Timing is Everything; I’m a Payroll FlyBaby

Dear FlyLady,

This is too funny! Then today you sent out the notice that the Office in a Bag is back! I love your timing!

Dear FlyLady,

I love the Office in a Bag and was sorry to hear you are no longer carrying them in the FlyShop. I have three: the purple one for my bills, meds, and other ‘to do’ papers; the blue one for everything that pertains to a charity that I volunteer for; and the black one for our camper, which contains office essentials as well as contact information and camper-specific notes.

I am now trying to gently mentor a friend who has a major hoarding problem. Not only is every flat surface piled high with papers and other items, but also the floors, the steps, everywhere – basically just a path to walk. She has serious medical problems and is partially disabled, and lives alone with her pets. She has recognized that she needs help, and wants me to help her. I am concerned for her safety, and her emotional state, as this is obviously causing her great stress. She will only allow me and two other people into her home. Her adult children no longer visit her. This is very sad, as she is intelligent and a lovely person.

I thought the Office in a Bag would allow her to start pulling together the truly important papers, her bills, her meds, and any other medically related papers. This would be a babystep to help her feel more together. The OIB would be great for this.

Is is possible that you have one remaining in the FlyShop? Or, could you give me the manufacturer’s information so that I could order one directly from them? I have advertised for a gently used one, but got no responses. I don’t think anyone wants to give them up!

I am not picky about color; I just want it to be functional for her.

I have given her your book, and she is excited that there is hope for her.

As a payroll FlyBaby, heavily involved in a charity, with a husband and two grown children, I would be lost without FlyLady. I also have depression, and some other medical issues. I found you in 2002, and my life has changed dramatically since then.

No, I don’t get everything done, and my house is certainly not p******, but the overall difference in my attitude is enormous. I have blessed others with tons of usable stuff, and I don’t purchase items that I don’t really need or love. I have many of the FlyLady products, and find them to be of high quality and very functional.

Coming from good, but serious perfectionist parents, it is difficult to overcome the ‘stinking thinking’ and I am continuously working on it. I concentrate on how far I have come and don’t dwell on mistakes I have made.

I have recommended you to many people. So far, my Dear Daughters aren’t interested, but they don’t make fun of me either. I think at some point they will be FlyBabies too! My DH doesn’t follow the Control Journal, but he’s good about vacuuming and dusting. He does it differently than I do, and that’s OK!

Well, in true FlyBaby form, this ‘Ask FlyLady’ has turned into a testimonial.

I saw you at a FlyFest in St.Louis years ago, and my friends and I had a great time that day. I hope you will come back; I’ll be there to give you a hug!

St.Louis FlyBaby

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