October Habit #14 FlyBaby Offered Her Idea

A FlyBaby offered her idea a few years back and I made it mine. Huge leap forward!

Purchase 20 file folders and a hanging file folder to put them in. I keep mine on my kitchen counter.

Name 12 of them for the months of the year. Place travel plans, gift ideas, birthday cards, medical apts or prescription refills, wedding invitations, etc in the appropriate months file.

Name an additional file “Christmas” and place behind December. Place holiday ideas, receipts, recipes, etc there.

Name the last 7 files for the days of the week. Adapt fly lady’s daily schedule for yourself and place in each daily folder. Menu plans can go in daily folders too. Grocery lists etc in “errand day”. Pop anything in daily folders that is for each specific day.

If a party invite or something else is 2 weeks away still put it in that daily folder for the day of the week it is scheduled.

When you look at each days folder you just pop back in anything that is next week on that day, but you have had a reminder.

At the first of each month pull the monthly file and place in weekly files on appropriate day.

This is now part of my bedtime routine along with checking my calendar and keeps the necessary paper work needed for specific things organized and ready.

Hope this helps someone else!

Thank you FlyLady, for all you do for me!!

Albertan FlyBaby

Dearest FlyLady,

Last night I slept like a baby.

My new FlyLady Calendar came this week and since yesterday was my desk day, I settled down with a cup of hot tea and transcribed the remainder of the year onto the new calendar (from last year’s). Then I dug out all of the information on my children’s co-op classes (we’re home schoolers) and plugged those in — all the way thru May of next year.

I sculpted time for our do-it-yourself classes, made note of all of hubby’s work schedule irregularities, and then I picked up the phone. I now have appointments for a haircut, teeth cleaning, vision exam and physical– for me!

Oh! the peace of mind! The school year is mapped out and time for mom-care has been reserved. I know what days to smile and say “I’m sorry but we’re already booked for that day” when folks come knocking. Deadlines for sending in payments/reservations are clearly marked. My autistic daughter hates surprises (even good ones) and the calendar has such a calming effect on her –better than any medicine. Even DH (Dear Husband) is visibly more relaxed.

But the best part of getting my new FlyLady calendar is the deep, restful sleep that happens when all that anxiety is gone. In years past, the fretting over “getting it all done” and the yelling of “what do you mean, ‘you forgot’?” left me burnt out before the season even got underway.

So here’s to you, FlyLady! (raises cup of coffee to computer screen) for putting families together and keeping them that way!

Helen in Texas

p.s. You really are bigger than life now! My six yr. old just asked me “is FlyLady real?” LOL “Yes, Jasmine — there really is a FlyLady.”

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