101 Uses for the Rubba Scrubba

We were asked to compile a list of the wonderful ways to use your Rubba Scrubba. You all came through like a charm. This list is long so set your timer and read for only 5 minutes at a time! This list is not perfect LOL! Some are duplicated. I have copied and pasted them: each little testimonial was heartfelt and I hated to edit any of them out!

1. My travel purse is an aging SportSac. The inside was deteriorating and it looked like dandruff all over everything. When I got home I grabbed my Rubba Scrubba and went to work. It did an amazing job of cleaning off all the loose flakes and now I can take it on my next trip. Mahalo, Hawaii Flybaby

2. I’ve always hated wiping down the inside of the refrigerator because pet hair sticks to it, and the damp rag would put down as much as it picked up. Instead of swiping each wall once I’d be going back over the same area over and over again. But the Rubba-Srubba picks up that hair and doesn’t lay it back down. Yayyy!!! Now wiping down the interior is a snap.

3. I use ours to clean off the tent and ground cloth at the end of each camping trip and to clean up the kids’ car seats, and to sweep up crumbs and debris from the carpet under the tables in the playroom – better than any whisk broom and easier than dragging out the vacuum, which scares the 18 mo old. This winter I’m going to use it to sweep off the snow on their jackets and snowpants when the children come in from playing, instead of the whisk broom – should be more effective. ( DH and I do daycare for 9 little people. ) Love that Rubba Scrubba! Love all of you too!

4. Perfect for cleaning out around carpet next to walls, including corners.

5.Perfect for cleaning hepa filters, lampshades, windowsills, getting into hard to reach areas like behind toilet, back of counters that you can’t reach.

6.Perfect for cleaning stairs, fireplace hearth, under couch/chair cushions, welcome mats.

7. I have several Rubba scrubbas that I use around the house. I have 4 cats as well so the rubba scrubba is very handy.

8.I have used it in the kitchen to clean tough stains on the counter, for cleaning dishes, and cleaning vegetables and fruit.

9. I have used it in the bedroom to clean off the bedsheets and blankets of cat fur since the cats love to sleep on the bed as well.

10.I have used to on the furniture around the house again to get cat furr off it.

11. I have used it to brush the cats, it is the only brush they have ever liked better than any brushes made for brushing cats.

12. I have used it to give hubby a back and head massage. He said it felt great.

13. It also works great as a back scrubber in the bathroom.

14. I have also used it to clean out the tub. I love reading the testimonials as I have gotten lots of ideas on how to use thisversatile little tool even more.

15. I use my Rubba Scrubba to dust off my baseball caps that have been sitting on my dresser. I have a lot of black baseball caps and you can see the dust on them. That was my first use with my Rubba Scrubba.

16. For anyone who has little boys who love to play outside. The Rubba Scrubba is perfect for cleaning mud (and dog poop) off of little boys tennis shoes. Just let the mud and anything else that is on the shoe or in the pattern of the soles dry. When dried completely run the Rubba Scrubba over and it all gets brushed right away. Sometimes my sons forget to change into there “play” shoes and this has saved more than one pair of “school” shoes.

17. It cleans the side crevices of my painted staircase.

18. It takes the cat hair off my clothes better than a clothesbrush.

19. It takes the dust off my antique sewing machines (where feathers pick up too much sewing machine oil along with the dust).

20. Cleaning out the air vent on handheld hairdryer

21. Window sills

22. Worked AMAZINGLY well at removing spots on my carpet (with an oxy-type carpet cleaner) that I had previously be unable to get up out of my carpeting. WHOO HOO!

23. Wow – I was just thinking yesterday what a good idea it would be to have a list of all the uses for this wonderful tool. I have found that it is great for cleaning the cleats on my golf shoes.

24. Amazing for giving a dog a bath.

25. Used dry offers a fantastic quick clean up on carpeted stairs; work your way down the stairs and just sweep up the pile at the bottom.

26. Great for pulling lint off furniture.

27. Makes quick clean up of indoor grills.

28. Excellent for rapid clean up of carpet spills, spray with stain remover, brush with rubba scrubba and use a clean towel to blot up.

29. Perfect for removing grime from sneakers/shoes use wet or dry.

30. I use my Rubba Scrubba in conjunction with my FlyLady Mop. For the bigger crumbs that the mop finds but can’t pick up, my Rubba Scrubba sweeps them into a dustpan. When I’m finished, I step outside and use the Rubba Scrubba to brush out the mop’s microfiber cloth, then it’s clean and ready to go for next time.

