Super Fling Boogie

Let’s get rid of our clutter.

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Zone 1: The  Front Porch, Dining Room, Entrance;

Mission #1
We’re really going to be decluttering and getting the “junk” out! Today’s mission (should you choose to accept it lol) is…. to tackle the table in your entryway! Some of us use this as our launch pad. Here’s a link to read more about the launch pad if you don’t know what it is.

Has this turned into a hot spot for you? Is it piling high with mail? How about shoes and jackets? Set your timer for 15 minutes and put that fire out! Don’t get overwhelmed. Remember, this is about PROGRESS not PERFECTION!

Mission #2
Are you ready for Day 2 of our June Super Fling Boogie? We sure are! Getting that clutter out feels great! For today’s mission, we are headed into our Dining Room. It’s time to declutter the Dining Room table. What’s the first thing you notice when you look at your table? Is it full of newspapers, coffee cups, Christmas plates? Are there dead flowers in a vase from Mother’s Day? Set your timer for 15 minutes and get that table as cleared as you can. Don’t get sidetracked and start cleaning the China cabinet. Today’s mission is just the table! Ready,
set, GO!

Mission #3
Today’s mission is taking us out onto our Front
Porch. Our Front Porch is so important because it is the first thing visitors see when they visit our homes. Their first impression is formed while standing here. What do you want your Front Porch to say about you?

Do you want it to be warm and inviting just like you? Then it’s time to get rid of the clutter welcoming guests into our home. Spend just 15 minutes and get rid of as much “junk” as you can. Get rid of dead plants, spider webs, broken furniture, trash, etc. If you’ve got time, do a quick sweep of the stairs. Not sure what needs to stay or go?

Pretend you’re a potential buyer and looking at your home for the very first time. Looking through fresh eyes often helps!

Mission #4
It’s our 4th and final day in Zone 1 this week. We have made so much progress already this week. Let’s keep that train rolling! Today, we are headed into our coat closets. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get those closets cleaned out.

For most of us, we don’t need our winter coats right now, so now is a great time to go through and see what does and doesn’t fit ourselves and our families. Put these in the giveaway box and they’ll be ready to go for your next donation drop off. Same for raincoats, rainboots, and snowboots. If they don’t fit, it’s time to let them bless someone else. As an added bonus, if you know now what needs to be replaced for next winter, you can find winter coats on clearance right now and really save some money!

Zone 2: The Kitchen
Mission #5
This week we are in our kitchens getting rid of clutter. Today is Sunday so I am going to be quite easy on you.

Your goal here is to clear off the front and side of your refrigerator. You know how cluttered it has become. Eliminate some of those magnets and take out menus.  Put the children’s art work in a folder. You can put it in a scrapbook later.

Decluttering your refrigerator will do more to make your kitchen feel better.

Mission #6
This week we are decluttering our kitchens.Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 5.44.16 PM

Today we head under our kitchen sinks. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get rid of the clutter hidden in there. Even the things that have gotten shoved ALL the way to the back.

You know all those old vases, mason jars, and antique cleaning products. Let’s get rid of the stuff we don’t use. Take an old vase and put your Rubba Swisha in it.

Tally up your pounds and post them in our Super Fling Boogie Meter.

Mission #7
We have a full week in Zone 2 our Kitchens.

It’s time to declutter the pots and pans. That cookie sheet that’s leaning to one side? The pan with the non stick coating scratched off and peeling? How about the 10 lids with no matching pot? Set your timer and “Let it Go, Let it Go!”

Mission #8
Our Mission for today? The Pantry! Go through one shelf at a time and get rid of any old/expired food, dented cans, stale foods, etc. Don’t pull everything out at once.

Go through as much as you can in 15 minutes.

Mission #9
This week we are in our kitchens.

Today’s mission: The junk drawer. You know the one I’m talking about! If you have more than one, just pick one and work on it today. Set your timer for 15 minutes and toss all the clutter you can.

Mission #10
this week we are in our kitchens.

What’s sitting out on your counter tops? Today’s mission is to clear out and put away anything you don’t use. From junk mail to appliances, you know what’s clutter. Time to toss!

Mission #11
For our final Kitchen mission, it’s time to tackle the fridge! Bet you didn’t see that coming after yesterday’s pantry mission lol. You know the drill- expired food, old take out boxes, spoiled milk, etc. Get to tossing!

Zone 3- The Main Bathroom and Extra Room
Mission #12

This week we are in Zone 3: The Main Bathroom and Extra Room.

Today’s mission in the Bathroom is to tackle the clutter around your bathtub. Old razors, empty bottles of shampoo, body washes that smell horrible… time to declutter them. Don’t forget you can use any leftover “soaps” to do your Swish and Swipe. Remember, soap is soap!

Today’s extra room is the Laundry Room. Spend 15 minutes and get that laundry room decluttered. Put away the clean clothes, recycle the old containers, and get rid of broken hangers. You know what’s clutter and what’s trash!

Mission #13

We’re still in Zone 3: The Main Bathroom and an extra room.

Today we’re tackling the clutter under the Bathroom Sink. Like yesterday, remember that soap is soap and you can use it for your Swish and Swipe!

