FlyBaby Pampering Ideas, Part Two

FlyLady asked her FlyBabies for their favorite pampering ideas, and did they deliver! This is part two of our Member Pampering Tips. These are all from your fellow FlyBabies; take inspiration from them to find new ways to Finally Love Yourself. You’ll find motivation to take time for yourself as well as fresh pampering ideas that will help you feel and look rejuvenated. Many thanks to all the members who submitted their favorite pampering ideas!

Hand Pampering

I work at home on a farm and I use to think doing my nails was a waste of time. One of my greatest desires was to have beautiful nails, but my stinking thinking was taking over with “why bother, the polish will be chipped off the first day, long nails will break, bla bla bla.” Well, I decided to keep my nails just past the end of my finger tips and cover with Sally Hansen nail hardener. That worked great.

Now I do my nails once a week. Last week I used red polish and covered with the nail hardener and it lasted all week to my astonishment. Farm work wasn’t as bad on my nails as I thought it was and when I have to run to town my nails always look nice.

I have also put hand lotions at every sink. My hands have not looked this good since I use to work in an office 8 yrs ago.

Thank you for giving me permission to take care of my needs.

All most lifting off in Arkansas

Beauty Night

HI, FLYcrew,

One of the first things I did when joined FLYlady and set up my weekly plan was to designate Thursday evenings as my “Beauty Night.” That’s my evening to do my nails, or a facial, or a longer bubble bath (sometimes with a glass of wine as well as candles 😉 ), or do a pedicure with foot lotion and sockies overnight. I don’t do all of the above every Thursday, but I pick and choose depending on need, desire, and time. I think my Thursday night Beauty Night stemmed from earlier reminders to use vaseline on dry cracked heels and wear socks to bed – those always seemed to come on Thursdays :d

Marg K.

Pampering while Renewing Your Spirit

A year ago I added a small list to renew your spirit day. On Sunday afternooons I give my self a manicure, pedicure, clean my wedding ring, and tweeze my eyebrows. I do this right after arranging my outfits that I’m going to wear for the week in my closet. This routine takes less than an hour to complete, and I feel so great after taking time to do things just for me. The feeling lasts all week since I’m not searching for clothes in the morning, or when I notice my wedding ring sparkle.~ Flybaby in Dearborn Hts.

Pampering “Zones”

I just started this one: I added a pampering treatment for each zone. That way, hopefully at least once a week each month I will do a “home spa treatment” I can try to schedule it in at the beginning of the week when I’m checking my calendar.

My new addition is in my control journal under “Zones” and looks like this:

  • Zone 1: Hot Oil Hair Treatment
  • Zone 2: Facial
  • Zone 3: Pedicure
  • Zone 4: Manicure
  • Zone 5: Leg Waxing

Oil Hand Massage

Between housework and horses, my hands get HAMMERED!! A couple of months ago, I happened on this by accident: it was bedtime, I had just washed my terribly rough, chapped hands, and my lotion was missing from the bathroom counter. There was a bottle of pure, cold-pressed olive oil there, as I had been making some aromatherapy goodies, and after I had patted my hands on the towel, leaving them slightly damp, I poured a couple of drops into my palms and rubbed them together, really fast and firmly, until they heated up. Then I massaged the warm oil into my warm hands for only about 30 seconds, and I couldn’t believe how my hands soaked it up! They weren’t greasy or anything, and the quick massage felt wonderful.

When I woke up the next morning, my hands were soft and new again! Now, I almost never use lotion- anytime I wash my hands, I just use 1 drop of olive oil while they’re still a bit damp, a little friction and a mini-massage. It feels great, feeds my skin, repairs damage, and protects them from housework and sink shining! It’s a wonderful, quick pamper at the end of any job. At night, I use a couple of drops, massage for a whole minute, and let sleep take care of the rest of the job.