31. removing lint from a comforter

32. “pre cleaning” carpeted steps before using the vacuum

33. I just wanted to say I’m so excited about the idea compiling a list of what the Rubba Scrubba can be used for!

34. I too am planning to give FlyLady tools to my adult childrenfor Christmas, and having a list to give them along with it will make it much more effective than trying to explain the possibilities! I’ve found it works great to clean out my doughy bowl after mixing up bread. I don’t have to deal with a rag, sponge or “scratcher” full of messy sticky goo!

35. I use it to wash out jars since I no longer have a bottle brush around,

36. I use it to scrub my baskets, it’s stiff enough for a good cleaning and gets in the crevices between the weaves, but soft enough it doesn’t scratch them. Thanks so much for everything you do and provide for us!

37. Here is my short and sweet rubba scrubba uses list: -cleaning kitty hair off of furniture and kitty condo

38. -cleaning the silk of ears of corn after husking

39. -cleaning dishwasher filter

40. -cleaning crumbs from between keyboard keys(turn of computer or unplug keyboard first)

41. -use with carpet stain remover to scrub in the cleaner and get the stain out

42. I know it will have many more uses as time goes on but these are the ones I have tried so far…others I plan on trying are: -scrubbing the dryer lint trap to get that really stuck stuff off

43. -cleaning the vacuum filter and air conditioner filter

44. -using like a magic eraser on the walls ( i am worried about ending up with purple marks on the walls though)

45. -scrubbing kitchen sink faucets

46. -cleaning lamp shades

47. -cleaning fans, they always get a build up of cat hair sucked into the back of them That’s all I have for now, thanks for such a great tool!

48. I have two for use around the house. One has been marked “cat”, and I use it for brushing the cat, getting cat hair out of the corners of the staircase, and cleaning up anything that is “less than clean” around the house.

49. The other one is strictly for kitchen use. I have given away so many of these, and I’m delighted that we’ll have a list to print off and give to the folks who already have them. I just ordered 5 more so I always have an extra one on hand if I need an extra special gift to tuck into a gift box I’m sending a friend!

50. Rubba scrubba, In the tubba, Don’t you luvva the clean tubba!

51. I use the rubba scrubba to clean my coffee maker. It is one of those that grinds the coffee and brews it. Grinds can get all over the place inside the works and the rubba scrubba is the perfect thing for cleaning it up…then it goes right in the dishwasher for clean up.

52. I use mine when I am in a hurry and don’t want to get the vacuum cleaner out. I use it over my oriental rugs to pick up dirt, dog hair, lint, trash and dust. It works great and makes the carpets look like I vacuumed them until I have time to vacuum. This helps me as I used to vacuumed three times a week, now I can do it one or two times a week and no one knows. You have helped me so much I actually gave up the perfectionists in me and now I can live a little and still have my home looking great! Thank you again.

53. Just in case this idea has wings, I used mine to clean out my paint brushes, paint trays, and rollers today after painting our loft.

54. My husband brought my 18 mo DD home today from a daddy-daughter
outing and she was COVERED in smushed banana. It was adorable. What I
failed to comprehend in that minute was that my husband had given her the banana to eat in the car, which meant the car seat was also covered in smooshy banana. Of course, by the time I found it, the banana had hardened and caked on in a crusty treat. Yuck.

I admit, I was mad at first that my husband had left this mess for me to clean up. But rather than whine at him, I just implemented the “do it now” principle, and away I was, although I was still thinking this would take me a while and I’d never get it ALL gone. Anyone who has ever dealt with a child and a carseat knows how dirty they get and all the foreign objects that get ground into the covers, and how difficult it is to remove the covers to clean them properly.

Then I remembered my rubba scrubba.

A few sprays of upholstery cleaner and a minute of scrubbing with my rubba scrubba and it was totally gone! The seat looked as good as new! I even got the crusty treat out of the straps, which usually gets stuff ingrained into the texture of the weave and are the WORST to clean. But no job is too tough for the rubba scrubba!

55. As I declutter my apartment, I realize that I want to get rid of old furniture and buy new items. Recently, it was the Lazy Boy that I thought had to go. It was still, basically, a good piece of furniture and deserved a new home. But, I was embarrassed by all the food stains on the arms of the chair. I didnt want anyone to see how I had treated the chair. (My usual cleaning method over the years, rubbing with a damp sponge, had only seemed to smear and set the stains.)