For the extra room, head into your office and let’s get rid of the clutter taking over our desks. Office products, piles of old bills, etc. 15 minutes to toss as much as we can. GO!

Mission #14

It’s time to get rid of some linen clutter. Take a look at your towels and washcloths and make a donation box of the old, worn-out ones with holes. Tons of places can put the ones we can’t use at home anymore to good use. Check with your local Animal Shelter!

For our extra room, we’re headed into the Extra Bedroom. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get rid of as much clutter as you can. Use your Put-Away, Give-Away, and Throw-Away boxes and do as much as you can until your timer goes off.

Mission #15

When was the last time you decluttered the medicine cabinet? That’s our mission for today. Here’s a link to help you safely dispose of old expired medicines: FDA Guidelines.

For our second mission, we are headed into a kid’s room. Set your timer and get rid of as much clutter as you can. If your child is old enough to help, let them help you decide what toys and clothes they would like to donate to another child in need. This could be a great teaching moment during our Super Fling Boogie.

Mission #16

I am so proud of YOU! We are now more than halfway through our Super Fling Boogie. Keep on flingin’!

Back to the bathroom we go! Let’s declutter those drawers. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get the clutter out. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done before the timer buzzes.

For our extra room: we’re decluttering the Back Porch. If you don’t need it, love it, or use it, let it bless someone else!

Mission #17

Today’s Mission: Hair stuff! If you’re like most of us, you have tried every product known to (wo)man. Spend 15 minutes and get rid of those products and gadgets that failed the test.

Crimped hair has already made it’s comeback so it’s probably safe to toss that hair crimper and aerosol hairspray.

Mission #18

It’s our last day in Zone 3 of our Super Fling Boogie. Our last mission is to gather up any trash that’s laying around. Toss it or recycle it and don’t forget to post your pounds flung: Pound Meter

Then head into your Garage for the last mission of Zone 3. This is our one and only declutter mission in the Garage so make it count. Race your timer and see how much you can get done before the buzzer. On your mark, get set, go!

Zone 4: The Master Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet

Mission #19

Happy Father’s Day! And welcome to Zone 4 of our Super Fling Boogie. Zone 4 is our Master Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet. Our Missions for today:

Master Bedroom- Declutter the top of the nightstand. If you still have a few minutes left on your timer, get a drawer done too!
Bathroom- Toss the clutter that’s in your shower/tub.
Closet- Declutter old, broken, and missing shoes.

Mission #20
Back to the Master Bedroom we go! Here’s our Monday Missions:

Master Bedroom:Set your timer for 15 minutes and get rid of the clutter and dust bunnies under the bed. You’ll sleep better tonight without clutter under your head.
Bathroom: Hair products, tools, and stylers.
Closet: Declutter your dresses. If they don’t fit anymore, your local women’s shelter would love to have them!

Mission #21
Master Bedroom: Time to go through our bras, panties, and socks. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get rid of anything with holes, rips, and tears.
Bathroom: Declutter your makeup. Makeup does actually have a shelf life! Mascara should only be kept around 3 months. If you aren’t sure if it’s time to toss, a quick google search will give you some guidelines.
Closet: Let’s go through old belts and scarves. If you were out shopping right now, would you buy that belt? If the answer is no, it’s time to let it bless someone else!

Mission #22

Master Bedroom: Set your timer for 15 minutes and clear off the top of your dresser. Put away those things you were planning to put away later. And throw away the things that need to go!
Bathroom: It’s time to clear off those countertops. If you haven’t used it in weeks, put it away or throw it away.
Closet: Let’s go through our shorts. If they are too short, missing buttons, holes ripped in the rear, it’s time to let them go. Remember to donate what is usable!

Mission #23

Master Bedroom: Today we are going through the bottom two dresser drawers. I have swimsuits in one drawer and pictures and books in the other. Whatever is in yours, set your timer for 15 minutes and get to flingin’!

Bathroom: Nail polishes and foot care items. Old lotions, foot scrubs, nail files, etc. If it’s old, it’s time to let it go.

Closet: Time to take a look at our winter clothes. Go through your sweaters and jackets. Toss what is ripped, torn, or stained and donate what is usable.

Mission #24

Master Bedroom: Set your timer for 15 minutes and get rid of the boxes, clothing, and shoes in your bedroom floor. Remember to donate what’s usable!

Bathroom: Take a look at your towels and washcloths. Are they ripped and torn? Falling apart? Declutter them for today’s Super Fling Boogie Mission.

Closet: Today’s Mission is to declutter whatever is laying in your closet floor. Clothes, shoes, trash, set your timer and get to it!

Mission #25

Master Bedroom: Set your timer and declutter the inside of the nightstand. We started with the nightstand and we are ending with the nightstand. Throw out the trash, put away what doesn’t belong, and donate what you don’t need and love.

Bathroom: Today’s mission is to declutter under your bathroom sink. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get as much done as you can.

Closet: Let’s take a look out our jewelry and accessories. Missing earrings, broken necklaces, hair scrunchies from the 80’s, it’s time to let them go.