Maybe you & the crew could give it a try, and if it works this well for you, you might feel like sharing it with the group. It’s simple, inexpensive, and it has been my poor hands’ salvation! I’m pushing fifty, so it might be more than younger hands need…but then you could always blot a bit with tissue and rub again. See what you think. (I’m going to add a drop of organic lavender oil to my bottle, just for fun & extra healing, but only one-it’s kind of nice not to have fragrance on your hands when you’re working, eating, etc.)



Fun Errands

Last Saturday morning, I decided to get some errands out of the way – a couple of them were fun errands just for me. I told DH I was headed out for errands and should be back around lunchtime. I left him with the 2 little ones and off I went.

I had such a good time! I went to a fabric store to browse and plan for a new color scheme in the dining room. I didn’t spend a dime – I wasn’t rushed, didn’t have anyone tapping their foot at me, and I dreamed about my next project at home. I stopped by a local bakery and got a little bag of cookies for the girls. I went to a new scrapbook store to browse. All places I’ve been meaning to go, but never get a chance to with the little ones.

I came home so refreshed, so energized! I’ve still got a little bounce in my step when I think about how much fun I had. I hope to make this a regular event – perhaps once a month. Just a morning out for ME. Anywhere I want to go! Anything I want to look at! Maybe that’s not pampering like a manicure, but I certainly FELT pampered.

Flybaby in Maryland

Napping, Candles, and Music

Yesterday where we live it was a perfect day, blue sky, warm air, birds the works. I went outside while my family was taking a nap and swung in my hammock. Taking advantage of a beautiful day to enjoy God’s creations is such a renewal of the spirit and helped me feel like I was giving myself something beautiful.

Once a week or so while I’m making dinner and waiting for something to cook, I take a few drops of olive oil and a teaspoon of kosher (coarse) salt and rub it into my hands for a few minutes. The salt gets rid of that yucky winter skin and the oil softens my hands.Then I rinse off the salt and enjoy dinner.

My favorite way of pampering myself is to light my favorite candle, put on my Andrea Bocelli CD titled “Mistero Dell’ Amore” (The mystery of Love), kick off my shoes, put my feet up, close my eyes, and totally lose myself in the music for about 30 minutes. Never fails to refresh my spirit and mind. – Virginia in North Florida

Huggable Bear

Dear Flylady and crew,

You hold a dear place in my heart. You see, my wonderful husband is serving our country as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.

Your routines and missions have helped me do what I have needed to keep my house neat, and my 3 children with clean clothes, and supper on the table. This is important, as some days, the tears are too many and flood my eyes so much that I can’t see, nor think about what I need to be doing. Your emails remind me to get up and do it NOW. So, I do. You asked about a pamper mission. Well, here in Massachusetts, when National Guardsmen and women are deployed, the Rotary Club of Bedford gives them a very huggable teddy bear for each child in their family. I have seen how much this teddy bear has meant to my kids, and how tightly they hug it going to bed. I got jealous, that I didn’t have a teddy bear from my love. So, for my pamper mission, tomorrow after I do lunch duty at the local elementary school, I will go to a local “Build-A-Bear” store, and build myself a huggable bear.

It might seem strange, but then I will have a bear for me. I will fill him with hugs to give my brave soldier when he gets home in the spring of 2006.

Thank you for helping me get thru this tough time.


A newbie in Massachusetts

Marble Foot Massage

I recently went to a home party where they were showcasing various lotions, baths products, etc. The hostess filled a plastic tub for each person with very warm water, some moisturizing oil, and marbles. You soaked your feet in the tub and rolled them around on the marbles. Just like a foot massage! There’s no reason why we can’t do this at home with our own marbles – it’s a treat that really feels special.Joann

Let Me Count The Ways!

Dear FlyLady,

How do I pamper myself? Let me count the ways.

  1. By shining my sink
  2. By swishing and swiping my bathrooms this week
  3. By having a dinner plan
  4. By fifteen mnutes of stretching exercises (yoga)
  5. By laying down and relaxing for fifteen minutes
  6. By drinking water
  7. By sitting down to reada magazine for 45 minutes
  8. By scheduling a massage
  9. By getting a badly-needed haircut


Thanks for giving me my wings!

