May Habit #17 Perfectionism Got In The Way

 Dear FlyLady,

Last year my doctor prescribed an hour of exercise per day to treat anxiety and depression. It really works!! But without even knowing me you already know me well enough that my perfectionism got in the way a lot here. My perfectionism told me that if I only had 45 minutes, or 30 minutes or heaven forbid, 10 minutes it wasn’t worth heading out to walk. I’ve struggled with my all or nothing thinking and lately I’ve opted for nothing rather than something because I’ve been so busy and tired that a solid hour chunk of movement was too much.

Yesterday was a long, stressful day and by the time I got the kids down and my evening routine done it was almost 9. I didn’t want to be walking at 10 so I was temped to just not go out at all. But I had an idea I wanted to try. Instead of trying for a perfect anything, I walked a few blocks down to the playground. There I swung on the wings, climbed all the ladders, slid down the slides, spun on the spinny thing and tried the monkey bars (oof, I need to keep trying that one!). It was not a serious workout but I moved my body for 20 minutes. More than anything I had FUN and left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! And it turns out that playing can get your heart rate really going!

Here’s to just moving!

Flybaby N

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