Mission #26

Welcome to Zone 5: The Living Room/Den. This is our last zone and final week of our June Super Fling Boogie.

Our mission for today is- set your timer for 15 minutes and declutter your DVDs and video games. Lots of game stores take videos and games and give you store credit for them. Or retirement homes are a great place to donate them!

Zone 5: The Living Room/Den

Mission #27

Welcome to Zone 5 of our Super Fling Boogie. This week are decluttering our Living Room/Den.

Today’s mission is to declutter our coffee table. Use your put away, throw away, and give away boxes and get as much decluttered as you can in 15 minutes!

Mission #28

We’re back again to Zone 5 of our Super Fling Boogie- The Living Room/Den.

Today’s declutter mission is to go through your books, magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials. If they’re ripped and torn, toss them. If they’re still in good condition, a doctor’s or dentist’s office would love to have them!

Mission #29

It’s Anti-Procrastination Day and we’re still working hard during our Super Fling Boogie. Today’s Living Room/Den Mission is:

Set your timer for 15 Minutes and declutter as much of your TV stand as you can. Whether it’s decorations, knick knacks, games, movies, or just plain clutter. Today is the day to get it out!

Mission #30

Welcome back to Zone 5- The Living Room/Den. Today is the final day of our June Super Fling Boogie. So let’s make it count!

Today’s mission is to clear off those end tables. Put away what needs to be put away and toss what is trash. Remember to donate what is usable and don’t forget to post your pounds!


Dear Friends,

Do we have so fun in store for you! This week we start our Summer Super Fling Boogie. In order to get us geared up for month of tossing clutter.

There are three rules to play our little game.

1. You have to be dressed to shoes.
2. Your Sink has to be shining and morning routine done.
3. Set a timer for 15 minutes so you won’t spend all day decluttering.
4. Take the bag or box of clutter to your car.
5. Post your pounds on the Super Fling Boogie Pound Meter.

How to Declutter

Taking 15 minutes each day to declutter an area, using the 27-Fling Boogie, and clearing your hotspots are among some of the most powerful tools you can use to create a more peaceful home. Remember: You can’t organize clutter; you have to get rid of it!

1. When to Declutter: Decide how often you are going to declutter a zone. Do a little every day – use a timer. But be warned – this can become compulsive! Once you get started you will want to clean like a banshee! Don’t burn yourself out! Only do small amount at a time. The house did not get messy in a day and it will not get clean overnight. When you set the timer you can only do two sessions at a time. This goal may seem unattainable right now, but you can do it in little pieces. In a couple of months, the whole house will be decluttered.
2. Decluttering Equipment: You will need garbage bags, boxes, magic markers, and a dust rag. Label the boxes “Give Away”, “Throw Away”, and “Put Away”. Line the “Throw Away” box with a plastic garbage bag. Or use a Declutter Kit.

3. Set your timer: for 15 or 10 minutes – it doesn’t matter how long). Just do the job as fast as you can and do not pull out more stuff than you can put away in that length of time. This means just one drawer, one closet (or even one shelf in one closet), one magazine rack, or digging under just the furniture in the zone. Not all of them at once!

4. Start at the entrance to the room: Then, work your way around the room clockwise. Do not skip a spot. Whatever happens to be next, just do it.

5. Declutter Away! With boxes at your feet and dust rag in your waistband, start off by cleaning out and getting rid of the things that do not belong in this room. Put garbage in the “Throw Away” box, donations in the “Give Away” box, and stuff that goes somewhere elsein the “Put Away” box. Don’t worry that you do not have a place for everything right now. By the time you finish you will. That’s a promise from FlyLady!

6. What to declutter? Things to ask yourself as you get rid of your clutter:
Do I love this item?
Have I used it in the past year?
Is it really garbage?
Do I have another one that is better?
Should I really keep two?
Does it have sentimental value that causes me to love it?
Or does it give me guilt and make me sad when I see the item?

Cleanse this room of everything that does not make you SMILE.

7. Sing this song: “Please release me, let me go” as sung from the stuff’s point of view. It needs to be loved by someone and if you don’t love it – GET RID OF IT!

8. Get rid of the garbage! When the “Throw Away” box gets full, pull out the garbage bag, close it, and put it in the trash can, the pickup truck, or wherever you keep your garbage. Put a new garbage bag in the “Throw Away” box and keep on Flying until the timer goes

9. Donations: When the “Give Away” box gets full, seal it off, and put it in your car. The next time you are out, you can donate to the area thrift shop. Do not save your clutter for a yard or garage sale, you will be blessed by giving it away. The value can be deducted on your income tax. Remember you are trying to get rid of clutter – not relocate it somewhere else in your home. Now, grab another box, label it “Give Away”, and get back to work.

10. “Put Away” Stuff: When the “Put Away” box gets full, take the box in your arms and run around the house (good thing you have shoes on – right?) and put the items in the room where they belong. If they have a place, put them there, if not put them in the room where they logically belong. By the time you have finished you will have a place for everything and everything will be in it’s place.

11. Timer Goes Off: When the timer goes off, you have to put away all the boxes, but first you have to empty them all. Go as fast as you can.

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