FlyBaby Pampering Ideas, Part Five


FlyLady asked her FlyBabies for their favorite pampering ideas, and did they deliver! This is part one of our Member Pampering Tips. These are all from your fellow FlyBabies; take inspiration from them to find new ways to Finally Love Yourself. You’ll find motivation to take time for yourself as well as fresh pampering ideas that will help you feel and look rejuvenated. Many thanks to all the members who submitted their favorite pampering ideas!

“I Deserver to be Treated Well”

Well I’m not sure if these qualify as “pampering”.. but these are things that I do because I love myself and I deserve to be treated well.

  1. Paint my fingernails even though they will get chipped and broken at work that night. {Prior to 3 months ago, I painted my nails for my DH’s Christmas party and that was it for the year}
  2. Have a very hot bubble bath to ease my weary bones when I get home from work in the morning. {Used to be my PMS treatment only}
  3. Wear a bit of makeup so that I don’t look so tired, even though I have a dusty job, and noone at home sees me except for my 2 toddlers mainly. {make-up used to be a Christmas party only thing too}
  4. Bought myself purple flannel pajamas… this may not seem that unusual except that I’m basically a nightgown only person. I have a track suit that doubles as my pajamas on work days {since I sleep during the day/evening}, and nightgowns I wear on my nights off. I bought the pajamas for after my bath on Sunday mornings when DH treats us to breakfast with all the fixings. Flannel is also something I’ve never bought because with how it shrinks and such, it’s just not practical… buying 2 sizes larger makes for comfort *and* shrinkage room!
  5. I try to put cream on my feet at least twice a day… helps to prevent work boot feet!

I know there’s a lot more that I do… but I can’t think of anything else at the moment because it’s become second nature to treat myself better… that’s something I never would have thought of or done before FLYlady!


Favorite Pampering Ideas

With 4dd (16, 15, 8, 4) mine are usually inexpensive and short but here are some of my favorites:

  1. Go out on the back porch wrapped in a blanket with hot chocolate or hot tea and look at the stars.
  2. Get a really good chocolate bar or “bon bon” and take about 5 minutes to eat it with my eyes closed so I can really taste it.
  3. Soak my feet in hot water in a dishpan in the tub and finish by scrubbing them with a paste of kosher salt and olive oil.
  4. Curl up in a sunny spot on the floor for 10 minutes.
  5. Put a heating pad on my towel or in the bed so it will be warm when I use it.
  6. This one takes a little longer: Give myself a “spa”. Take a long bath with oatmeal with a masque on my face and conditioner in my hair; scrub my feet as above; slather on a really good smelling lotion; and really take time to dry my hair.
  7. Swing on the swings at the park.
  8. Bake refrigerated cookies.
  9. Watercolor (cheap kids stuff)
  10. Have a “tea party” by cutting up Little Debbies into bite-size pieces and serving tea using the good china.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone elses ideas!

Pamper Your Feet

Dear flycrew,

I pamper my feet every morning as I get ready to put on my laceup shoes. I sit down and apply moisturizer to my feet, and use a pumice stone to smooth down any rough spots. I started doing this last summer, and my once rough as sandpaper feet are now very soft and smooth.

Love you all,


Catered Supper

Have any one of your supper’s catered to your home for two, served & cleaned up by the caterers usually for about $50. Special bottles of wine of course add to the expense but what could be more romantic then staying home, sharing a wonderful meal and going to bed to get the dessert! Money well spent and well worth it I think!Paula Jo

Ten Pampering Ideas

I can think of a whole bunch of ways to pamper myself…

  1. A nice hot bubble bath… if you have sensitive skin, use baby shampoo for the bubbles… light some candles… put on some nice music… turn out the lights… sip some champagne… relax in all those bubbles…
  2. Get a parafin manicure and pedicure… not only are they great for your skin, but they also help with arthritis and tendinitis relief (temporarily)…
  3. Get a “makeover”… most cosmetic counters will do this for free at major department stores… you can also call a Mary Kay consultant and they will teach you how to take care of your skin…
  4. Have a facial…
  5. Have a massage… either at a salon or a spa… or by your DH
  6. Make a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, settle down in a big comfortable chair and read a good book or watch your favorite movie…
  7. Sleep late one morning… rest is restorative…
  8. Go to bed early one night… for the same reason…
  9. Spend time working on your scrapbooks… or looking at old scrapbooks or yearbooks…
  10. Put on your favorite CD and move to the music or sing along…

Bonnie Jean

Saturdays to Myself

Dear FlyLady,

I’m not sure if this will count as a pamper mission or not, but here goes. I am a SAHM looking for a job outside of the home. Since I’ve been off of work I have taken my son out of day care and it has been a BIG adjustment. I’ve worked since he was born and he will be for next week.

