FlyLady’s Detailed Cleaning List – Zone 3: The Bathroom and One Extra Room

This is FlyLady’s Detailed Cleaning List for Zone 3. If your home is still cluttered, you are not supposed to do detailed cleaning yet, just declutter for 15 minutes a day in this area.

Do not get blown away by how big this detailed cleaning list is! We do not do all of it in one week. Each month we focus on a different room, and only do just a little in the other rooms. After a few months it will be very easy! BabySteps! It did not get dirty overnight and it is not going to get clean in a day!

Print each room on a separate sheet of paper. Copy and paste into a word processing document. You may need to add a few of your own details that apply to your home.

Bathroom detailed cleaning list

  1. Wash area rugs
  2. Scrub/wax floor
  3. Straighten drawers/ cabinets
  4. Clean shower stall/ wax (not the floor!)
  5. Wash shower door
  6. Clean medicine cabinet
  7. Clean scale
  8. Throw away empty bottles

Extra bedroom detailed cleaning list

  1. Polish furniture
  2. Straighten drawers/closet
  3. Clean cobwebs
  4. Wash mattress pad/dust rug
  5. Flip mattress
  6. Wash curtains
  7. Wash windows
  8. Clean window
  9. Clean bath tub
  10. Clean top of sewing machine
  11. Straighten bookcase
  12. Straighten computer desk
  13. Clean out the closet
  14. Put away stray items
  15. Fertilize plants

Children’s bathroom detailed cleaning list

  1. Wash area rugs
  2. Sweep/scrub/wax floor
  3. Straighten drawers/cabinets
  4. Clean shower/tub stall
  5. Wash shower door
  6. Scrub bath toys
  7. Wash down outside of toilet
  8. Throw away empty bottles

Children’s bedrooms detailed cleaning list

  1. Polish furniture
  2. Straighten drawers/closet
  3. Clean cobwebs
  4. Wash mattress pad/dust rug
  5. Flip mattresses
  6. Wash curtains
  7. Clean window
  8. Straighten toy shelves
  9. Clean under the bed
  10. Clean out the closet
  11. Put away stray items
  12. Sort out-grown clothes
  13. Vacuum under bed/closets
  14. Dust baseboards
  15. Clean fingerprints off door/walls
  16. Rearrange videos/games/books

Office detailed cleaning list

  1. Clear off the surface of your desk
  2. Throw away pens that don’t work
  3. Sharpen pencils
  4. Throw out all the trash
  5. Put items to keep in a pending file for Wednesday (desk day)
  6. Do not stop to pay bills
  7. Straighten one drawer at a time
  8. Toss out old receipts from over 7 years
  9. Clean off the monitor screen
  10. Fill printer caddy with paper
  11. Establish a place for current bills
  12. Vacuum under desk and the whole room
  13. Dust furniture
  14. Clean windows
  15. Remove cobwebs
  16. Check supplies of paper and printer cartridges
  17. Stamps and envelopes

Laundry room detailed cleaning list

  1. Wipe down the top of the washer and dryer
  2. Clean the gunk from under the washer lid
  3. Throw out empty bottles and boxes
  4. Empty the garbage can
  5. Check supplies of laundry detergent, softener, spot remover
  6. Sweep and mop the floor
  7. Remove the cobwebs
  8. Put away all clothes
  9. Look behind appliances for odd socks

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