So, I decided to see if I could make the stains a little less obvious. I got a bowl of warm soapy water (Joy dishwashing soap) and my new Rubba Scrubba and proceeded to rub the stains. It was a miracle. The food stains disappeared. I had to wait for the arms to dry to do a second treatment, only because the water on the chair made it difficult to see the smallest stains.

Now, the chair looks as good as new and I have decided to keep it. Thank you, Fly Lady, for all you do and the handy tools you find for us.

56. Yes, there is yet another practical use for the Rubba Scrubba – scrubbing cucumber pickles!

It does a marvelous job of removing all the spines and grime, yet is gentle on the pickle AND the palm of the pickle holding hand – unlike regular vegetable brushes.

57. It’s also great for washing out ‘bottles’ – such as canning jars, tall glasses and flower vases. Regular bottle brushes usually have handles that are too flexible and the bristles too stiff. Not so with the Rubba Scrubba! Thank you for this fantastic product! I’m glad I bought 2 to start with. I plan on buying 3 more – two for house warming gifts!

58. I had to write about the latest of what this wonderful Rubba Scrubba did for me! At some point during making dinner or eating dinner or feeding my DD 10 month, I got something on a white tank top of mine. At the time it happened, I just dabbed some cold water on it and went about my business. Needless to say, being a SHE I forgot to pretreat before washing and drying said tank top. I battled in my mind what to do – throw away and replace? No, that wasn’t the answer – it was a very nice tank top. One I wear to work under shirts that are a little too low cut for my taste, I wear it under jackets, you get the idea. I spent too much on it to just throw it out. So, I tried pretreating before washing again, but of course that didn’t work since the stain was now set in from being dried. Standing at my sink one evening getting ready for my last step of my nightly routine (making sure that sink was shiny!), I was about to do a quick cleaning of the sink with my dish rag and it hit me – the Rubba Scrubba! So I ran upstairs, grabbed my tank top, and got to work. I squirted just a dab of dishwashing liquid (I figured it works so well on food on dishes, why not) and started gently scrubbing that stain with the Rubba Scrubba. I glanced at the clock just to see how long this would take. About 3 minutes later, I was admiring my tank top with no stain! What a GREAT tool! And I can find no evidence that the tank top was scrubbed! Thank you FlyLady for all your great tools!!!

59. It is good for getting fuzz off of clothing. Better than a lint roller.

60. I wouldn’t normally write a testimonial extolling the virtues of one of your products, since there are quite a few of those already every day. 🙂 But today, I did yesterday’s mission (dusting up high in the family room), then I thought, why not dust up high in the kitchen? although I went over my 15 minutes. (tsk tsk) Since I was there with the extra-long vacuum hose extension anyway, with the brush on the end, I decided to vacuum the coils on the back of the refrigerator. What a lot of dust!

I used my Rubba Scrubba and got behind the coils and in all the corners where the vacuum brush could not reach. When I moved the fridge away from the wall, I was appalled at all the dust, grime, and mold on the floor and walls behind it! RS scrubbed the floor and walls and the crevices in the woodwork. It had not been done since we moved in 4 years ago.

I conscientiously made sure I did not do a “p-word” job on it, however. Just a decent cleaning to bless my family, even if incorrectly.

Then I used the RS on the vaccum cleaner itself, since it had been grimy to begin with, and then my 2 yo DS had dumped baby powder on top of the grime, and of course it stuck there and looked awful. The RS got in and around all the crevices, and when shined up with a rag the vacuum looks almost new! I changed the bag and put a new one on with a few drops of lavender essential oil to make it smell nice when the house is being blessed. Now the filthy RS can go into the dishwasher, very convenient!

Although I had used it on window screens, to clean the crevices in my window frames, and of course the bathtub grout, I was happy to have it today for these jobs. It feels so much better to hold a rubber handle than a soft wet squishy dirty sponge (even with gloves on, it feels gross!) and the sponge or rag is harder to clean after such a big mess, usually I would end up throwing them away.

Don’t worry, I am not burning myself out. Now I will rest, put my feet up with a nice cold drink, and enjoy watching my 4 yo DS play with his trains, now that I know under my refrigerator is clean. I hope you will be proud of me.

61. I used to take apart the microwave intake above the stove to clean it. The Rubba Scrubba was on my kitchen counter begging to be used. All I did was wipe it back and forth on the vent area and…… voila! A 15 minute undertakeing took 20 seconds!!!