During hunting season my husband hunts whenever he’s not working. Needless to say I was home with my son all, with no break, because by the time he got home it was 9 PM and he went straight to bed. We made a deal that after hunting season I could go and have an afternoon to myself on Saturdays.

This has proven to be a great energy boost. I usually just run errands, but this past week I went to Barnes and Noble had some coffee and just read for 4 hours. I had so much energy when I got home that I cleared all of my hotspots without a moments hesitation. Pampering yourself can be pampering your mind so you don’t lose it. Thanks for all of your great work and encouraging words.

Fluttering in NC

Make-Your-own Mineral Salts

I mix Calgon Bath Oil Crystals and some ordinary Epsom salt, both bought at the Dollar Store, and make my own “mineral salts” for my bath.

It is great for sore muscles and the bath oil crystals make my skin smell good and become softened. You use about a handful each time.

One year I put this mixture in inexpensive jars, with a decorative ribbon, and gave them as Christmas Gifts. Everyone raved about how good it made them feel.

Flying In Georgia

Gym Pampering Time

On Sunday mornings before church I go to the gym I belong to. There are very few people there on Sundays so I take my time swimming (which I LOVE to do), sitting in the hot tub, sitting in the sauna, taking a long shower, taking my time getting dressed before leaving to head home. Sometimes I get coffee on the way home. There are 5 people waiting at home for me and we only have one full bath so the house is very hectic in the morning. Taking my time at the gym gives me a physical workout and a mental break and I am able to face the week with a better attitude. Sue

Attempting to fly in Rochester MI

Saturday Pampering

Dear Wonderful FlyCrew,

Every Saturday I take a little time out for my favorite pampering. First, I take out a deep conditioning mask for my hair that was given to me by my very best girlfriend, Suzy. When I massage it into my hair and smell the wonderful smell, it makes me think of my love for my friend and how blessed I am to have her in my life.

Then, I treat myself to a little nap. This consists of sleeping or reading a good book.

By the time this routine is done, I feel like a million bucks!

Anyway, thank you for all your hard work. Were it not for you and Flylady, I would never have reached this point in my life, where I am learning to take care of myself. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart!


Flybaby A. in Costa Mesa, CA

Mani/Pedi Day

My DH bought me a gift certificate to a local nail salon for a manicure and a pedicure. This is a sweet gift by itself, but it is made sweeter when he offers to watch our three children (DD-8;DD-4;DS-28mos) when I go to redeem my gift certificate. When I get back home, he has them all three bathed, hair dried and in bed. Then all I need to do is sing them their bedtime songs and settle in with a new novel.Pampered in Georgia

“Reese’s Vacation”

I take what I call a “Reeses vacation”. I can do this anywhere and it costs about 35 cents! I simply sit somewhere, close my eyes, eat my Reeses (very slowly), and do all I can to relax and imagine myself elsewhere. I’ve been all sorts of places – the Carribean, riding an elephant in Thailand, etc. I imagine the warmth of the sun on my skin, the feel of the sand if there is any, a slight warm breeze, birds singing… I’ve been know to do this in the midst of my living room with my three young boys running around sounding like hungry tigers.

After the Reeses is gone I find I’m incredibly relaxed and can handle most anything. Even hungry tigers.

Thank you for all you all do!

Flybaby in Rhode Island

“Chill” Time

When things start getting to me and I need to “chill” (as my daughters call it) I head for a place to pick up a cup of coffee then take whatever book I’m reading and drive to the busy Tops market. I sit in the car and read/drink my coffee and nobody can ask me anything ! Usually about 1/2 hour is all I need . It’s just enough. Especially fun when the Buffalo weather is being Buffalo weather and I don’t have to get out of the car!

If I still had my beloved horses I would be heading to the barn instead of Tops and reading while sitting (actually lying down) backwards with the book propped on Poco’s rear.She would be contentedly munching grass and wandering around the pasture while I read and went along for the ride. (She was a very tolerant animal!)

