Positive Reinforcement

Dear FlyLady,

Swish & Swipe is one of the easiest routines for me, and it has made a difference, since a neighbor had locked himself out and asked to use my bathroom!  I swish after my first use of the bathroom in the morning, before I wash my hands.  At the same time, I run my rubber swisher under and over the toilet seat.  After I wash up, I swipe the sink with my used washcloth, which then goes into the laundry.  I swipe the tub after my shower, with my bath mat, which then goes into the laundry.

Whenever I get off track, Swish & Swipe is the quickest and most motivating way for me to start back.  Then I shine my sink, if I didn’t do it the night before!

Thank-you, FlyLady, for your repetitive emails.  Some people complain about them, but for me the repetition reinforces the flywashing and reminds me that I don’t have to compulsively print out and save every email, as I used to do.  Now I know I will get another chance at each of them.

With gratitude from a Virginia Flybaby

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