62. I just wanted to say how quickly the rubba scrubba tackled a job for me. It works quickly, and effortlessly to remove the dust on the roll top desk. It gets between the wood slats and poof, it’s done. It took about a minute and removed a large amount of built up dust. Thanks for the great product. I use it all the time.

63. The other day my 2 yr old dd was painting on our back porch. When she got done she brought her painting in to show me. Usually not a big deal because she uses watercolors. This time, though, a friend of ours had given her some regular paint and she had caked it on her paper. So, when she brought it in, still wet, it streamed all over my carpet. I got a rag to blot it, and something about the hot pink paint and the deep red of my carpet caused the paint spots to turn a purple color. The rag was getting up the paint, but leaving the purplish stains. I went to get my carpet cleaner and the Rubba Scrubba. In about 2 minutes I was able to scrub all traces of the paint off my carpet. No stains or anything! I use it for so many things, I’m going to eventually get one for every room in the house, I think! Plus, my kids like to use it for a back scratcher or massager. They love the way it feels on their skin.
Thanks for such a great, versatile tool!

65. My DryerVent Kit and 2 Rubba Scrubba brushes arrived 15 minutes ago. I ripped the box open, grabbed one of the brushes and ran to my office. The problem was, I have very long hair, and I shed like Lassie! My upholstered office chair was always full of my hair and it worked itself into the nubby fabric so that even my vacuum ,with the upholstery tool, couldn’t pull it out. Well…..5 minutes with the Rubba Scrubba and my chair is now as bald as a Mexican Hairless dog.Wonder of the ages, that brush!!


As soon as the laundry is finished, I’m cleaning the dryer vent and duct with my new kit. I’m sure it will work just as great as the brushes do.

66. Hooray for the Rubba Scrubba! I just cleaned my cheese grater in about 30 seconds!!! Normally, I’d be scrubbing with my SOS or Chore boy sponge, rinsing, finding spots I had missed, and scrubbing some more. Thanks FLYlady!

67. Hi, I have one of those mops thats sprays the detergent onto the floor ~which I love. I have been wondering how to clean the top head of the mop since it has gotten so dirty. So, I got thinking about the rubba scrubba and thought what the heck. Well, let me tell you what a wonderful job it did it looks brand new. Who what a thought a rubba scrubba for a mop? lol

68. cleaned the vents in the oven door. wow.

69. I received my Rubba Scrubbas today and couldn’t wait to open them and see what everyone is raving about! For starters, they were bigger than I imagined, which was a pleasant surprise! My dog passed by me just as I opened them, so I had to try one out on him! LOL

He’s a keeshound which interprets to hair everywhere! I stroked him with the rubba scrubba and the hair it removed was amazing! I took him outside and he sat and let me brush him:) It worked great on him! Next, the kitty was lounging on the stairs, so I used it on him, as well, same thing, the kitty was really funny! He would let me brush a little, then he would move another part of his body towards the Rubba Scrubba, so I could brush more of him. After brushing the kitty, I used the Rubba Scrubba to clean the hair off the stairs..
It always seems to congregate in the corners, but this time, I got it ALL! I haven’t even attempted the couch where the 2 of them lounge all day, but I am confident that it will do an amazing job at removing the hair. I can’t wait to try it on other things! What a great little tool this is, and so reasonably priced, as well 🙂

70. I have just ordered two more Rubba Scrubbas. That now brings my total to 6. One for the dryer screen, one for the bathrooms, one for dusting inside, one for outside chores and one for the car.

The other one is for my pets. That is one I purchased from a major pet store several months ago. I checked the price on it the other day and it costs more than the Rubba Scrubba from your website even when you add shipping and handling. And it is not the pretty purple and gray.

Have a Great day FlyLady!!!

71. It is so hard to get the glass on the shower walls and door clean. Ive tried using a squeegee but I still left a lot of stuff that looked like soap scum. I was shocked when one day I decided to use the wet rubba scrubba while I was still in the shower to gently rub the walls and door. I then `’followed up with the squeegee. The whole thing takes less than a minute and I can now smile every time I look at my shower.

72. I also love using my rubba scrubba for cleaning the stairs. I quickly use the floor vacuum to get the middles (about 3 minutes). I then use the dry rubba scrubba to brush out the things that get stuck in the cracks of the stairs (about another 3 minutes). In 6 minutes they look as good as new. This used to be something I procrastinated about because I couldnt make them look good enough so why bother. I now understand I can spend hours and days procrastinating but if I just spend 6 minutes, it will be all done.