Ice cream

To pamper myself I buy my favorite ice cream bars. Then I have an ice cream bar and curl up with a good book and my dog. The two of us spend some quiet time reading and enjoying our ice cream. This is time that I carve out for just me.Thanks,


Full-body Massage Matt

Mine is very simple. I have a full body massage matt that my DH got me for Christmas. I also have a foot massage (you know, the water kind) that he got me 2 yrs ago. Put the two together, add some candle light (or a fireplace i wish I had), and some soft music….. hmmmm I’m relaxed already!

Girls’ Night Out

Me and my best friend from grade school (since 1970) have a girls’ night out. We check into a nice hotel near a great shopping center. That night we treat ourselves to a really nice dinner, and the next day we shop ’til we drop. We save our money all year long so we don’t go into debt. We have one of these a year, usually around our birthdays in the late summer.Til later,


Five-minute Makeup

I take five minutes to put on makeup every day. It’s just for me. Even with a two and a half year old who may be whining for some of my time and a baby who is often hungry or needing to be carried, I take the five minutes to put my best face forward. That way I smile each time when I look in the mirror because I not only know I’m worth it, but I showed myself a little love by taking that time for me. I’m sure my husband also appreciates it – not because he believes that makeup makes me look more beautiful (he actually prefers me without it). He does know that I feel like myself and a bit more pulled together because I’ve taken those five minutes to pamper myself. Other moms sometimes comment how “fresh” I look – I think it’s actually the inner beauty showing through because I took care of myself in a small way that gives me huge smiles and feels like I hugged myself.

I hope everyone finds a small way to pamper themselves – we’re all worth it!

Tanya, Oak Park, CA

Head to the Local Cosmetology School

I *love* going to our local cosmetology school. The most expensive thing they have is only $5.00, and you can have a wash, cut, style, massage, manicure – all very relaxing. The students work on you, but the teachers are all there monitoring – no mishaps that I’ve ever seen. The particular school that’s close to me is part of a junior college that also has a culinary arts program, so I usually stop for some “specialty” coffee and a small treat.

Nightly Soak

Since I live alone now, I am free to pamper myself even more. I wouldn’t miss my nightly soak with good-smelling salts and such, using fragrant candles whenever I wish, and spritzing the house with fragrant oils regularly. My other lady-friends and I have ball going out to eat regularly and lazing over cups of special coffee.

Scented Sheets

The way I pamper myself lately is to use the new vanilla-lavendar scented Downy on my masterbedroom sheets and the towels. Oh my gosh…it’s heavenly. It’s a bit more expensive than regular Downy (and I usually use generic at that) but this is my one indulgence.Brenda – Soaring in Texas.

Eight Fun Pamper Missions

Dear flylady crew,

I read you like to hear a few pampermissions, so here are a few…

  1. I love to take a footbath with simply hot water. You have to sit for the next few moments, unable to move… So prepare yourself for those moments. something to dry your feet with, something to treat and pamper your feet, clean socks and something to read. Then you’re ready to sit back and relax.
  2. I love to take a short nap in my bed. Not to sleep… But just for not being disturbed… My DS gets a timer when he has to wake me. But I’m not sleeping. I’m enjoying the silence, reading a book or…
  3. I love to pamper myself with hiring a beautifull movie. No it’s quite simple here… We have the television, but not the view… So we are only able to wath te tv when we hire a film.
  4. Further I like to take a walk with the whole family, a few friends taken with us. just walk a little in the woods or the country. Talk, having fun, and the relaxing moment afterwards with a cup of tea at home. That really feels good. Spending time with friends, doing healthy things for your body and relaxing afterwards.
  5. What a good thing it is when you give your loveones and yourself a little pampering by a breakfast in bed:) Just a few things like a cup of tea, bacon and eggs or whatever you like.
  6. what to think of making a card by yourself and write a good message for an other person. Wrinting nice things, will bring you a good mood as well….The good reaction is also quite a pampering for yourselfl. For Valentine I made a card for my son as well. Don’t know where he is keeping it. But the smile he gave me when he read it was great!
  7. Sometimes I ask friends to come over and eat together. We’ll just take a look in both kitchens. Both just looking for mjummie things. And we’ll have a strange meal but with a lot of fun!
  8. I like to have a few hobbies. So sometimes I use the timer to give myself metime for my hobbie. That could be: drawing, painting, reading, cooking, baking, it could be anything…

That’s all of the moment. I probably have more pamper missions for myself because I have a little money and when there comes a pamper mission which costs me extra money… I just think about a cheaper replacement.
With love,

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