had this message come to me in a comic strip from Scott Adams. Even though it was a satire on the future the last three chapters got serious about how to change things in your life.

Here is the fun part about all of this. When we slow down we can connect the dots. When we are going ninety miles an hour sometimes things get past us. I love it when I am able to decipher the God Breezes as they happen. Yesterday morning I picked up a new book to start my daily meditation. I read the dedication page and stopped reading. Here is what was quoted from an old saying, “He that would perfect himself in any art whatsoever, let him betake himself to the reading of some sure and certain work upon his are many times over; for to read many books upon your art produceth confusion rather than learning.”

I know I have discussed this many times. We pride ourselves in being able to multi-task. We have libraries of self-help books, yet we can’t seem to get anything accomplished. Because we have become so stressed out we do not take time to allow our minds to dream. We can’t even slow our brains down long enough to get eight hours of sleep. We have to find a way to tap into our minds and cut out the negative dialog with ourselves and fill our minds with positive messages to build us up!

Paddi gave me a quote that was a real eye opener, “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” ~Peggy O’Mara. Did someone’s ugly words become your inner voice? We can change all of this with a simple statement of love.

I remember as a young child memorizing the Beatitudes for Vacation Bible School. I am giving you a similar assignment. Dr. Dyer calls them “I AM” statements. Nikki has been reading this book too and she came up with a positive “I AM” statement for herself with every letter of the alphabet. Then five minutes before you go to sleep pick one “I AM” statement and say it to yourself. Do not argue with yourself about the statement. Just say it. You are going to be pleased by the positivity you create. Focusing on the one statement is going to help you slow down your brain so you can sleep. Those restful hours of sleep are healing.

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