73. Yesterday I thought I would spend a few minutes wiping the walls with a wet washcloth to get some black scuff marks off the walls. The wet washcloth did not work on this huge black scuff mark and then I thought of the rubba scrubba. I wet the rubba scrubba and the rubberagically made the black scuff mark start coming off, causing blackish water to go on the surrounding areas of the white wall. I wiped it off with the wet washcloth and it was gone. It did an amazing job of cleaning the wall on those hard spots. What a great tool!

PS. I used to be irritated that the shopping pages online do not show the price right next to the item. I used to shop based on how much something costs. I now try to do my best to buy things because I love them or I need them, and not just because of how much they cost. I am a proud owner of most of the items on your website and they are used often in my house. Everything you sell is so helpful.

74. Okay, chalk another one up for the purple brush! My husband and I went to work on our fish pond in our backyard yesterday. We needed to clean up the algae in the pond and it did a GREAT job! It loosed up the algae without damaging the liner of the pond. It even helped to collect clumps of roots that were from plants we had in the pond last year. It is fun to find new ways to use the Rubba Scrubba around the house. It even helped to sweep the drywall dust off the walls before I could paint without leaving scratch marks in the drywall cement.

Thanks for offering to us such a great product!

75. My favorite use for the Rubba Scrubba is cleaning my lampshades and teddy bears! I have teddy bears lined up along one side of my stairway and they DO get dusty! I used to vacuum them, but I would often have to go “fishing” in the vacuum cleaner for their hair ribbons, or buttons from their cute little jackets… Anyway, I just fill a laundry basket with the teddy bears, take them to the front porch and give them a good brushing! They haven’t looked this bright and clean since they were new!

76. I think others have mentioned the lampshades, but the Rubba Scrubba is ESPECIALLY good for pleated shades! I just hold the shade from the inside and stroke from top to bottom all the way around it-Viola! It’s beautifully clean!

77. I also cleaned screens-while they were on the window! I just opened the window, and brushed UP and the dust flew out and into the air. It was so easy, I did the whole house (34 windows) and switched to the storm windows all at the same time! It took me-you guessed it-15 minutes! The Rubba Scrubba has helped my allergies in this way. My home is becoming the place where I’m LEAST bothered by them when it used to be the MOST.

78. I use mine on the edges of carpeted stairs and hard to reach areas between furniture.

79. I use my Rubba Scrubba to spot treat my tennis shoes before I wash them. It helps to work the Spray & Wash into the white mesh of the shoes.

80. I was doing a little combination crisis cleaning/weekly house blessing this morning, when I had the bright idea to use my Rubba-Scrubba to brush all the cat hair off the bottoms of our draperies. As you might expect, it worked like a charm — right up until the moment it brushed a brown recluse spider out of the drapes! Now, I’m not exactly cool and collected when faced with spiders of
any kind, but the big poisonous ones make me emit very embarrassing
high-pitched squeals. Fortunately, I had the world’s best brown-recluse defense system at hand: the Rubba-Scrubba. Unlike thrown books, which just tend to send spiders scurrying into crevices to menace you another day, the Rubba-Scrubba was right on target. No more hair on the curtains, no more brown recluse lurking in the corners of my house! Thank you, Fly Lady!

81. I purchased 2 of your rubba scrubbas (as everyone says to do). Gave 1 to my healthcentre sister who I led to the flylady site( so far I have told my mums group, healthcentre sister, family, friends and mums from a playgroup). I have used it on skirting boards, wardrobe tracks, window tracks, shower, outdoor furniture but yesterday I found a new use for it. While cleaning out our spare fridge/freezer for a party this weekend I took an old bag of ice out to defrost. All the icecubes were stuck together so to seperate them a bit I turned my rubba scrubba around and used the handle like an icepick and it was great. So thank you for a great sturdy product. When our dollar catches up to yours again I WILL be buying a few more rubba scrubbas
to give to friends and family plus a new one for me as I seem to have been a little rough on the front bristles(which are missing). thanks again and sorry this is so long but thats what happens when great things come in small packages.

82. My very favorite use is to clean car mats.

83. It took ALL of my black cat’s hair off the drapes! It only took a few strokes.

84. I keep mine in my shower. After I’m done, I do a quick swish-n-swipe in there to keep mold and mildew from building up.

