Detailed Cleaning List Done My Way

Dear FlyLady,

You and your crew have always been ever helpful. Thank you. But, as you keep reminding us, we FlyBabies are a stubborn lot.

Here’s the latest. I’ve been fluttering for almost three years. I’ve shined my sink. I’ve decluttered–lots. I have many a hot spot, the suckers keep moving on me.¬† I’ve bought your fabulous products. I’ve even used them. They’re the best. I keep giving them away to help others because they too are stubborn.

Last week I read your e-mail about how if we made our own list of detailed cleaning, and actually did a couple of them a week, we’d get through our areas in a year. I thought HA! Doubt it! However, I had a little time that I was avoiding doing really useful things and copied off your detailed list and modified it for my house and outbuildings.

Yes, you were right. With everything I could think of, including washing the garage windows and turning the garden hoses (to make sure they don’t develop permanent flat spots while they hang on the hose holders my husband made me for grabbing hoses in case of fire ¬≠they’re fabulous, but….) it turns out, that YES, with two or three details a week, I’ll be done in a year, just like you said.

And I now have my own detailed list, so I guess that means I have to go ahead with making a control journal.

I started one a couple of times but they grew over 8 inches thick. They were never really useable. But I still have them as they might be clutter now, but I have hope.

Now some of my areas will get the attention they really need.
Thank you,
Stubborn S W Kansas FlyBaby


FlyLady here: I know about a Control Journal growing to eight inches thick. I finally figured out that less is more and ended up with 4 x 6 note cards in a small photo album.

You have to adapt the FlyLady system to fit your family! I am so proud of this Kansas FlyBaby for being stubborn and doing it her way!

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