Flying for over a year now in Illinois

Bookstores and Coffee

My favorite way to pamper myself is by going to my local large bookstore for a couple of hours. I buy a really decadent coffee or tea drink then wander around reading pieces and parts of books. I top the visit off by going to the music section, putting on headphones and listening to the latest releases of my favorite artists. All for the cost of that frothy drink…about $3!

Bath-time Reading

When I want to pamper myself I take a nice hot bath with the water as full as the tub will allow. I use something to scent the bath, and I begin to read a book (usually a Harlequin). After a minimum of 30 minutes in the tub I will get out and then finish the book. This is pampering for me as I usually take an economical shower instead of a luxurious bath, and taking an entire evening to myself instead of working on the many things needing done is a great break. An added bonus for me is that it is virtually free — I have many bath products on hand and I buy the books from the annually library used book sale for $5 for a bag.

If I want to make it super special I have one of my favorite dishes which is not on my diet for dinner. The foods I truly enjoy tend to be fried, loaded with butter, or very high in calories. In trying to be healthier these foods have been significantly reduced from my diet. However, life is too short not to splurge once in a while!

Flybaby in Sacramento, CA

Listening to Music

One way I pamper myself is by listening to my favorite music in the car when I’m alone. I have two young children who attend a Mother’s Day Out program once a week (which is also pampering J), and when I’m running errands or going to lunch on this day, I love to listen to relaxing classical music. It really helps me feel like this is MY time and reminds me to do the things I want to do that day.

Mini Manicure

Hi Flycrew! Like so many, my young family and PT job keep me hopping.My pampering is also my way of staying on top of my beauty routine (can you say unibrow!!!) I do a little something every day during a 15 minute break.Mini mani and pedi Sunday,hair mask during my weekly home blessing Monday,face mask or scrub Wednesday etc.I will admit that sometimes the most I have time for is body lotion after my shower but I am trying! Now that I am wearing shoes during the day my feet are in much better shape and I have started putting a foot cream on every night before bed-my DH was so sweet not to ever say anything but he has started offering to rub my feet again:-)Thank you for everything you do.Love to all. — Fluttering in Maryland

Cleaning Jewelry

I clean my rings. It is a small thing, but I shine them up and it makes me smile.-Gretchen Perkins

Hot Chocolate

Dear FlyLady & Crew –

One way I pamper myself is with a good old fashioned cup of Hot Chocolate. Sometimes I get the flavored kind but plain chocolate flavor is fine too! At night, once the kids are in bed, I get my hot chocolate and a can of whipped cream and keep the can with me to put more in as it dissolves!! ~YUMMY~

Guiltless Afternoon Naps

Dear Flycrew,

I am in my eighth week of pregnancy with full blown all day sickness. It takes all the energy I have to get out of bed and take care of my kids. I have to admit many of my routines have gone by the wayside. I have been keeping up the bare minimum, shiny sink, made bed, dinner in the crock pot and this has helped a lot! I know that when I am feeling better I will get back into full blown action.

However, in the mean time the way I have been pampering me is to take a nap in the afternoon without guilt! I homeschool my kids so we finish school in the morning and a short while after lunch, I have the older kids take some quiet time for themselves and read in their rooms. Then, my four year old and I lay down in my room for twenty minutes to a half hour. It really makes all the difference in the world. My older kids have enjoyed their quiet time and my four year old DD and I have had some special bonding time, I’m rested recharged and ready to face the rest of the day. I believe that this has been as good for my family as it has been me. No more cranky tired mommy in the afternoon, still nauseous and queasy but not tired.


Fluttering in FL

Mother’s Day Out

At our church we have a groupcalled Circle of Friends and for Valentines Day we got together and went to a Day Spa. We have Mothers Day Out so Child care was taken care of and we went had massages, facial, and hand/foot Paraffin Dips. We also talked, had a devoutional, and ate a light brunch. It was a great time, especially since most of our husbands have been deployed to Iraq and it was just a great way to spend the day. – A very relaxed Flybaby in Ga Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2020 FlyLady and Company, Inc.