85. Love this idea about compiling a list of uses for the Rubba Scrubba as I, too, have been considering giving them as Christmas gifts. (and I also wouldn’t mind having such a list myself!)

My contribution to the list of uses is:
TO CLEAN THE LINT TRAP OF THE DRYER AFTER EACH LOAD (of course this is for inbetween “almost perfect” cleaning with the Hey Tom dryer cleaning kit!)

86. To clean the bathroom ceiling fan — the bristles reach right in a grab the dust!

87. The Rubba Scrubba is the best tool in existence for cleaning the dust off fabric lampshades.

88. Here’s a use for the Rubba Scrubba that you may not have heard of before: cleaning a robot vacuum!

We have one of those robot vacuum cleaners to take care of daily vacuuming (so helpful with a dog and cat that shed), but the brushes and filter get filled up quickly. One day when I was working to get the hair and fine dirt out of the brushes more completely, I noticed my Rubba Scrubba sitting there. I thought, it’s great for brushing the dog and cat, so why not the vacuum that picks up their hair? Sure enough, it did a SUPER job cleaning up the brushes and the filter, better than the tool that came with the vacuum. Now I say that my Rubba Scrubba brushes all three of our ‘pets’–Kenai the dog, Fred the cat, and Rhonda the robot vacuum!

By the way, I have to say, before Flylady, I don’t know that we could have used a robot vacuum–you never knew what might be lying on the floor. No problem now, though; the floor is free of clutter and the vacuum can go everywhere it needs to easily. Thank you, Flylady!

89. I use my Rubba Scrubba all the time to get cat hair off the furniture! Sometimes, I use it to get the cat hair off of me!! I love my cats. But life is easier with the Rubba Scrubba!

90. I use mine to clean out my yucky garbage cans, recycle bins and compost bin. I dont want to put a sponge into those and the Rubba Scrubba was the solution. I also use it to clean the plastic mat under the dogs water and food bowls. Those get too gross for a sponge as well.

91. I use my rubba scrubba for getting the bits and pieces off cookware etc before putting them in the dishwasher. It works so much better than a nylon scourer and the food particles wash out of it so easy, unlike the scourer which hangs onto them.

I also use it for brushing my horses, there’s no mistaking that they love the feel of it and again it doesn’t clog up with hair, I also use it for cleaning their water troughs. In the laundry I use it for scrubbing stubborn stains on clothing.

I’m looking forward to seeing the list that you compile, to give me other ideas to try.

92. I have already ordered and received four rs’s for my 3 dds and one dsd (dear stepdaughter) for Christmas. I was planning to compile a list of uses to enclose with each gift. This will make it easy. Please post before Christmas. (By the way, this is the earliest I have ever started Christmas shopping.) The other day my neighbor complained that she has to take ages brushing her dirty long-haired cat when it comes in for the night and wants to get into bed with her. When she wasn’t around, I took my rs outside and tried it on the cat.
The cat loved it, and of course it quickly got clean. Darn! That’s another rubba scrubba I have to buy, for her for Christmas. Thank you for your great tools. I have many of them. No name, no place (Two dd’s are flybabies, and I don’t want them to know what I got.)

93. Rubba Scrubba On The Road: For beach trips, I use it to brush off sandy feet and paws before getting back in the car.

94. While camping, I use it to sweep out the tent floor before packing it up, and once used it to get rid of an ant infestation that developed outside the tent, in the fabric that wraps around the tent poles.

95. It’s handy for spot cleaning the car — cleaning up spills, scrubbing off pawprints, and sweeping up stray hair and fur.

96. And I’m sure it will be handy this winter for getting slush and grit off of the car’s floor mats.

97. At Home: I use it to scrub the crud accumulated around the burners of my tiny, ancient enamel range/stove without scratching.

98. It’s the only thing I’ve found that will clean effectively in and around the tracks and locks of my tilt-in windows.

99. When the kids accidentally step in something yucky, Rubba Scrubba goes outside with them to gently scrub the soles of their shoes or boots.

100. It cleans crumbs and hairs out of the extended keyboard at our computer.

101. And of course the pets love to be brushed with it, and it makes a nice gentle people massager, too. Thank you for yet another great tool to put in our arsenals, FlyCrew! I have three or four, and always recommend them to friends.

FlyLady here: Have you found a new use for your rubba scrubba too? I love getting to hear them. Email them to me at FlyLady@FlyLady.net with “Rubba” in the subject line.

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